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Seasons / Climate

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Fun waves, perfect weather & lovely people in spain

Best Travel Time
Our Spanish surf camps are located in what is referred to as green Spain. With beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches and world class waves. From June until the end of August it very rarely rains, making this a perfect time to plan your surf trip. The months before, and after, the peak season you will also be greeted by pleasant temperatures and fun surf.

Air & Water Temperature
The air temperature is heavily regulated by the nearby Atlantic Ocean meaning you get mild winters, and pleasant summers, with temperatures rarely exceeding 30°C in the peak of summer. On a cold winter's day, the temperature rarely drops below 10°C. The average water temperature averages 20°C.

We recommend wearing a wetsuit regardless of what time of year you choose to visit Spain. In the hot summer months, a 2mm or spring suit would be fine, in the colder months a full 3/2mm or even 3/4mm will surfing that much more enjoyable. Especially when you are out in the water for longer periods of time.

Surf Spots

In northern Spain you will be greeted with a fascinating landscape littered with hidden surf spots. With countless nooks and crannies along the coast you can almost always find a fitting place to surf, regardless if you are a pro, or getting on a surfboard for the first time. The majority of the surf spots along the Spanish coast are beach breaks, with a few exceptions. From experience September seems to have the best waves, and is still relatively warm and summery.

Playa de Somo
A long, sheltered, golden sand beach with various peaks and channels with constantly changing sand banks located near the town of Santander. The beach has spots perfect for beginners, and when the swell is big for more advanced surfers as well. Tide doesn’t play much of a role at this beach but the waves are best when the swell is North to Northwest.

Located in between the small villages of Cuchia and Ria de Sudances, Caballos is a very quiet beach break which is sheltered by the cliffs that surround the bay. The waves here are punchy and hollow and break over a relatively shallow rock sea floor, great for experienced surfers.

Los Locos
This beach break is ranked as one of the best in Europe. When you get a solid northeast swell this place comes alive, but when the swell is small this is a place that is perfect for beginners as well.

Playa de Sonabia
This spot is perfect when its big and stormy as its sheltered and offers great A-Frame peaks up and down the beach. Located between Loredo and Castro-Urdiales this beach is also easy to access.

Travel Info

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EU Citizens have no problems travelling to Spain

To enter Spain, adults and children will need a valid passport.
The closest airport to our Zarautz camp ins Spain is Bilbao, which most major airlines fly too. It is also to travel to Bilboa, or directly to the camp using public transport. If you want us to help you organise your trip, feel free to ask and we will find a fitting connection.


So that your Puresurfcamps trip to Spain is a total success, we have put together a small list of do’s and don’ts.

Definitely take an afternoon to head up the road to the historical beachside town of San Sebastian. You can go to some of the best Tapas restaurants, party at some of the best nightclubs, check out amazing architecture and museums, or just head up the hill and catch a memorable sunset.

Take a trip to Bilbao, where you can explore spots like the Guggenheim once you are done with the morning surf sessions. You can also check out amazing restaurants, try local wines and going shopping.

Rent a longboard or bike and explore the coast. The rolling hills along the coast are perfect to take a leisurely roll on a skateboard or bike and offer some spectacular views.

It is very common for locals to not greet you with a handshake, but a kiss on both cheeks, regardless if you are a man, woman or if they know you or not, so don’t be shocked.

Everything goes at a slightly slower pace in the mornings in Spain, for that, after the daily siesta things get a little busier. Lunch usually takes place around 14:00, and dinner around 22:00, so everything is pushed back a little bit. It’s not uncommon for bars and nightclubs to make plenty of noise week into the night.

Smoking is still more popular in Spain then other European countries and people don’t like being told where they can and cannot smoke, so it could be you end up at a bar or restaurant where smoking is allowed inside.

If you are on the way home from the pub, make sure you remember to pee before you leave, getting caught out in the open can set you back 400 €.

The Spanish Atlantic Coast

Since the sixties people from around the world have discovered how amazing Spain is not only as a travel destination, but also a surf destination. The combination of culture, lifestyle, music, great food & wine, amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches and world class surf spots make the Spain’s coast a must visit for any surfer, or anyone looking to learn. The pleasant climate and friendly locals also make the trip that much more enjoyable.

People who choose to travel to Spain will not only be impressed by the great waves, but also everything else that you get to enjoy while you are there. The amazing town, stunning architecture, delicious food, the evening fiesta, and by the end you will even enjoy the daily siesta.

Learn to Surf Spain
There is more than 1000 km of surfable coastline in Spain that is still being explored meaning our professional surf coaches can use their local knowledge to get you on the best waves for your skill level. If you already have some experience out in the water, and just want to surf with your friends, the team fill you in on some local secrets and point you in the direction of some perfect empty spots in the area.

Each course, and each coach, makes sure to adjust the lesson plan to perfectly fit your skill level, taking into account not only where you are at, but also the conditions, to make sure you progress as quickly as possible while having a bunch of fun. The coaches also incorporate some theory into the surf courses which gives you a better understanding of the ocean, tides, currents, how to predict good surf, and the rules you have to follow when you’re out in the line-up.

Secret surf spots Spain
Learn to surf Spain
Secret spots, epic waves & empty lineups in Spain
Beachside surf camp with miniramp Spain
Beachside surf camp with miniramp

Surf Camp Zarautz

Located a short stroll away from the water’s edge, surf camp Zarautz is a perfect option for those of you looking for an affordable surf trip with a little of that camping flair Puresurfcamps is famous for. There are amazing surf courses that cater to beginners as well as intermediate surfers, as well as plenty of other activities to keep you occupied and entertained throughout your stay.

Check out Zarautz

Our team make sure that you have a great holiday by not only providing plenty of activities, but also by giving you the option to join them for amazing home cooked meals every night that use the freshest local ingredients. The team have years of experience and know just how to make sure you have a memorable holiday.

Surfhouse Galicia
breakfast included & dinner is optional
family-like Surfhouse with 6 rooms

Surfhouse Galicia

The Surfhouse Galicia is located very close to the beach with stunning scenery, awesome surf spots and top accommodation!

Check out Surfhouse Galicia The Surfhouse Galicia, hosted by As Furnas, is just 5 minutes from 2 beaches and surrounded by the green countryside of northwest Spain. The relaxed Surfhouse is the ideal place for a chilled surf vacation with it's huge garden, private woodland and hammocks! The miles of sandy beaches and coves offer ideal conditions for learning how to surf and there're spots for all levels in the immediate vicinity.