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surfer in a wave in fuerteventura
Canaries, Morro JableSurf Camp Fuerte SouthSurfing, island feeling & action 1 week surf camp + Corona Travel Safe + breakfast + close to the beach from 239 €
surf villa fuerte
Canaries, La ParedSurf Villa FuerteWith sea views, pool & best waves 1 week surf camp + pool + garden + BBQ + whirlpool from 509€
Canary Islands, NorthSurf Camp TenerifeSurf the waves with pro surfers! 1 week surf camp + breakfast + Corona Travel Safe from 649€

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Surf Camp Canaries Information

landscape of fuerteventura
The Islands of Eternal Spring

Best travel time

The surf camps are located on three of the Canary Islands - Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Due to the consistently mild temperatures, these islands are a popular surfing destination all year round. Advanced surfers should come to one of our surf camps in the Canary Islands from October to March as these months have consistent surfing conditions.

Air & water temperature

Due to the mild climate, the temperature on the Canary Islands is never less than 15°C, even in winter. In the hot summer months it can get up to 28°C. In the months of July, August and September you often feel like you are in the tropics because of the high humidity.

In the Canary Islands, the sea is warmest in the winter months. In December the water temperature can reach up to 24°C.


Even in winter, a wetsuit with a thickness of 3/2 mm is sufficient. Between August and October you can even surf in board shorts or a neoprene shorty on the Canary Islands. It is best to wear booties on the reef breaks to protect yourself from the sharp volcanic rocks and sea urchins.


The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a real paradise: blue sea, white dunes - and only a four-hour flight from Germany! The islands are located in the middle of the Atlantic and not only enchant their visitors with an interesting and varied landscape, but also with consistently mild temperatures. The Canary Islands are also interesting because of their volcanic origin and the large number of plants. The endless sandy beaches, the turquoise waters and the wonderful weather are the main features of this surfing destination, which is often called "the Hawaii of Europe". The Canary Islands have this nickname because they have as much shoreline as the Hawaiian Islands. You'll find everything here - from perfect beach breaks and reefs to fast point breaks. And best of all: The Pure Surfcamps are open for you 365 days a year!

Among our worldwide surf camps, the Canary Islands are a perfect medium-haul destination for both summer and winter.

Surf lessons

Learn surfing in the Canary Islands

Surfing in the Canary Islands
Surfing in the Canary Islands

The selection of spots is simply huge. The Canary Islands offer the best conditions for learning to surf, whether for beginners or advanced surfers. You can surf the waves here all year round! On the Canary Islands you will find an infinite number of spots: the constant wind and the changing seabed constantly create a wide variety of waves, such as tubes, long, deep and shallow waves. The archipelago's geography means there are many beaches with offshore winds that are ideal for surfing. That is certainly the reason why the best surfers in the world are drawn to these shores - and not only when the annual world championships are held. Whether you want to start surfing or want to improve the technique of your favorite sport - you've come to the right place in the Canary Islands!


Surf Camp Fuerteventura South

Surfcamp Fuerteventura SUP and Snorkeling
Surfcamp Fuerteventura surf course
Surfcamp Fuerteventura The place Morro Jable
The terrace offers views of the sea and over the entire fishing village of Morro Jable
Surf camp Fuerteventura steep coast
Surf camp Fuerteventura Land Rover Dirt Road
Surf camp Fuerteventura Promenade Morro Jable
Dream terrace at surf camp fuerteventura overlooking the sea
Surfcamp Fuerteventura Load surfboards onto the off-road vehicle
Stand Up Paddle Boarding, snorkeling and sailing are perfect on Fuerte!

Have you always wanted to surf the perfect wave in the turquoise blue water and not have to travel far for it? Then you are in the right place at the Surf Camp Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands.

To the Surf Camp Fuerteventura South!

At Surf Camp Fuerteventura South you can choose between apartments, bungalows, studios and rooms (surf hostels), all of which are close to the beach and have a view of the sea. In the apartments, bungalows and studios of our surf camp Fuerteventura you have your own kitchen with fridge and stovetop and can easily take care of yourself.

Optionally, if you stay in the self-catering accommodation (surf hostel, bungalows), you can also opt for breakfast, which consists of muesli, fruit, baguette, ham and cheese platters, coffee or tea.

In the evening after surfing you can strengthen yourself in the nearby restaurants or together with our Puresurfcamps team in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our surf school is right next to our accommodation. Here you can choose between a basic or advanced surf course, which is held in small groups. You will receive the wetsuit and the surfboard from us and can start surfing on Fuerteventura without stress. Our highly trained surf instructors take you to the best surf spots, adapted to your surfing level, and help you with tips and tricks. In the surf camp Fuerteventura you can also take part in surf guiding, where you go down individual surf spots with the surf guides to find the perfect wave. But you can not only surf here, but also pursue other water sports activities such as windsurfing, snorkeling, SUP, jet skiing, deep sea fishing, etc. We also offer yoga, because surfing and yoga have a lot in common. You strengthen your balance, endurance and strength.


Surf Villa Fuerte

surf villa fuerte with pool
Canarian rock garden and yoga terrace in surf villa fuerte
surfing fuerteventura
With wind-protected pool

The Surf Villa Fuerte with several apartments and studios very close to the beach!

To the Surf Villa Fuerte!

The top surf spot La Pared is only 500m away and the villa attracts with sea views, pool, jacuzzi, sauna, yoga terrace and architectural gimmicks.

For the surf courses you will be picked up directly at the villa and if you haven't had enough after the course, you can continue to use the material and continue surfing at the home surf spot. Here you can expect a lot of comfort and beautiful panoramic views of the Atlantic and the Canary volcanic landscape.


Surf Camp Tenerife

surf camp tenerife
Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life

The best waves, breathtaking nature and great weather, you will find all of this with us at Surf Camp Tenerife.

To the Surf Camp Tenerife!

Here you can choose a single, double or bunk room in a residential building. By the way, this house belongs to the pro surfer Alex Zirke and it can happen that you have breakfast together with other pro surfers. You can also move to the apartment, which has its own pool with a sea view.

You can enjoy your time here and relax from the hustle and bustle of home. Everyone knows that the one important meal before surfing is breakfast, which is why surf camp Tenerife places special emphasis on it.

Our team (the Zirke family) will provide you with muesli, yoghurt, sausage, cheese and fresh fruit, bread and coffee, tea and everything a surfer's heart desires. The apartment is of course equipped with its own kitchen so that you can prepare your own meals. If you still prefer to go out to eat in the evening, you can go to the nearby restaurants and let yourself be spoiled with traditional dishes there. At Surfcamp Tenerife you can choose between two surf courses that differ in terms of duration. Both courses are taught by highly trained surf instructors in German, English or Spanish and are divided into a large practical and a slightly smaller theoretical part. Our surf guides know Tenerife very well and will always find a suitable surf spot for you. Tenerife is not only great for surfing, but also for hiking due to the Anaga mountains. There is also a newly created skate park with a quarter pipe, ledges and bowl right on the island.


Surf Camp Gran Canaria

Surf camp Gran Canaria coast town by the sea
Surfcamp Gran Canaria Surf course
Surf camp Gran Canaria coast
Surfcam Gran Canaria surf course
Surf cam Gran Canaria coast city
Surf cam Gran Canaria sunset
The city by the sea

Riding the waves from sunrise to sunset is every surfer's dream.

To the Surf Camp Gran Canaria!

A dream that can come true on Gran Canaria. On Gran Canaria you have the waves on your doorstep. The Surf Camp Gran Canaria welcomes you with a surf spot directly in front of the camp, with a water temperature of approx. 25°C even in winter, nice weather and right on the beach. The well-kept complex with pool, beach bar and sea views is located near the capital Las Palmas.

At Surf Camp Gran Canaria you have the option of sleeping in shared or single rooms or in an apartment. You have a sea view from your room and can already check out the waves in the morning.

In the cozy kitchen of our surf camp Gran Canaria you can cater for yourself and have breakfast together with the other surfers. In the evening you can end your surfing day with a Cerveza in the nearby bars and restaurants. Surfcamp Gran Canaria gives you the option to choose between a beginner and advanced course. No matter which surf course you choose, you will be taught by highly trained surf instructors according to methodically structured learning concepts. Surfboard and wetsuit are of course included in the course. Alternatively, you can take part in surf guiding, where an individual surf spot program will be put together for you. Thanks to our surf guides' many years of experience, they know exactly where to go to catch the best waves. They will help you with tips and take you to the next surfing level. If you still have excess energy after surfing, you can get rid of it with countless leisure activities on Gran Canaria. For example, you can explore the island while hiking or mountain biking, but also windsurfing or kitesurfing.


Surf Camp Fuerteventura

The lodge's kitchen
Hike on the volcano behind the house.
The property from above.
Endless surf spots await you.
Evening light on the Calderon Hondo.
The large eat-in kitchen.

Live in a modern house in a prime location right on the "North Shore" of Fuerteventura. The Surf Camp Fuerteventura offers a lot of comfort, the best waves, breathtaking nature from volcanic landscapes and great weather all year round!

To the Surf Camp Fuerteventura!

The Surf Camp is located in the middle of the hip surfing town of Larares. Choose between the different room sizes and feel like home. Breakfast is included daily and there is a balanced dinner on five evenings. An extensive barbecue is also part of it! The beautiful house has its own pool surrounded by a typical Canarian garden. Here you can enjoy your vacation time and relax perfectly from the hustle and bustle of home.

Everyone knows that the one important meal before surfing is breakfast, which is why the Surf Camp Fuerteventura places special emphasis on it. Our team will provide you with cereals, yoghurt, sausage, cheese, fresh fruit, bread, coffee, tea and everything a surfer's heart desires.

If you would like to go out in addition to the five included dinners, then the nearby restaurants, bistros and cafés in the lively district of Lajares really offer you everything that satisfies your taste buds! From traditional Canarian dishes to multicultural snacks. In the Surf Lodge Fuerteventura you can choose between two surf courses that differ in terms of the total amount of surf lessons. Both courses are taught by highly trained surf instructors in English or Spanish and are divided into a large practical and a slightly smaller theoretical part. Our surf guides are very familiar with Fuerteventura and will always find a suitable surf spot for you. The island is not only ideal for surfing, but also for hiking due to the Calderon Hondo volcano. This is located right next to the lodge and is within walking distance. In addition, the entire island is ideal for running, cycling, sailing trips, stand up paddle boarding, diving and strolling through beautiful little villages and their old towns. Everyone really gets their money's worth here.