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Summer of your Life - Blog #17 - A Love Story in Southwest France

Simon Fitz

Fotograf Simon ist ein fester Bestandteil des Pure Media Teams, wenn er nicht gerade in Indo unterwegs ist findet ihr ihn im Puresurfcamp Moliets
16. August 2017

The Summer of your Life - A Love Story in Southwest France

A love story in Southwest France! Slowly but surely our time in Moliets, France is coming to an end! But before we continue on our journey here is why I fell in love Moliets:
One of the reasons why I am so connected to Moliets is the beautiful scenery surrounding the camp and town. I can’t even count how many times I’ve found myself getting lost in the woods, finding a quiet place to reflect and relax after an action-packed day of surfing and beach-volleyball. Within a 10 min bike ride you are the only one around, only surrounded by the sounds of the forest. After the few months that i’ve been here in Moliets I haven’t taken the same path twice! In other words it is an adventure waiting to happen! 
I love Moliets because of YOU! Every week new guests arrive at camp and bring a completely new atmosphere to the camp life here. Guests coming from all over Europe (mostly from german-speaking countries) bring their own experiences and create a completely new dynamic making every day and week different from the last! I will definitely leave Moliets with more life-experience and a more open view of the world. Why I also love Moliets is because the people who come through share common passions and interests such as surfing, skating, and any other outdoor activity that you could possibly think of! You might be only here for a week but you will make friendships that will last a lifetime.