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coast in bali
surfer in bali
Breathtaking coasts, cliffs and reefs are waiting for you

Best travel time

The best travel time for Indonesia is from May to September, then it is dry season almost everywhere. However, Indonesia is suitable for surfing all year round. Even in the rainy season, individual showers alternate with hours of sunshine. So you always get too much sun, warm temperatures and super pleasant, bathtub-warm water. The early morning surf session is also great fun!

Air & water temperature

Indonesia's climate is characterized by the monsoon and the country is predominantly tropical. Average annual temperatures are an even 27°C. Temperatures on the coast range from 24°C to 35°C. The water temperature is relatively constant around 28°C. In Indonesia there is a humidity of about 80% all year round. That sounds like a lot at first. But you get used to it relatively quickly and the warm air and water temperatures make up for it, making every surf session a pleasure.


Warm water and consistently good waves invite you to surf in the warmth all year round. You don't need a neoprene here, although out of respect for the locals it would be good to wear lycra and board shorts instead of just a bikini.

Travel Information

Indonesia's pearl Bali

Selamat datang in Indonesia or a warm welcome to one of the most diverse countries in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is without question one of the best surfing regions in the world and has been a top address for high-quality accommodation and waves for years.

A huge selection of different breaks offers perfect conditions for surfers of all levels. Whether boiling party miles in Kuta/Bali or relaxed solitude in the jungle, everyone will find their perfect surf trip here.

With 17,508 islands, Indonesia is the world's largest island nation and one of the largest and most biodiverse rainforest areas in the world. In addition to countless surfing opportunities, volcanoes invite you to go on adventurous trekking tours, breathtaking underwater worlds to snorkel and dive, and white sandy beaches to relax.

Temperatures average between 25°C and 27°C, with a dry climate with little rain from June to September and the rainy season from December to March - which doesn't stand in the way of an unforgettable surf trip.

Hospitality is very important in Indonesia and the Indonesians' joie de vivre is unique and contagious. The cultures, religions and traditions are as diverse as the country. While Indonesia is predominantly Muslim, Hinduism predominates in Bali. A visit to one of the numerous temples is a must, as is hiking past picturesque rice terraces.

The culinary highlights include the traditional rice dish Nasi Goreng, as well as fresh fish and a variety of exotic fruits. Whether city life with restaurants, cheap shopping and vibrant nightlife, or just relaxing solitude between beach and jungle - Indonesia has something to offer for every taste, enchants its visitors every time and is a top destination among our worldwide surf camps.

Surf Lessons

Learn to surf in Indonesia

surfer in bali
Learn to surf in Indonesia
Perfect barrels in Bali
Surf pros meet at legendary spots like Uluwatu

Surf lessons

Although Indonesia is famous for its perfect reef breaks, there are also plenty of opportunities for beginners to learn to surf on safe beach breaks. In the surf camps on site, you can learn to surf quickly and safely with the help of local instructors.

Surf guiding

Surf guiding is offered in Indonesia by each of the mediated surf camps and is a good opportunity to quickly find the right wave, depending on the conditions. The surf guides are mostly locals - thus experienced and local surfers. Depending on your skill level, the guide will take you to the spot where you will have the most fun. Bali is definitely one of the best destinations for surfing in Asia and the island is also unbeatable in terms of landscape and culture!


Surf Camp Bali / Padang

surf camp bali padang with pool from above
The Surf Camp Bali / Padang with the home break Padang Padang coming up

At the Surf Camp Bali in Padang, world-class spots await you in the immediate vicinity. The small surf camp is located on the southern peninsula of Bukit and boasts the "homebreak" Padang Padang, one of the most famous spots on the island.

To the Surf Camp!

In addition, hammer spots such as Uluwatu, Bingin and Impossibles are just a few kilometers away and are guaranteed to make your surfer's heart beat faster. The surf spots in the area are particularly suitable for intermediate and more experienced surfers, but you can also get your money's worth here as a beginner. Our surf guides are guaranteed to bring you to the best spots for your skills and preferences. With twelve surf sessions per week, you can make rapid progress and surf the waves that are most suitable for you.

A cozy atmosphere and stylish Bali flair await you in the camp. The bungalows are traditionally Balinese built with thatched roofs, wood, bamboo and natural stone. All rooms are lovingly furnished; Air conditioning, mosquito nets and TV/DVD are standard. In the main house there is a cozy chill-out lounge, pool table and dining area. The complex is embedded in a tropical garden, of course with a pool, and to make the chilled atmosphere perfect, hammocks and a yoga house await you. Your physical well-being is of course taken care of. Breakfast and varied community dinners are included in Surfcamp Bali. There is also a small camp supermarket where you can buy snacks and drinks. And just a few minutes' walk away you will find small food stalls with super delicious Indonesian delicacies, cafes and restaurants. If you feel like surfing in one of the best surfing regions in the world and a chilled surf camp atmosphere, then send us your non-binding inquiry right away. We look forward to you!


Surf Camp Bali / Bukit

surf camp bukit with pool
The Surf Camp Bukit - stylish and comfortable

The Surf Camp Bali / Bukit on the southern peninsula of Bali is new for you in the program. Away from the hustle and bustle in Kuta, the surf camp is embedded in the cliffs directly on the south coast with breathtaking sea views. Surrounded by top spots such as Uluwatu, Bingin, Impossibles and the home spot Bukit, the surf camp makes every surfer's heart beat faster.

To the Surf Camp!

With surf guiding included, you can surf and get to know new spots every day. Depending on the conditions, the experienced guides will take you to the best waves. So you get your money's worth as an intermediate and advanced surfer. And for beginners there are top surf courses where you can learn to surf your first waves quickly and easily.

There is also something for every taste when it comes to accommodation. From shared rooms to chilled-out bungalows for two to penthouse suites, there is something for every budget and every preference. Of course, the beautiful pool, sun terrace, lounge and restaurant are available to all guests. The price includes daily breakfast and dinner five times a week. The chefs serve delicious local and international dishes and of course there are options for vegetarians. In addition to surfing, there are many other leisure activities. Exploring the underwater world while diving, going on excursions into nature to rice terraces and waterfalls, tracking down Bali's culture in the Hindu temples - these are just a few of the possible program items on your Bali surfing holiday.


Indonesia's Surfing Regions

There are many places to surf in Indonesia. In Bali, surfing is best in the south at the surf spots of the Bukit Peninsula and on the extensive beaches between Canggu, Seminyak and Kuta.

Around Kuta, the surf scene meets on the neighboring island of Lombok. In a multi-week surf holiday, Bali and Lombok can also be combined very well.

Discover the best surf spots in Bali
Discover the best surf spots in Bali

Around Canggu there is a huge number of surf spots for all levels. Berava is a nice and well signposted break for advanced surfers. Even if it doesn't appear from the outside, this is a reef break.

From the beach perspective, a good 200 m further to the left is the Legong spot, which is significantly more powerful and faster than Berava.

Batu Bolong is an extremely popular beginner spot in Canggu. At the reef break there is a lot of sand on the bottom and there are only a few stones in the water. Just a few meters from Batu Bolong you will find another good surf spot, Old Man's, which is particularly suitable for surfing beginners. The wide channel gets you comfortably into the line-up without encountering breaking waves.

Lefthander Echo Beach runs over a reef between Old Man's and Beach Break Sandbar. If the conditions are right, beautiful barrels run here.

The Bukit Peninsula is located in the south of Bali and is basically the origin of Balinese surf tourism. It is home to beautiful beaches and numerous world-class spots such as Uluwatu, Padang Padang or Dreamland. This is also where some of the world's best surfers hang around.

Uluwatu, for example, is an absolute Bali classic with almost no upper swell limit. The wave is very powerful and when it gets bigger it is only suitable for experienced surfers. Even if you are not yet at the right surfing level, a detour to the peninsula is definitely worth it - the waves, the cafes and the people are an experience, even if you don't paddle into the line up yourself.

Kuta Beach is the perfect beginner spot. The surf spot is a beach break, the sandy bottom and the gentle waves are perfect for learning to surf. The kilometer-long sandy beach that stretches along the west coast from Kuta is dotted with numerous peaks, of which Padma in Legian is one of the most famous.

KuDeTa is a reef break on Seminyak Beach. There is a left and a right hander here, both of which are also suitable for intermediates.


Questions and answers about our Surf Camps in Indonesia

What makes surfing in Indonesia so special?

Surfing without neoprene and in front of a tropical backdrop: Indonesia is a hot spot on the international surfing map. But what exactly makes a surf holiday in Indonesia so special? What sets Indonesia apart from other surf destinations? Here’s why you should book a surf holiday in Indonesia:

  • The backdrop: Bali and Lombok offer countless postcard motifs with white sand, turquoise water and huge palm trees.
  • The Surf Spots: Bali owes its reputation as a world-class surfing region to the surf spots on the Bukit Peninsula in the south and on the beaches between Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu. Around Kuta, the surf scene meets on the neighboring island of Lombok.
  • The Surf: Extremely consistent waves, surf spots for every level and year-round surfing at water temperatures of around 27 degrees!
  • The waves: Unique waves for beginners, intermediates and experienced surfers break off the volcanic islands of Indonesia thanks to the constant storms generated by the so-called Roaring Forties.
  • The accommodations: solo surfing holiday, backpacker trip or adventurous surfing road trip? Bali and Lombok are first-class surfing destinations and offer the right surf camp for every type of holiday.
  • The landscape: From lush green rice terraces to Hindu temples to fine sandy beaches and exotic jungle - you get the full variety on Bali and Lombok!
  • The climate: Indonesia's climate is predominantly tropical and is characterized by the monsoon. The average annual temperature is 27 degrees, on the coast between 24 and 35 degrees.
  • The food: Nasi Goreng, Tempeh and Gado Gado: On Bali and Lombok you will be provided with Indonesian delicacies and refreshing Bintang beer - in the countless street food stalls, in small restaurants or at the popular night markets.
  • The alternatives: Whether it's a boiling party mile or relaxed solitude in the jungle, everyone will find the right program here outside of the water. In addition to countless surfing opportunities, volcanoes invite you to go on adventurous trekking tours, breathtaking underwater worlds to snorkel and dive and wide sandy beaches to relax.

Which surf camp in Indonesia is the best one for me?

You are spoiled for choice! In Indonesia you will find the right surf camp for every taste. Whether classic surf camp with relaxed camping vibes, comfortable surf house with pool or luxury surf lodge. Depending on budget, travel style and needs, there is the ideal accommodation for every type of traveler.

To make your decision-making process a little easier, you can first answer the following questions. Would you like to travel cheaply and watch your wallet? Is sophisticated accommodation with the highest standards of comfort important to you? Is sport, a healthy lifestyle and yoga in the foreground? With this overview, the decision might be a little easier:

Surf camps for budget travelers

Even for a small budget there are beautiful accommodations in Bali - without sacrificing comfort. In this surf camp you live directly on the beach or near the beach, you can hang out at the pool after the surf session and you get a fantastic holiday in paradise at the best price-performance ratio.

For which surfing level is Indonesia the right travel destination?

Famous for its perfect reef breaks, Indonesia is a dream for intermediate and advanced surfers. The long stretches of coast also offer many opportunities for beginners to learn to surf on safe beach breaks. In your local surf camp you will learn to surf quickly and safely with the help of local instructors!

Surfers in the water in bali
Learn to surf in Indonesia

In your surf camp in Indonesia you can take a surf course that is suitable for complete beginners or for advanced surfers. Depending on your surfing level, the licensed surfing instructors will put you in the right course for you.

If you have already gained some experience but are still unsure or have never stood on a surfboard, then a beginner's course is perfect for you. If you want to surf your first green wave and improve your technique, local surf instructors will help you in the advanced surf course.

Choose between different courses according to your needs, let your surf instructors advise you on which course is right for you and learn to surf in Indonesia!

What should I pack for my surf vacation in Indonesia?

  • Bikinis / one-piece or board shorts
  • rashguard
  • reef booties
  • surf board
  • Boardbag / Boardsock
  • Grip Pad ​
  • Leash​
  • fin set ​
  • fin key
  • Replacement screws for fins
  • surf wax ​
  • wax comb ​
  • repair kit
  • thing tape​
  • surf clock
  • ear plugs