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24+ Surf Camp Moliets
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Pure Surfcamps - Pure Passion

Surfing creates the most incredible feelings that exist. You’re out in the surf immersed in the raw power of the ocean, the sublime surroundings, and you are disconnected from the world. This indescribable rush is immediately attained and the first time you stand will never be forgotten. The memory will get stronger and the addiction to it will create a new beginning for you. The best way to start surfing is to visit our  international surf camps where you can combine an amazing holiday with amazing waves. Our goal is for you to have the best time of your life on your trip. Before you book we ensure honest and informative advice to get you to the right location at the right time. When you arrive our camps will have the highest surf course quality & safety standards. We are second to none. Our promise to you is that you will never forget the experience.

This is what Pure Surf Camps offer

Pure Surf Camp runs its own camps as well as mediating others throughout the world. We set the highest standards for our camps and those that we mediate, to ensure your holiday meets all your requirements.

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Best Surf Camps Worldwide

Puresurfcamps sets an extremely high standard  for our own camps, just as for the camps  which we partner with. Every camp we offer meets these standards, and provides a little something extra. For example, if you go to the Surf Lodge Portugal, located in the beautiful Algarve next to a stunning nature reserve, you will be surrounded by the best surf spots in Europe that will get every surfer stoked. If you decide that Pure Surf Camp Morocco is for you, you will have perfect point breaks at your doorstep, and then, after your time out in the ocean you have an entirely different, ‘oriental’ culture to explore and experience. It doesn’t matter if you have never surfed before, or are a seasoned pro, if you are on a tight budget, or looking for a luxurious getaway – Puresurfcamps has the right destination for you.

This is how you learn to surf in a Pure Surf Camp!

Of equal importance to the surf camp fun filled environment is the quality and safety of our surf courses. That is why all our surf instructors are certified according to the guidelines of the ISLA (International Surf Lifesaving Association) and the ISA (International Surfing Association). Complimenting this with a large selection of surf courses for every surf level. Finally we offer individual advice on all your questions. This is how the right path to the perfect surf camp for you will begin.

Surf yourself happy: which surf camp suits you?

Your summer in a surf camp with Pure will be anything but a normal surf camp vacation. In a Pure Surf Camp no one day is like an other: Whether it be surfing, recreational or nightlife - just book the surf camp that will make your surfing holiday unforgettable – it could be a surf camp in France, Portugal, Morocco, Bali, Sri Lanka or Costa Rica. Enjoy the unbelievable feeling of community. The nights under the starlit sky listening to the ocean while you fall asleep in the surf camp. Breath deeply and enjoy the freedom of a Pure Surf Camp!
At Puresurfcamps you will find a variety of accommodations. From a surf camp with a tent in France to a luxurious lodge in Portugal or even Morocco.
In our surf camp in the pine forest in France, for example, you can decide whether you want to live simply in the basic tent, upgrade to the comfortable deluxe tent or to really do it with style in the comfort tent. Ask yourself now: Camp atmosphere or a firm roof over your head - could that also be possible? Of course, in our chilled wooden cabins, comfortable wooden bungalows, mobile homes or apartments with a pool!
As a surf camp provider, Puresurfcamps is represented at the premium surf spots worldwide with many in-house designed surf camp concepts & surf lodges.We also have a range of selected partner camps. You can be sure that with us you will find right surf camp that fits your surf level and budget.

Your questions - our answers

1. Why should I book my surf camp vacation at Puresurfcamps?

It doesn’t matter if it's a Surf Camp in France, Portugal, Bali, Sri Lanka, Morocco,South Africa, California or Costa Rica: At Puresurfcamps you can book surf trips and your surf camp in over 20 countries worldwide. As Market & quality leader in Europe, with more than 15 years of experience in terms of surf camp, we guarantee you the best conditions for surfing, as well as professional lessons from ISA and ISLA-certified surf instructors with selected equipment in a dreamlike environment & dreamlike accommodations.It is important that you book with a surf camp organizer who does treat Liability insurance and bankruptcy insurance properly!

2. How do I find the perfect Pure Surf Camp for me?

We, as surf camp operators, are surfers ourselves and know exactly what is important when choosing your favorite surf camp. That is why we have developed our Pure website. In just a few clicks you can find the Pure Surfcamp that meets your needs. With our Campfinder-Tool the search for your desired travel destination (for example Sri Lanka), your desire Travel month (for example November), your Surflevel (for example Intermediate) and your preferred camp category (for example Surf & Yoga) is getting filtered. With our Campfinder tool you are guaranteed to find the right surf camp for your next surf vacation.

3. What do I have to think about before booking a surf camp holiday at Puresurfcamps?

To find the right surf camp for you, you should take a little time to understand what you actually want and what is important to you at a Surf Camp.  An important question is about accommodation in the surf camp: Do you prefer to sleep in a house or in a tent? If you don't want to do holidays without a real bed because your back needs it, a tent is your second or third choice. Choose the surf camp that offers the perfect accommodation for you! Another important question is the target group of the surf camp: Do you want to learn to surf in small groups, be in nature and practice yoga or do some party with like-minded people besides surfing? If you are, for example, in your early twenties and everyone else in your surf camp in your mid-thirties, you are probably in the wrong surf camp. We will be happy to advise you from the start in choosing your Surf Camp to ensure that you end up in the right surf camp that suit you best! The question of organizing your arrival and departure is also important: If you want, we take care of Pure Surfcamps e.g. for your arrival and departure to the surf camp in France. You no longer have to worry about how to get to the French Atlantic coast without your own car or with an expensive flight. We bring you overnight from Germany to your Surf Camp in France by shuttle bus.
If you are planning a flight to a surf camp, this is also not a problem: as an additional service, we offer you to find the cheapest flight for you. We check prices and availability and get back to you with a specific offer. We also organize the airport transfer to your surf camp and back again.
Of course, you can also travel to the surf camp by car!

4. Can I book a surf camp even though I have never surfed before?

Most definetly, yes! Booking your surf vacation in a Pure Surf Camp is the perfect opportunity for you to learn surfing if you have no experience on the surfboard and at the same time want to meet new and like-minded people during your surf vacation. A surf vacation in a surf camp is the all-inclusive package of a surf vacation: From the bus shuttle or airport transfer to catering, surfing equipment and choosing the right surf spot for you - everything is organized by our camp leaders, the camp team and our surf instructors. As an absolute beginner, you get a more intensivecare and simple spots with white water waves. That is why our guests' different needs and levels are dealt with and divided into different groups. In the end, you don't have to worry about anything - except squeeze into your wetsuit and paddle into the waves on your surfboard.

5. Is a Pure Surf Camp only for beginners?

No, not only beginners book a surf camp with us. Many advanced / intermediate & pros also like to spend their time in our Puresurfcamps. Why? Because they want to surf as many different spots as possible during their vacation and want to take care of as little as possible.  Pure Surfcamps are therefore the perfect address for beginner and advanced surfers.

6. Can I also take a vacation in a Pure Surf Camp without having to surf?

For sure! In our Pure Surfcamps we also offer you a pure surfboard rental, provided that you master the important rules for currents and behavior in the water. In our surf camps you even have the opportunity to change your rental board during your vacation, so you are always prepared for changing surf conditions. Even if you just want to chill on the beach or do yoga, our surf camp is the right place for you.

7. Are there pure surf camps especially for families with babies and children?

But of course! With our surf camp for families, we have created an offer for you and your family if you are looking for a carefree holiday with sporting activities, relaxation and a sociable atmosphere. As fathers of an own family, we know only too well: on a surf camp holiday with the family, everyone often wants something different. The kids want to learn to surf, mom likes yoga and dad surfs the spots in the surrounding. That's why everyone gets their money's worth in our Puresurfcamps for families.

8. I have a lot more questions about my surf camp, where can I ask you?

If you have any further questions about your surf camp, dates and surfing or want to book or reserve a trip, just use our contact form. Contact Form. We look forward to help you! Very important if you already know when you want to go where: Please select your desired camp in the dropdown menu, enter your desired travel date, leave your contact details and we will contact you immediately or send you a non-binding surf camp offer by email! See you in the Surf Camp!

Pure Surf Camp Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll have a ton of fun, whether you’re learning to surf, taking part in the Surf Guiding and catching the waves of your life, practicing yoga, or partying with the other guests and crew. Regardless if you are staying at the Pure Surf Camp Morocco, the Pure Surf Lodge Portugal, or at any other of our global Surf Camp locations, you will have the same excellent accommodation, friendly crew and epic surf. All the camps provide: Surf Courses with licensed Surf Coaches – BSA/ISA/DWV Licenses
Highest quality surf gear from our sponsor – Quiksilver
Informed advice from the crew onsite
Highly cared for, modern & comfortable accommodation
Amazing surf-atmosphere We can offer memorable surf trips to destinations across the globe including FrancePortugal, Morocco, the Canary Islands, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka & many more. All the camps live up to the high standards that we expect from ourselves, and our partner camps.

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PURE Surfcamps - Surfcamp, surf vacation & surf courses!

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Learn to surf with Puresurfcamps: Surfing a wave is one of the best feelings in the world because you can feel the pure energy of nature and the pure power of the ocean up close. This makes surfing a unique experience - from your first wave, the first minute in the water. You get the best introduction to surfing in a surf camp from Puresurfcamps. You get that in a surf camp from Puresurfcamps! We at Puresurfcamps develop, operate and organize our surf camps in France, Portugal, Morocco and work with selected surf camp providers worldwide. The quality of the surf camp is and has been decisive for us right from the start - whether in our surf camps or one of our partners' surf camps - the quality of the accommodation, food and service are the focus. That means: Every surf camp that you can book on our website is the result of a complex development or selection process by professionals with years of surf camp experience. Your surfing holiday in a Pure surf camp is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. As the market leader in Europe, we accommodate more than 15,000 guests in our various surf camp destinations worldwide. That is more than 120,000 nights in the surf camp every year. The complaint rate of Puresurfcamps is below 0.4%!

Surf yourself happily: which surf camp is right for you?

surfcamp portugal die schönsten surfhäuser

Your summer in a Surfcamp by Pure will be anything but a normal surf camp holiday. No day is like the other in a PureSurfcamp: whether surfing, sport or nightlife - just book the surf camp that will make your surfing vacation unforgettable - whether a surf camp in France, a surf camp in Portugal, a surf camp in Morocco or a surf camp Bali, Sri Lanka or Costa Rica. Enjoy the incomparable sense of community, the nights under the stars and listen to the sound of the sea while falling asleep in the surf camp. Take a deep breath and feel the freedom in a Pure Surf Camp! 

At Puresurfcamps you will find a variety of different accommodations. From surf camps with tents in France to surf camps in a luxurious lodge in Portugal or Morocco. In our surf camp in the pine forest in France, for example, you decide for yourself whether you want to live comfortably in a basic tent, a more comfortable deluxe tent or more luxuriously in a comfortable tent. If you are now wondering: Camp feeling and a solid roof over your head - is that also possible? Of course, in our chilled out wooden cabins, comfortable wooden bungalows, mobile homes or apartments with a pool!

Puresurfcamps is represented as a surf camp provider worldwide at the best surf spots with many of its surf camp concepts & surf lodges as well as selected partner camps. So you can be sure that you will find exactly the surf camp with us that suits your surfing level and budget.

Quality points in our surf camps

Every surf camp that you book at Pure Surfcamps offers you:


  • Surf lessons with licensed surf instructors from BSA / ISA / DWV
  • Top material quality for surfboards and wetsuits, supported by QUIKSILVER
  • Competent support on-site, even after the courses
  • High quality and well-kept accommodations in a wonderful atmosphere


We also arrange other selected top surf camps in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, California, surf & yoga retreats and resorts on the Canary Islands, in Indonesia, Costa Rica, Maldives, Sri Lanka and surf houses and surf lodges in Portugal, the Caribbean and South Africa. All mediation surf camps correspond to the specified pure surf camp quality standards. To be able to guarantee this, we visit the surf camps regularly and have high-quality requirements when selecting the partner camps. Regardless of whether you are looking for a chilled camp, have high standards of comfort and accommodation, want to party a lot or prefer to do yoga, our global selection has the right surf camp for everyone!

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