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surf trip to our Surf Camps in France
the surf camp awaits you
warm days and mild nights
France offers waves for all surf levels
we invite you to an unforgettable time!

Best time to travel
The season in France is from May until the end of October where you get a great combination of warm weather with plenty of sunshine and consistent swell. From June until the end of August is what we call the peak season, this is when France really turns it on, the weather is perfect with hot temperatures during the day, and mild temperatures at night. The surf during these months is also epic. After August the temperatures start to drop a little both during the day and at night, but in return you are also rewarded with empty beaches, and even better waves.

The mild winters and long, warm summers along the Atlantic coast are reminiscent of a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate.

Air & Water Temperature
Air temperature along the French coast varies between 23 to 27°C in the peak season, and between 21 & 24°C in the surrounding months. Water temperature never gets over 20°C, and can be as low as 16 at the very beginning & end of the season.

We always recommend wearing a wetsuit in France, the water isn’t super cold so a 2mm wetsuit will usually suffice, but the team will chat with you and give you some advice about what type of wetsuit will be the best fit for you, and the time of year it is.

On especially warm summer days it is possible to surf in a bikini or wetsuit.

Surf Spots

The French Atlantic Coast is a melting pot of locals and international travellers who may just be visiting, or who have decided to call this piece of paradise their home. The beautiful golden sand beaches, the perfect weather & the fun waves make it hard to leave. There are plenty of breaks in the area that cater to plenty of different skill levels.

Moliets Plage
The beach break is a local favourite for the team from our nearby surf camp. It’s ideal to catch your first waves. You start by catching some white water and mastering the take-off, then once you get more confident you work your way out and start on getting green waves. Like all beach breaks, the sand banks wander and move along the coast so every year the break is slightly different after big winter storms.

Saint Girons Plage
Here you have 12 kilometres of beach, with countless peaks and breaks that range from hollow Hossegor-esque waves, to mellow beachbreaks. There are areas perfect to catch your first waves and also peaks perfect for more advanced surfers to catch the wave of your life.

Côte Des Basque
This spot is near Biarritz, and is essentially the original surf spot of the entire French surf industry. The first surfers started surfing this spot 60 years ago, and since then the French surf scene has exploded. The spot is sheltered from annoying northerly onshore winds and has 2 main peaks, the first is by the channel directly in front of the beachfront promenade, the second is further south. The long beach has plenty more peaks however, and it’s not uncommon to share a peak with just you and your friends if you get lucky.

Grande Plage
The city surf spot in Biarritz is a local favourite because of its location directly in the heart of town for not only surfers, but also beach goers. At the south end of the beach you have some impressive boulders, and when you are out waiting for a wave you can look towards land and see the impressive architecture of a historical French town. Along the beach you have plenty of lefts & rights, and the best waves seem to roll in between low to mid tide. Another interesting point about this wave is that the lights on the promenade reach out into the line-up so you can surf well past sunset.

Le Penon
The loved stretch of sand is at the northern end of Hossegor and is a spot where you will find cliché French beach breaks waves like you would find in any international surfer magazine. The spot picks up any swell, so if it is too small everywhere else, you are likely to find a wave at one of the many sand banks at Le Penon. And when it gets big, it gets really big, and really hollow here, especially from low to mid-tide.

Travel Info

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Arrival to the surf camp at Pure
arrival at the Pure surf camp
arrival at the Pure Surf Camp
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Travel Documents
When travelling to France we advise adults, as well as children, to take a valid passport.

All of our camps are easily accessible by bus, train, car & flights. The bus goes along the coast and will stop near all our locations. If arriving by train you have the best option is to head to Bordeaux, same applies if you are flying. RyanAir & EasyJet both fly to Bordeaux as do plenty of other airlines, so finding a cheap flight through websites such as skyscanner is no problem at all.

If you plan to bring your pet on holiday, make sure our pet has all the necessary travel documents, including certification that it has been immunised, especially against rabies.


So that your Puresurfcamps trip to France is a total success, we have put together a small list of do’s and don’ts.


Definitely check out a small Boulangerie (Bakery), the smaller the better, to try some of the French pastries and croissants.

Get a good bottle of local wine with some grapes, cheese and crackers, and enjoy a relaxing sunset along one of the many beachfront promenades.

Take a trip to Hossegor and check out one of the many surf outlets there.

Go to Biarritz and check out the beautiful French architecture of the old beachside city.

You can also jump across the border into Spain and go to one of the European culture capitals of San Sebastian. Here you can go visit amazing tapas bars, explore the twisted and architecturally stunning alleyways, visit museums & art galleries, or party into the early morning at one of the many nightclubs.

Visit Dune de Pilat, a massive sand dune wedged between a pine tree forest and ocean.

Spend an afternoon in Rue de Lac, where you can go mountain biking through the mountains, take paddle or SUP tours along the rivers and lakes in the region or go hiking.


Don’t start fires down on the beach, and don’t freedom camp. The locals don’t appreciate it.

The French are a proud bunch, and sometimes get a little annoyed by having to speak English. If you can learn a couple of key phrases it will work wonders in warming the locals up.

Bikini and Boardshorts are perfect for the beach, not so much for cafés and bars however.

The French Atlantic Coast

Surfing along the French coast has developed into a vital part of the international surf scene over the last 60 years. The majority of all major surf labels have a European office along the French coast, and the pro tour makes a stop at least once a year. There are waves perfect for professionals who travel from around the world to surf the solid beach breaks, but also spots with ideal mellow waves for those who are looking to learn.

The majority of the coast consists of endless golden sand beaches dotted with the odd rock outcrop or breakwater that provides a selection of reef & pointbreaks for more advanced surfers. There are countless sand bars that are constantly shifting and creating new, and even more perfect surf spots along the beaches, which the team keep an eye on as to make sure you always get onto the best waves.

With the picturesque, yet very developed, French countryside right next to the surf you have an option for a surf trip for every type of traveller, for those looking for a luxurious apartment with lots of time spent exploring the surrounding wine region, to those looking to get as much surfing is as possible on a budget by staying in one of our camp grounds.

Pure Surfcamps Moliets learn how to surf
Pure Surfcamps Moliets Camp
Pure Surfcamps Moliets
the endless sandy beaches of France
come along, we'll teach you surfing

Learn to Surf in France

France, just like all our international surf camps, only hire the best surf coaches with not only plenty of experience and a fun attitude, but also the highest level of training and qualifications. We have years of experience along the French Atlantic, which means the guides and coaches know the coast like experienced locals. They will find the best waves for you and your skill level, and get you progressing quickly, while always keeping you smiling.

The price of our surf courses in France cost barely more than you could rent a surfboard and wetsuit for at most board rental stores, but you not only learn how to surf with professional coaches, but you also learn about the ocean theory including some basics on swell, tide and currents, as well as about being able to read conditions, picking the right waves & how to read weather reports.

the living room is surounded by nature
in Moliets you can surf all day long and sometimes score those kind of waves
after surf chill on the cozy terrace of the mobile homes
one of the communal areas of the 24+ surf camp
healthy, yummy food
Pure Surfcamp in Moliets
delicious breakfasst
cozy and right in the French pine forest
outside shower
Pure Surfcamp Moliets
the living room is surounded by nature

24+ Surf Camp Moliets

The 24+ surf camp Moliets is ideal for those who want a healthy holiday mix of surfing, fitness & yoga, good food and comfort. Of course,the opportunity to celebrate is not excluded! - At the bar, the beach promenade and our excursions.

bring me to the 24+ Surf Camp Moliets!

In the 24+ Surf Camp Moliets you can push your surf level perfectly in a 13 hour Medium course or the Deluxe surf course. The general video analysis shows exactly where you can improve - coaching at the highest level! We offer courses for beginners as well as advanced surfers.

Not only the surf lessons got a professional standard. For enhancement or variety a Functional Training is offered in our Outdoor Gym. Here you can playfully work with your own weight, medicine balls, Battleropes and much more on your fitness and core balance. The sports program is also complemented by varied yoga from Yin to Ashtanga. The pine forest around the river Courant d'Huchet is also ideal for jogging, cycling or for a SUP tour. 

Good food is a very important feature in the 24+ Surf Camp Moliets - a well-balanced breakfast, packed lunch and a varied evening meal is included in the price. Two of our culinary highlights are the Wine & Cheese Tasting and the Seafood BBQ! Of course there's always a vegetarian as well as a vegan meal available.
If you feel like celebrating, the promenade with it's restaurants and surf bars is the right place for you. In addition we also offer a trip to San Sebastián which is in the heart of the Basque Country where you can party like nowhere else in europe! Don't forget to have some healthy and super tasty tapas in between.
The 24+ Surf Camp Moliets is located very close to the campsite reception, which leads directly to the promenade.

Pure Surf Camp Biscarrosse France Family Lodges
Pure Surf Camp Biscarrosse France Family Pool
Pure Surf Camp Biscarrosse France Family Kids
Pure Surf Camp Biscarrosse France Family Fun
Pure Surf Camp Biscarrosse France Family Activities
our new camping lodges are only available in Biscarrosse

Family Surf Camp Biscarrosse

We are particularly proud of our new camping lodges in our Family Surf Camp Biscarrosse.  You'll live in a large tent with separate bedrooms so that parents can enjoy some togetherness on vacation. The new surf camp in Biscarrosse is located in the middle of an idyllic pine forest. The 10 residential units offer a family atmosphere for all relatives.

our Family is ready for Biscarrosse!

We work with top qualified surf instructors who will take care of you and your children during surf lessons. You can choose whether you want to surf with the whole family together or if the children should take the surf courses separately. In the cozy surf camp we have a kids playground with a lot of handicraft equipment, children's books and other toys for the little ones. In the community area, children as well as adults can exchange ideas. Come and spend the best time of your life together with the whole family.