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From May to the end of October, France is an ideal destination for your surfing holiday. In the summer months, between June and the end of August, the southern French climate creates a great mix of sunny, hot temperatures during the day and milder, more refreshing temperatures at night. May, September and October are a little cooler than midsummer, but these months offer empty beaches, waves and good swells. The very mild winters and the long, warm summers already show a subtropical-Mediterranean influence. Between June and August there is an average of nine to eleven hours of sunshine a day.

Air & water temperature
The air temperature on the west coast of France is between 23 and 27 degrees in the summer months and the water temperature is a comfortable 21 and 24 degrees.
Due to the changing influence of the Gulf Stream, which can also cool you down, it is advisable to wear a wetsuit on your surfing holiday. In principle, it is advisable to put on a wetsuit with a thickness of 2/2 mm or 3/2 mm. Of course, the surf guides at our surf camps in France know best which neoprene to wear and will be happy to advise you. On particularly hot days you can even surf in a bikini or board shorts on the west coast of France, but you'd better put on a lycra to protect yourself from sunburn and abrasions.



Atlantic Coast - France

Surfing, or rather surfing, has a long history in France. So it's no wonder that the French Atlantic coast is the destination of surfers from all over the world. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced surfer, everyone will find the right wave in France. The French Atlantic coast consists mainly of wide sandy beaches, so-called beach breaks, which are ideal for surfing for beginners. But there are also reef breaks and point breaks for experienced surfers. The long, west-facing coastline delivers consistent waves, making surf trips in France possible all year round. A surfing holiday in France can be many things: a trip to the coast by bus, a week in a surf camp or a stay in a luxurious surf house. When surfing in France you can camp in nature or you can visit us!

Puresurfcamps offers and mediates a wide range of accommodation, surf camps and surf schools on the French Atlantic coast, in the area around Biarritz and Hossegor. For many German surfers, surfing started in a surf camp in France. A surf camp is the ideal way to learn to surf cheaply and safely while meeting lots of people and seeing more than just the beach.

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Pure Surf Camps Moliets Camp 24+
Pure surf camps france
The endless sandy beaches of France
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We at Puresurfcamps meet the highest quality standards with our worldwide surf camps and partner camps in France and guarantee you a really perfect surfing holiday. So let's learn to surf at a surf camp in France. Because only in the very special surf camps in France can you learn to surf with real surf pros. Because surfing is not defined solely by strength, technique and experience. No, the mental aspect in particular plays a major role in surfing. That's why it makes a lot of sense to attend a surf course in a surf camp to learn how to surf safely and quickly.

The surf course does not cost much more than renting the equipment and teaches the important safety rules and the basics of surfing. The surf school and the surf instructor guarantee you ideal equipment and learning conditions. The most popular region for surfing is the southern French Atlantic coast in the area around Biarritz and Hossegor. Our Puresurfcamps and partnersurfcamps are located here!


24 + Surf Camp Moliets

You will love our cozy mobile homes
Learn to surf at the best beach break in France
Would you like to cool off in summer?
Our popular Wine & Cheese tastings
In the 24+ Surfcamp we focus on surfing
You will love our cozy mobile homes

Our high-end surf camp on the French Atlantic coast. Do you want a sports-focused surf holiday in a high-quality surf camp? Then you should definitely take a closer look at our 24+ Surf Camp in Moliets.

We offer you high-quality accommodation in our newly renovated mobile homes. The entire surf camp is furnished in a very modern style. When it comes to food, we attach great importance to local and rich ingredients. You don't have to worry about food, because in the 24+ surf camp you get two meals a day with us and you can prepare yourself a packed lunch at breakfast. The camp is located directly behind the dune and offers you and your friends the perfect retreat.

In the common area you can exchange ideas with the other guests or regenerate yourself after the surf session. If you still want to strengthen yourself for the next surf session, you can work on your mobility, balance and endurance in our outdoor gym. We have various devices and a personal trainer available for you on site.

The surf courses in the 24+ camp are more sport-focused. In our 13 hour course you will learn all the important basics to learn to surf in one week. Your success is our motivation. That's why we offer you a video analysis in addition to theory and practical lessons. Here we film all course participants of a surf session and analyze your individual movements in order to improve you as quickly as possible. The high standard in the 24+ camp is perfect for all adults who want to spend a unique surfing holiday with like-minded people.


Surf Camp Seignosse

Nice hostel-style surf camp right on the beach
Perfect surf conditions in the immediate vicinity!
The surf house with a large garden
Dream beaches around Seignosse
Light-flooded and cozy rooms
Cozy living room and plenty of space to relax
Nice hostel-style surf camp right on the beach

The Surf Camp Seignosse is located directly on the beach and is run in a hostel style. The house is detached with a large garden and its own café on the ground floor. The surf spot "Estagnots" is located directly below the "Plage des Bourdaines" and above Hossegor with its world-famous waves "La Graviere" and "La Nord".

Many well-known European surfers live in this area and international surfing pros often visit the French surfing Mecca. The waves break over the sandy beach, which is why the spots are also great for beginners. 

Yoga is included 3 times a week and is practiced in your own garden, in the pine forest directly behind the house or on the beach, which is actually right in front of the house. In the residential area around Estagnots there are a lot of cool scene bars, which also host extremely good parties in summer.

In addition to the beautiful property, the surf house includes a well-equipped studio kitchen, a cozy living room, 2 shared rooms and 3 double rooms. Two types of surf courses are offered, which are conducted by licensed and experienced surf instructors. In addition, you can book special surf guiding, provided you are already safe on the surfboard. Breakfast is included in the price. Once a week we organize a BBQ Surfboard Night, where we philosophize about all the interesting questions about lifestyle surfing with local surfers and shapers over a cold drink and delicious barbecue. On all other evenings you can cook together or try out the restaurants and bistros in the neighborhood. On the ground floor you can always get something delicious to eat in one of the two restaurants.


Family Surf Camp Biscarrosse

Our new camping lodges are only available in Biscarrosse
The pool area in our Family Camp
Learning to surf is easy
and it's a lot of fun.
In addition to surfing, a lot of leisure activities are waiting for you
Our new camping lodges are only available in Biscarrosse

We are particularly proud of our new camping lodges at our Family Surf Camp Biscarrosse. Here you live in a large tent with separate bedrooms, so that the parents can enjoy some togetherness on vacation. The new surf camp in Biscarrosse is located in the middle of an idyllic pine forest and, with only 10 residential units, offers a very family atmosphere for all members.

We work with highly trained surf instructors who will look after you or your children during surfing lessons and provide high-quality surfing equipment. With us you can choose whether you want to take the surf courses with the whole family or whether the children should take the surf courses separately from their parents.

In the cozy surf camp we have a kids playground where we have prepared a lot of handicraft equipment, children's books and other toys for the little ones. In the community area, children as well as adults can exchange ideas with each other. Come and have the best time of your life with the whole family!