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Samuel Pupo Wins 2018 Quiksilver Young Guns WSL Surf Ranch Showdown

Samuel Pupo Wins 2018 Quiksilver Young Guns WSL Surf Ranch Showdown


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31. Juli 2018

Samuel Pupo Wins 2018 Quicksilver Young Guns WSL Surf Ranch Showdown

What happens when you round up four of the world’s best teenage surfers, set them loose at the world’s best man-made wave and give them a chance to win $10,000? Well, the 2018 Quiksilver Young Guns WSL Surf Ranch Showdown.

Quicksilver Young Guns WSL Surf Ranch Showdown

The event started in June as an Instagram contest that drew over 1000 entries from all corners of the globe. The #YGSurf judges, Leonardo Fioravanti and Kanoa Igarashi, combed all the entries and hand-picked their 8 favorites. Those 8 Young Guns were subject to a public voting challenge and the top 3 earned tickets to the WSL Surf Ranch. Leo and Kanoa also hand-picked a wildcard to join them for the final in Lemoore. And then there were four: Jett Schilling, 15, from San Clemente, USA, Samuel Pupo, 17, from Maresias, Brazil, Justin Becret, 16, from Seignosse, France and Marco Mignot, 17, who is from France but currently resides in Mexico.

Day of Event - the final Young Guns

The day of surfing started off strong — Justin described his first wave as the best wave of his life — and the Young Guns never looked back. The fun was infectious and the future of surfing was unfolding before everyone's eyes. The Showdown used an innovative format that broke the half-mile-long wave at the WSL Surf Ranch into three different sections. In a rotating order, the competitors would position themselves at different points along the pool. Each surfer would catch the wave and do their best before they had to kick out in order to allow the next surfer to get his section of the wave. The new formula meant two things: the surfers got a ton of opportunities and they always went for broke. Towards the end of the day, each Young Gun also got to surf a few waves from start to finish to see what they could do when the legs start burning.

Quicksilver Young Gun Champion 2018

So, how do you take all that and pick a champion? Simple. The Young Gun who surfs the best wins. And of course, Leo and Kanoa had the final say. At The Showdown, that kid was Samuel Pupo. “I couldn’t believe how hard all of them were ripping,” said Leo. “In the end, Sammy did the biggest air and best carve. The new format worked really well and let all the kids open up, but Sammy was a standout all day.” “They were getting better and better every wave,” Kanoa added. “By the end, I felt like I was watching them get to a completely different level.” And here’s what Samuel had to say, while he was dripping wet and grinning ear to ear, “I’ve competed in this event for the past four years and even won it last year. It’s so much different from all the other contests. It’s always so much fun and I feel like it enables you to surf your best instead of surfing a normal heat. It’s crazy to finish my Young Guns career with a win here.” Sammy also said that his eyes are now set on the US Open. If his surfing here was any indication, Sammy and all of the #YGSurf Finalists will be ones to watch out for.

About the brand "Quicksilver"

Quiksilver is the emblematic boardsports brand of Boardriders, Inc., founded by a group of surfing enthusiasts in Australia in 1969. True to a unique lifestyle, Quiksilver holds passion, authenticity and innovation as fundamental values. The brand's identity is represented by its logo: a mountain inside a wave symbolizing its attachment to boardsports and its environments, the sea and the slopes. Quiksilver products cover the entire range of sportswear, accessories and boardsports gear. Quiksilver is also intimately associated with the very best athletes and the biggest events in the history of boardsports.
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About the WSL Surf Ranch

Since its online reveal in December 2015, the Surf Ranch has captured the world’s attention as the best man-made wave in history: a 700-yard, high-performance, bi-directional wave featuring barrel sections and maneuver sections. Primarily existing as a prototype testing facility, the Lemoore, Calif., site has spent the past two years dialing in the technology under the guidance of 11-time WSL Champion Kelly Slater (USA) and feedback from visiting WSL surfers.