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Bali Indonesia cliff coast
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The breathtaking costal cliffs of Bali

Best time to travel
The best time to travel to Indonesia is in the dry season from May to September. The surf conditions are consistent throughout the year, even during the monsoon season. If you do decide to travel to Indonesia during the monsoon, it’s not as if it rains all day, its more that there are heavy showers, with plenty of sunshine in-between. The air and water temperature is tropically warm all year, making that early morning surf session that much more enjoyable.

Air & Water Temperature
Indonesia’s climate has the dry and monsoon season but the temperature doesn’t shift too much. The average air temperature is around 27°C, around the coast it drops to around 24°C in the evenings and up to 35°C during the day. The water temperature is steady at 28°C all year, some shallow beaches may be a little warmer and in the open ocean it may be a touch colder. The humidity is consistently around the 80% mark. All this seems quite extreme and almost uncomfortable, but you get used to it quickly and the surf sessions can last hours until your arms need a break.

Constant surf, warm weather and sunshine does not sound like the sort of conditions you need a wetsuit for. A good pair of boardshorts, or bikini, a rash vest or t-shirt to keep the sun at bay, and some good sun block.

Surf Spots

Super nice reef break where you can go both left and right. This spot works all year but in the dry season its best to get there early as the onshore picks up around midday and makes the waves a little less perfect. This wave breaks best when the wind is from the northeast, in between mid and high tide. Surf House Bali / Canguu is right on the beach here at a wave named “Old Man’s.”

Kuta Beach
This picturesque beach break is mellow and perfect for beginners. You’ll find both lefts and rights along the bay and plenty of space for everyone. From the Seminyak and Deluxe Surf Camps it’s only a short walk to this beach.

The left-hand point break works all year, especially if you get there early. When the swell is from the south and under 6 ft. check it out. Its best you’re a little more experienced in the water if you want to tackle this break.

Padang Padang
This extremely fast and hollow left-hand reef break is definitely only for advanced surfers. Work best during the dry season and when the swell is over 5 ft. Surf Camp Padang is within walking distance from this wave.

This is an ideal surf spot for every level of surfer. At this reef break you can go both left & right, and it works best in the dry season when the swell is between 4 and 6 ft.

A world famous left-hand reef break for intermediate surfers. Works best during the dry season with a south swell. It can handle any swell size from 3 to 10+ ft.

Travel Info

Bali temple
Bali Culture
Bali, Island of the Gods

The destination airport for anyone staying at Surf Resort Mentawai is in Padang (PDG) on Sumatra. For all other camps’ its Denpasar (DPS). Etihad lands regularly at both and surfboards are no extra charge, as long as your total baggage weight is under 23 kg and the board is under 3 meters.

Plenty of other airlines fly to Indonesia including KLM, who don’t charge any extra for your board as long as you book it on, and it is less than 3 meters and weighs less than 23 kg. Emirates can also take you to Indonesia and also have no additional fees for your surfboard.

If you choose to take a cheaper provider like Air China or Turkish Airlines you should leave your board at home because any money you save on the ticket you’re going to spend getting your board on. Depending on the size and weight of your board it could cost 800 USD on Air China.

To be allowed into Indonesia you need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival, this includes children. Once you land you will be granted a “Visa on Arrival” for a maximum of 30 days, which costs 25 €. You must have a return ticket upon landing if you don’t want to organise a longer Visa before arriving.

The currency in Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

Before travelling to Indonesia, it is advised to have your tetanus & polio vaccinations up to date. Diphtheria and Hepatitis A vaccinations are also recommended.

If you’re planning a longer stay, of 4 weeks or more, the UK government health board recommends getting vaccinated against Rabies, Hepatitis A, Japanese encephalitis, Dengue Fever and Typhus. The Zika Virus has also been found in Indonesia but is not prevalent. For any extra travel advice click here.


So that you’re trip to Indonesia through Pure Surf Camps is a total success, we’ve put together a few tips.


Indonesia offers plenty more activities apart from surfing. These include Yoga, Stand Up Paddleboarding, White-Water-Rafting and Off-Road Motorbike Tours. There’s something for every person and every budget. Another great morning trip is a hike up the Batur Volcano to watch the sunrise.

Uluwatu Temple is a great destination if you want to experience a little Indonesian culture, as is the Monkey Forest and the town of Ubud. In Ubud you can also shop, eat and explore the sights.

If you want to do a little partying on your trip, Indonesia is the spot for you. The bars & nightclubs in Kuta are world famous. But a local tip is to go to the “Single Fin Bar” in Uluwatu on top of the cliff. Here you can enjoy a cocktail or beer and watch the world’s best surfers demolish the waves below. Once you’ve watched the sunset the bar livens up and the dance floor starts to fill.

If you’re looking for day trip opportunities the islands around Indonesia have plenty to offer. At Nusa Lembongan you have the option of snorkelling and seeing the amazing underwater world of Indonesia. A trip to the tropical Gili Islands or Lombock is also a great day trip and they can be reached in only a few hours with the ferry or speedboat. If you’re lucky you’ll see a pod of dolphins on the journey.

A few tips for your stay. Always greet people with your right hand. If locals invite you somewhere, always show up a little bit late, and if you visit a temple, cover yourself and take of your shoes.


The majority of Indonesians are Hindu, with the other main religion being Muslim. Either way, respect the locals. The beachside surf towns are a little more chilled, but if you’re exploring make sure you wear respectable clothing, even out in the water, or on the beach its best to be respectful in terms of how much skin you show.

Drugs are a big no-no in Indonesia. The smallest amount will get you 20 years, and can go all the way to the death penalty.

You eat with your right hand, so, if you’re left-handed and out with locals, make sure you keep this in mind. If you’re eating with chopsticks, avoid sticking them horizontally into something like the rice dish. This is a vivid reminder of a local burial ceremony.

The head is a sacred body part for the locals, so don’t pat cute kids on the head or scruff up peoples’ hair. If you’re sitting down, don’t point the soles of your feet at others, and if you happen to stand on somebodies’ foot, make sure to apologise.

Bali – The pearl of Indonesia

Bali, and Indonesia as a whole, are known internationally as a mecca for surfing. It all started in the late 70’s and has progressed exponentially. Through Pure Surf Camps you can find the best accommodation, in the top towns, with the best waves.

In Indonesia you’ll get amazing waves, but also the chance to experience so much more. You have an amazing rainforest with some of the most varied plants and animals you’re likely to find in any jungle in the world. You can party like there’s no tomorrow at places like Kutas’ party mile. You can explore the islands, there are 17, 508 of them, or check out ancient temples, sightsee, go shopping and even climb volcanoes. Regardless of where you stay, the teams at every surf camp can help you find the perfect activities for you after your surf sessions.

You can go to Indonesia any time of year to surf, but if you want more stable and dryer weather its best to go in the dry season between May and September. The temperatures average 27°C throughout the year and rarely drop below 24°C. The water is a consistent 27-28°C.

The locals are super friendly, and their positivity is infectious. Taking trips to ancient Hindu temples or rice fields are not only amazing because of the scenery but also the locals you’ll meet along the way. The local food is also something that has to be tried. Meals like Nasi Goreng are a delicious staple of the diet as well as an abundant supply of freshly caught fish, and tropical fruit.

Indonesia has something for every surfer. Whether you want to spend your time out of the water partying with thousands of other travellers, exploring the sights, or sitting peacefully in a quiet area somewhere between the ocean and the jungle, Indonesia has the spot for you.

cutback surf with tattoo
surfer girl getting barrelled
Indonesia is world renowned for its amazing waves

Learn to surf in Indonesia

Indonesia might be famous for its epic reef and point breaks. But there are also countless possibilities for beginners to learn the basic here as well. The local teams know all the spots and will find you waves that are perfect for your skill level.

Surf Guiding
Every location that Pure Surf Camp mediates offers Surf Guiding. This ensures you don’t waste precious holiday time finding the right surf spot, figuring out what conditions you need, and when you finally find the right spot, the best place to get out and take-of. With Surf Guiding, a local surfer will chat with you about what waves you’re looking for, then check the conditions, and find the fitting spot.

Surf Camps - Indonesia

Girls poolside in Bali Topical garden
Bali sunset Pure Surf Camp
Natural stone pool and plenty of space to relax

Surf House Bali / Canggu

The Surf House in Canguu is modern, yet incorporates that indo style into the camp to make your stay comfortable and relaxing with a chilled, surfer atmosphere. The Surf House is at Canguu Beach with a wave called “Old Man’s” directly out front. In the direct vicinity of the camp you have more beach breaks, as well as reef and point breaks so every skill level is catered for.

Check out Canggu!

There is a natural stone pool at the centre of the camp that’s surrounded by tropical plants as well as plenty of places to chill in the shade, or soak up the sun, all to make your time spent at camp peaceful, comfortable and a lot of fun.

In the central area where the pool is you also have the restaurant. Breakfast, coffee, tea and smoothies are all included and breakfast is served well into the day, just in case you want to surf before. You also have the option of getting a 2-course dinner every night that’s prepared fresh and always uses seasonal, local products.

The area around the camp is peaceful and quiet, but only 10km away you have the party hub of Kuta. If you want to go out and eat there are plenty of restaurants in the area where for 2 or 3 € you’ll get a great local meal. Surf House Canguu is made up of 2 Deluxe Villas, 2 Deluxe Suites, Deluxe Double Rooms and Standard Double Rooms. There is also a Surf Lodge 200 meters away where you have the Dorm Room.

All the rooms are modern, furnished with designer furniture and each room has a touch of Indonesian flair. If you stay on the top floor in the double rooms you’ll be able to see the ocean from your window, and if you’re staying on the lower floors in the deluxe rooms and suites you have things like a private tropical garden and modern open plan rooms to look forward too as well as air-con, free toiletries and fresh towels. If you’re looking for an extra luxurious holiday you can’t go past the suites. Here you’ll also get a free massage, DVD player in your room and a deluxe breakfast. Surf House Canguu combines luxury & great waves to ensure a perfect holiday.

Surf Camp Seminyak Pure Surf Camp Pool
Surf camp mixes surf, chill & party perfectly

Surf Camp Bali / Seminyak

At Surf Camp Seminyak you have the perfect mix of surf, chill and party. Located just 3 km from the tourist, and party centre of Kuta, means you have countless shops, restaurants, bars and cafes within walking distance.

Check out Seminyak

At the 6km long Kuta beach you can find great waves to learn so your surfing will improve quickly, and before you know it, you’ll be advancing to bigger, and better waves up the beach. For more advanced surfers there is the option of joining the Surf Guiding. Every night you sign up to skill level you think you’re at, and in the morning the team will take you and the group you joined to a spot that will suit your abilities.

The Surf Guiding also includes transfers to the waves, an introduction to the break and video analysis to advance your surfing quickly.

Back at camp you can relax around the pool where you’ll find plenty of places to chill both in the sun, and shade, or even in the Jacuzzi. You can also move indoors and turn on the a/c in the rooms that meet all the highest western standards. Regardless of which room you choose you’ll quickly let go of the stress of your normal life back home, and get into the swing of island life.

The camp offers Deluxe and Standard Double Rooms, Triple Rooms and 4-Person Rooms. The Deluxe rooms have an open plan layout, private bathrooms, air-con, a small tropical garden and a TV with a selection of DVD’s. The standard rooms also have private bathroom and the 3 and 4-person rooms have a small lounge, kitchenette and small garden.

Surf Camp Seminyak can give you the holiday you want. You can find a quiet spot, eat great food and relax, or hang around the central pool area in the evenings and enjoy the company of other guests while swapping some surf stories with a cold drink. You can also take it a step further and move the party to the party mile in Kuta and come back sometime in the morning. Regardless of how you spend your time, Indonesia will provide great surf, great weather and the option of checking out hundreds of sights.

Deluxe Surf Camp Seminyak
Catch great waves all day, and spend evenings in luxury

Surf Camp Bali Deluxe / Seminyak

You want your Indonesian surf trip to be a little more luxurious but don’t want to miss out on that chilled surf atmosphere, then Surf Camp Deluxe Seminyak is the destination for you.

Go to Seminyak Deluxe!

The boutique accommodation is well designed and furnished. The 3 individual apartments all have a private lounge with a TV, dining table and kitchen, as well as king size beds throughout. All the apartments are also air conditioned. In the private outdoor areas you have a small pool, sun chairs, a terrace and outdoor shower.

You’ll be blown away by the attention to detail that will meet you when you enter any of the apartments. The way they are designed makes them look stunning and luxurious, but not in a sterile and uncomfortable way. You’ll find details like huge windows, a rooftop terrace, outdoor sofa and an amazing sound system that set this location apart from the rest.

If you choose the deluxe option you’ll be supplied with your own driver and butler service. A huge breakfast buffet that includes bread, croissants, exotic fruit and delicious smoothies is always included. For the other meals in the day you can either use the kitchen, or head to one of the many amazing restaurants in the neighbouring “Oberoi.”

The last piece of the puzzle to making the perfect surf trip is the great waves, which you will definitely get when you travel to Indonesia. Surf Guiding is included in the cost, and the crew will take into account the season, swell, wind, tide and your skill level to get the perfect waves for you. Best bet is to book your luxury Bali surf trip now.

Pool at Surf Camp Padang
Great location surrounded by Bali's best surf spots

Surf Camp Bali / Padang

The small Surf Camp Padang is located on the Bukit peninsula and only a few minutes away from the world-famous left-hander of Padang Padang.

Check out Padang!

You also have world class surf spots like Uluwatu, Bingin and Impossibles nearby that’s bound to get every experienced surfer stoked. These spots cater more towards the advanced surfer but if you are just learning you can also choose to stay here and make the short trip to one of the beach breaks nearby to catch mellow waves, all while taking advantage of the qualified and experienced coaches and their advice & tips. The crew offer 12 surf sessions a week so regardless of how good you are, you will be a lot better after by the time your holiday comes to an end.

At the Pagang Surf Camp you have a relaxed, social vibe and authentic Balinese style. All the rooms are lovingly furnished and mosquito nets, TV and fans come standard. Some rooms also have air-conditioning. There are bungalows and a main house on the property. The bungalows are made traditionally out of natural stone, bamboo, wood with a straw roof. The main house is where you have the other rooms, a communal chill out area, pool table, a small onsite convenience store, and the dining area. Out in the garden you have a yoga space, pool and hammocks, all of which are perfect for recovering after hours spent surfing perfect waves every day.

The team provides a delicious, healthy and varied daily breakfast that you can either eat before or after your morning surf. For dinner, you have great local and international restaurants nearby as well as cafes and street food stalls that are all extremely affordable.

Surf Camp Padang has a great surf atmosphere and gets you to the best waves in Bali. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro, or catching your first waves, the team will find you the right spot and you will have a great time.

Bungalow on Mentawai Islands
Perfect waves, relaxed vibe, island holiday

Surf Resort Mentawai

This surf resort on the Mentawai’s gives you the chance to explore empty waves and an untouched landscape. The waves are picture perfect and when combined with the amazing scenery and interesting local culture you have a perfect surf trip.

Go to Surf Mentawai!

The surf conditions are good to epic all year long and nearby spots like Lances Left, HT’s and Bintags attract surfers from around the world. Directly in front of your Bungalow door you also have the beach break that is perfect for people just starting out.

This is not just a destination for great surf though, at Surf Resort Mentawai you also get to experience the beautiful natural surroundings, enjoy the pure relaxation only island life can provide, and immerse yourself in the Mentawai culture. The bungalows are located 20 meters away from the sand and look out over the ocean towards Lances Left. All the huts incorporate traditional Indonesian building methods by using lots of wood and bamboo but all have a modern twist. Surrounding the camp you have a natural rain forest where you can see things like flying squirrels and sea eagles, and when you’re not out surfing in the water you can explore the stunning coral reefs that are full of life.

At Surf Resort Mentawai you can choose between a Private or Shared Bungalow. 3 meals a day are included in with your accommodation as is use of the communal areas. To get to the best waves the team also has a speedboat to get to those hard to reach places in no time at all.

This is the perfect island getaway if the focus of your trip is to get away, relax, enjoy quiet island life immersed in nature, all wile catching epic, uncrowded waves.

Surf Camp Bukit
Surf Camp Bukit is comfortable, modern & has a super friendly team

Surf Camp Bali / Bukit

On the southern peninsula of Bali you will find Surf Camp Bukit. The camp is located a small distance away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta and sits atop the cliff overlooking the ocean. The view is breath taking and the surf spots nearby are world class. Breaks like Uluwatu, Impossibles and Padang Padang for confident surfers are only a short trip away. For beginners you also have plenty of mellow waves to choose from scattered all over the small peninsula.

Check out Bukit!

Surf Guiding is included for all advanced surfers meaning that stress of finding the right spot every morning is taken care of. All you have to do is wake up, and surf. For beginners, you have surf courses where the team will find the perfect mellow waves for learning on.

Regardless of your skill level, the crew at Surf Camp Bukit and the epic Indonesian surf will improve your surfing massively during your stay.

Not only does Surf Camp Bukit cater for everyone in the water, they cater for everybody on land as well. They offer modern and comfortable Dorm Rooms, chilled Bungalows for 2, or even the slick Penthouse Suite, depending on your budget and what sort of holiday you want. There’s a dining area, pool, and outdoor terraced area to make use of in between surf sessions or in the evening.

Breakfast and dinner are included and the onsite chef always creates amazing dishes with a varying menu. Every taste is catered for and the portions are huge so you will definitely get the energy you need to recharge after the hours you spend in the water.

Alongside the great accommodation, great waves and amazing food you also have a huge selection of activities you can take part in that include diving, day trips inland to the rice fields and waterfalls and trips to ancient Hindu temples where you not only check out the scenery but also experience the Balinese culture. Regardless of your skill level in the surf, and what sort of holiday you want, at Surf Camp Bukit you will make memories that will last a lifetime for all the right reasons.