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long peeling waves are waiting for you

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quiet apartment with high standard

  • NEW: newly renovated apartments for 4 persons
  • NEW: breakfast service in the apartment with own chef
  • surf camp holiday in a private atmosphere
  • including breakfast, packed lunch, lunch snack and dinner
  • daily cleaning service in the apartment
  • 3 yoga sessions included
  • exclusive use of loungers in Richies beach cafe
  • numerous spots nearby, suitable for all surf levels
  • temperatures always above 20 ° C an optimal destination for the winter
  • rivate living room and own balcony

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Surf Camp


the cozy living room for you and your friends
large flat screen for the Flat Days
our double room de luxe
a look into the standard double room
the cozy living room for you and your friends

In the Surf Apartments Morocco you have your own living room, a private balcony and even  breakfast service. The perfect accommodation if you want more privacy and luxury in your surf vacation.

  • newly renovated apartments, ideal for couples or 4 friends
  • exclusive use of the loungers at Richies beach club.
  • the Surf Apartment Morocco contains a full kitchen, a large flat screen, 2 separate bedrooms and a balcony.
  • the surfmekka Taghazout offers countless surf spots next to each other.
  • certified surf instructors look after you throughout the holiday.

The surf apartments Morocco are located in the small village of Aourir. Just outside the village are the famous waves of Banana Point. KM11 and KM12. For this reason more and more surfers are moving into the small village. The apartments are only 500 meters from the beach and you can surf without a rental car several times a day.

The Surf Apartments Morocco are part of our Sea View Surf Camp and you are sincerely invited! Enjoy the day by the infinity pool or on the large panoramic terrace. Beside the pool there's a cozy chill area and a bar. Get a delicious drink or watch the surfers in the water and mentally prepare for your next surf session.

We only work with certified surf instructors. Our mission: taking your surf skills to the next level! If you book your surf course with us you can be sure that we only enter the water when the waves are suitable for the lessons. If you've already been surfing before you should definitely book the surfguiding package. Our guides drive you to the best surf spots in the area. In addition to valuable surf tips the guides will provide you with a complete surfspot description. Afterwards you can surf these breaks alone at any time. At the surf guiding you'll score heaps of waves!

The Surf Apartments Morocco are perfect for 4 people.
2 couples or 4 friends can have a great time together!


Sea View Surf Camp Morocco
there is a lot to experience at the market

Aourir / Banana Village

Our accommodations are in Aourir. There are fewer surfers in the south of the region as in the northern Taghazout. Furthermore, Aourir also offers the authentic Moroccan lifestyle that many of our guests particularly appreciate. Beside many local shops you'll find the tipical vegetable and fruit traders on every street corner. Foodies are welcome!

Don't forget to try the delicious mint tea. By the way, you can buy beer and wine at the Sea View Surf Camp Morocco. In the village there's no alcohol. Therefore it is recommended to stock up in the nearby Agadir.

The surf apartments Morocco are 400 meters away from the surf spots KM 11 and KM12. Both waves are particularly suitable for beginner surfers as they run over sandy ground. The first pointbreak is about 1 km away and the world-famous rights such as Anchor Point and Killers can be reached in 10 minutes driving time. Along the 4 km long coastline you will find countless surf spots which is why this place is so popular among surfers. 

Local Tips

and the very best cafes in town!
Pure Surf Camp Sea View Morocco
Pure Surf Camp Sea View Morocco
Pure Surf Camp Sea View Morocco
and the very best cafes in town!

Richies Cafe

If you book your holiday at Puresurfcamps you get an exclusive use of the beach chairs in Richies Cafe. It is located in front of the surf spot KM12. Enjoy a tasty drink, have a little surf in between and come back to your lounger. A surfer dream come true!

Sand Boarding 

You should definitely try sand boarding. We drive into the nearest desert area where you see only sand dunes on one side and the ocean on the other. You'll heat down the steep sand hills with surfboards and enjoy the breathtaking silence of the desert. It's an absolute must when you are so close to the desert!

Local Market

Once a week the largest weekly market in the region takes place right next to the Sea View Surf Camp. It is only 150 meters away from our property. Just stroll through the alleys, explore the many scents and maybe you'll buy the spices and teas of Thousand and One Nights. Beside all these impressions, local craftsmanship such as lamps, pottery and other great things are to be found and seen. If you want to bring a piece of Morocco to your friends at home or yourself; the market should be your first port of call!

Paradise Valley

40 minutes away from our surf apartments Morocco lies the Paradise Valley. You can swim in a green oasis, which consists of crystal clear water and many natural swimming pools. Enjoy the tranquility in the idyllic surroundings or get adventurous and jump from the daring cliffs into the cold water.


Richi from Pure Surf Camp Morocco

Half Austrian, half Moroccan, Richi is the perfect contact partner. He has travelled, and worked all over the globe and taken what he’s seen and learnt into making this the best surf camp in Morocco. He is a poster child for Moroccan hospitality and friendliness and will do everything to make your, and surf trips memorable for all the right reasons.

Lea Pure surf camp Morocco

Lea is Richis’ right-hand. She can help you out with anything you need from the time you book, till the time you are on the flight home. Lea was already in many Pure Surfcamps and knows exactly what you need. With Lea you have a sympathetic surf enthusiastic camp manager, who likes to laugh a lot and also tells some funny anecdotes.

Kevin yoga teacher

The likeable yoga teacher does help us in the second season. With his skills you can relive yoga again. In this sense. Namaste.

Kitchen Team at Pure Surf Camp Morocco

Sanaa is our Moroccan hero at the reception and can give you the best local insider tips. Through her love for the country, Sanaa has traveled a lot and knows her way around. She speaks fluent Moroccan, French and English - so there shouldn't be a language barrier, Sanaa is your "go to girl".

Kitchen Team from Pure Surf Camp Morocco

Kitchen Team
You’ll always be greeted with a massive smile when you meet the lovely kitchen staff at Pure Surf Camp Morocco. They are not only super friendly, but can cook up amazing local, and international cuisine.

Kitchen team from PureSurf Camp Morocco

Kitchen Team
Even if you can’t speak French or Arabic, communicating is no problem with a mix of English and various hand gestures, plus of course a massive smile, anything is possible. The team not only provide you with amazing home cooked meals, but also make sure the accommodation is looking tip-top throughout your stay.



Surf Apartments

the favorite place on vacation
the apartments are all flooded with light
the double room de luxe offers plenty of space
the standard double room is a bit smaller
and it has 2 single beds.
Flatscreen for flat days
the favorite place on vacation

Our new luxury alternative in Morocco are the Surf Apartments. You'll have your own apartment consisting of kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms and balcony. The 2 bedrooms are different in size. The double room de luxe has 20 m2 and the normal double room measures 12.5 m2. The apartment has its own WIFI connection, a large flat-screen set up with all major channels and a big Marshall music box. You can retire here anytime and enjoy your peace.

The breakfast service is included. The night before you choose with your friends from a menu card your preferred breakfast. The cook comes into the apartment and conjures for you the selected breakfast menu or you just let it deliver to the door. If you want you can also come to the chill and food area of the Sea View Surf Camp to start the day with the other guests. Your apartment will be cleaned during the day while you're enjoying the sun and surf.

The Surf Apartments Morocco are perfect for 4 people. 2 couples or 4 friends can spend the best surf trip together, in a private atmosphere. The apartment is designed for 4 people and will be booked accordingly.

Communal Areas

the roof terrace offers enough space for all guests
take your time to relax on the lawns
Richies Cafe has exclusive seats for you
the Pool Area is the centerpiece of our surf camp
the roof terrace offers enough space for all guests

Cummunal Areas

The Surf Apartments Morocco are extra rooms that were built in the context of the Sea View Surf Camp. Visitors to the apartments also have the option to use the pool area in the Sea View Surf Camp and sunbathe on the 180° rooftop terrace throughout the day. In the dining rooms of the Sea Views, the chef conjures up a delicious dinner and you can end the day with a nice sunset.






Our goal is to improve your surfing and enjoy the sport. That's why we only work with certified surf instructors who know exactly how to combine motivation and success.

  • surf lessons are adapted to the skills of the students
  • individual care and tips in the water
  • 2 x 2 hours surf lessons a day
  • 5 days surf lesson, total 20 hours
  • Surfboard and wetsuit is included
  • Courses at our Homespot KM11


We have a key of 1/8 (instructor/students) for not having too many surfers with one teacher in the water. We organize the groups into surf levels so that each student can be taken care of perfectly. You spend most of the 20 hours surfing in the water but we also teach the important theory lessons about currents and the sea.

Before each surf session we warm up extensively to prevent unnecessary injuries. You are partially corrected from the beach or the surf instructors enter the water with you. Each teacher will give you important tips and suggestions to improve your movement after your surf so you train as independently as possible.



Mehdi is our head coach and has been in the waves of Morocco for a long time. He organizes the surf lessons and is your contact for all questions concerning the surf course. Of course Mehdi is still in the water and helps you to get the perfect wave.

[Translate to English:] Aymane Surflehrer


Aymane loves his waves in Morocco like no other. With Aymane you have a surf instructor with great attention to detail that can support every surfer, no matter which level.


If you're already able to surf on your own and select waves without help, you get to the line up and back to shore safely; you absolutely have to book the surf guiding package.

  • suitable for experienced surfers
  • 2 x 2 hours / day
  • 5 days guiding: a total of 20 hours
  • spot transfer
  • only takes place if at least 2 persons participate
  • the surf instructors decide if you are already good enough for a guiding
  • alternatively you can take part in the surf course
  • surf material not included

there are some world-class surf spots in the Banana Village area
there are some world-class surf spots in the Banana Village area


boards onto the jeep and off we go
the surf coaches give you tips and bring you to the best spots
in the numerous surf spots is always the right one
you can surely bring your own boards or rent them from us
boards onto the jeep and off we go

Save the money for a rental car and book the surf guiding package. You will be conducted by experienced guides to the best surf spots that are precisely for your surf skills. Basically we go surf when the spots are working best. We pay attention to the tide, the wind and the wave forecast. Our guides are locals who have surfed every single surf spot a dozen times.

The surf guides drive you to the best surf spots and explain everything about the local conditions. You will learn important tips and tricks about various surf spots: where is the keyhole, what's the best position in the line up and which wave in the set shall be taken. After the 10 surf sessions you are definitely an expert on Moroccan waves. 


[Translate to English:] Jonas Surflehrer Marokko


Jonas has been surfing for 10 years now. He will certainly motivate you for the Moroccan waves with all his enthusiasm. He supports us in his second season in Morocco. Jonas surfed every imaginable wave in the world. He's always keen to spend the evenings with you at the bar and gives you valuable tips to improve your surf.

[Translate to English:] Simon Surflehrer MArokko


Simon started his surfing career with the Moroccan waves and hasn't had enough of it since. After learning from the best in Moliets Plage, France, he's in his first season as a surf instructor. Be sure that with Simon you have a young and surf enthusiastic teacher who can tell you stories of his first Wipe Outs on the Moroccan coast.

if the surf guiding is booked, of course, you'll get a glassed board
we have many different shapes from Lib Tech to choose from
Wetsuits are available from Roxy or Quicksilver
if the surf guiding is booked, of course, you'll get a glassed board

If you book the surf guiding package we will gladly lend you our surfboards. Thus you save the money for transporting your own quiver from Germany. In addition to a lot of softtops we also have high quality boards from Lib Tech in different sizes.


  • Surfboard 15 € / per day
  • Wetsuit 8 € / per day



Breakfast & Packed Lunch

you get a very rich breakfast in the apartment
Sea View Surf Camp Aourir healthy food
you get a very rich breakfast in the apartment

breakfast and packed lunch are included.

The night before you can choose from a large breakfast menu. In the morning you get the food delivered to the apartment, or the food is prepared fresh by the chef in the apartment. Hearty dishes, sweet specialties and fruits. - everything your foodie heart desires. After the rich breakfast and while you're surfing, your apartment will be cleaned.

Lunch Snack

The afternoon snack is included.

As a snack, you will be treated with a warm soup, snacks and cakes in the Sea View Surf Camp. Like that you'll get energized again after a long day of surfing. Afterward digesting properly you can stretch your muscles with our daily yoga class and make your body fit for the demands of surfing.


Pure Surf Camp Morocco Sea View delicious food
Pure Surf Camp Morocco Sea View delicious food Buffet
Pure Surf Camp Morocco Sea View delicious food dinner
rich dinner every evening

You can have dinner in the Sea View Surf Camp. A nutritious menu is conjured daily for you. Between lots of vegetarian and vegan food there are also alternatives with fish and meat. In addition to the delicious food you can also enjoy a breathtaking sunset. The highlight is the weekly BBQ where you will be served delicious grilled platters with many different vegetables and meat variations.

Dinner is included in the price.



Sea View Surf Camp Morocco Yoga Sessions
Sea View Surf Camp Morocco Yoga Sessions
Sea View Surf Camp Morocco Yoga Sessions
Sea View Surf Camp Morocco Yoga Sessions
Sea View Surf Camp Morocco Yoga Sessions
indoor yoga with sea view

Your stay includes 3 yoga lessons for free. For relaxation yoga takes place in our yoga shala, on the roof terrace or on the beach. The teacher will ask for the needs of the participants before the lesson in order to hold a corresponding class. Namaste.

3 yoga sessions included

Yoga Package: 5 additional sessions 39 €

Additional single yoga lessons € 10 per session

We have something NEW for you - Sandboarding in the desert! We drive to the deserts of Morocco with loads of snacks and boards. Look around the breathtaking desert landscape and be amazed. We have boards for you in the luggage to surf these dunes. Departure is in the afternoon with guides and boards. It's an hour north of Agadir in a desert area. We go  Sandboarding together and watch the sunset from this picturesque place. Included is a food package and transportation of course.

Booking is only possible on site. 50 euros including transfer and picnic.

Sea View Surf Camp Morocco Aourir trip Paradise Valley
Sea View Surf Camp Morocco Aourir trip Paradise Valley
hiking in the Paradise Valley
Sea View Surf Camp Morocco Aourir trip Paradise Valley
Sea View Surf Camp Morocco cliff diving
Paradise Valley is always worth a visit

Paradise Valley

Oasis of the senses - this is probably the best metaphor to describe Morocco's diversity! Just outfront the Sea View Surf Camp Morocco, the endless expanse of the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean. To our back is the Paradise Valley in the Atlas Mountains. Be enchanted by this oasis and feel the fascination of breathtaking mountain formations, waterfalls and lush green palms.

The supporting program also includes:

  • daily yoga session in the evening
  • visit to the local souk, the typical shopping district of the region
  • the possibility to climb a desert ship - camel riding on the beach
  • race with a jet ski through the waves
  • explore Morocco's endless coastline with buggies and quads
  • an airy experience with the Flyboard
  • the showdown at paintball

all activities can be organized on site with the support of the team.




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Prices per person

In the upper chart you will find the prices per person and week. In the chart below you will find the prices per night for all stays that are not exactly 7 or 14 nights.


  • breakfast, packed lunch, small snack, dinner
  • 3 yoga sessions included
  • free Wi-Fi
  • own bathroom and towels
  • exclusive use of loungers in Richies beach cafe
  • Safe at the reception
  • local contact person, 24/7

night rates per person *

night rates applicable to bookings that do not exactly cover 7 or 14 nights.

PERIOD Double room Double room ### LINEBREAK ### de luxe
12.01.20 - 30.04.20 66 € 70 €
30.04.20 - 04.10.20 62 € 66 €
04.10.20 - 19.12.20 66 € 70 €

* If your travel period falls in 2 seasons your travel price will be calculated pro rata. For example: from 11.01.20. until 17.01.20 in a 4-bed room (6 nights) the night price of 49 € will be charged 1x and the night price of 46 € the other 5x.



Optional Extras

Bookable and payable in advance. Prices p.P.

surf lessons (5 days: 2 x 2h / day) incl. material 199 €
surf guiding (5 days: 2 x 2h / day) incl. shuttle, without material 225 €
Yoga Package: 5 additional sessions 39 €
single yoga lessons 10 €
Excursion to the Paradise Valley (weather permitting) 20 €

to be booked in advance, payable locally. Specify flight data independently at the camp. Prices p. P. *

Airport transfer Agadir (back & forth) 30 €

* After booking please send flight details directly to the Camp Manager as indicated in the invoice.

bookable and payable locally. Prices p.P.

Surfboard 15 € / per day
Wetsuit 8 € / day




Arrival by plane

Airport Agadir, AGA (about 22km from Aourir)
Airport Marrakesch, RAK (about 274km from Aourir/Banana Village)

As an additional service we offer to find the cheapest flight for you. We check prices and availabilities and get back to you with a concrete offer!

For those who still prefer to look for flights themselves, the Skyscanner offers a good search engine to get an overview of the cities from which these destinations are served.

Our Service

Write us an email and we will look for the best possible arrival and pass it on to you! So you are guaranteed a cheap flight!

airport transfer

Pick-up at the airport of Agadir (there and back) is available for a total of 30 €.

Bus transfer

CTM runs several times daily from Marrakech to Agadir for about 10 € pp. plus 1-2 € for the luggage. The buses are good and even air conditioned:
The bus stop is located on Rue Abou Baker Seddik, just south of the train station and a few minutes walk from Marrakech train station.
Another option is Supratours:


Get a cab at Agadir airport and drive to Aourir. Depending on traffic the journey takes about 40 minutes and costs between 300 and 400 DH (about 30 €). The price varies depending on your surfboards, how many people are joining and how much luggage is there in total. It is important to set the price before departure with the driver! If you travel alone it is best to approach other people who are also looking for a taxi so that you can share the travel costs. If you bring a surfboard don't forget to bring straps because not all taxis have them.

Rental Car

For those who want to explore the spots independently and want to see more of the surroundings, renting a car is a good option (again: don't forget the straps!).
At >> Sunny Cars you will always find the cheapest car worldwide.


From Agadir you drive towards Aourir also known as "Banana Village". Take the Anza exit and follow the two-lane expressway for about 2 minutes. Directly after the castle a road goes off to the right handside (dirt road). Follow this road for 20m before turning left. After 150 meters you are at the entrance of the Sea View Surf Camp Morocco.


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