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Pure surf camp Morocco
Pure surf camp Morocco
Pure surf camp Morocco
Pure surf camp Morocco

Best time to travel
You’ll find the best surf conditions in the European winter, from the end of September to the start of April. This doesn’t mean that there are no waves in summer however, you can travel here any time of year and find surf. The Climate is very comfortable and mild with a little over 300 days of sunshine per year on average around the Agadir region where our camps are located.

Air and Water Temperature

The temperatures along the coast are regulated by the breeze coming of ocean in the afternoons meaning even in the height of summer the average temperature is a warm but comfortable 26°C. In winter, the day time temperature hovers around 18°C and at night it can drop to as low as 10°C.

There is a minimal amount of rain in Morocco, with the most rainfall coming down in December. Even then the rain is very sporadic and localised so it won’t interrupt your holiday. The water temperature reaches 22°C towards the end of summer and drops to 16°C by the end of winter.

In winter, you definitely need a wetsuit. A 3/2mm will suffice, but if you want to be a little warmer out in the line-up a 4/3mm will give you that extra bit of warmth. In summer, a spring suit will be fine.

Surf Spots

Waves for Advanced Surfers

Anchor Point
A solid right-hand point break that works best when the swell is a little bigger and coming from the northwest. When the waves get big you can ride waves from Anchor Point all the way through Hash Point to Panoramas. Then get out and walk back around the point.

Killer Point
One of the most consistent spots in Taghzouts, this fast, right-hand point break works best at high tide. At low tide, you can catch a left in front of the cliffs which also protect the wave from the northerly wind.

A big, fast, right-hander that breaks on a relatively shallow reef.

Waves for intermediate surfers

La Source
A relatively mellow right-hand point break that’s perfect intermediate surfers looking to try a few moves and get some long rides down the point.

Hash Point
Long mellow right-hander. Is a little bit sheltered so works best when the swell is a little bit bigger.

Banana Point

Another long, mellow right-hander that breaks over a reef a short distance away from the beach. It breaks fast but can provide an epic ride that will take you all the way into the bay.

Waves perfect for beginners

Maybe Africa’s longest wave that seems to get constant surf. The wave starts to break out on a reef, then rolls right all the way into the bay. If you’re not in the mood to paddle back up to where you started, just get out, and walk back up the point and hop in behind the breakwater.

Devil’s Rock
Easy right-hand beach break that is perfect for learning. It’s safe but you can still get a long ride in toward Banana Beach.

Point & beach break with a mellow right hander. This spot is sheltered from massive surf so is perfect to learn on even when other places are huge.

Travel Info

Morocco right hand point break palm trees
Catch perfect rights day after day in Morocco

Morocco is a short flight away across the Strait of Gibraltar and onto the northern tip of the African continent. The best airport to fly to is Agadir, from which you can easily access the coast. All the camps offer airport transfers to make reaching your final destination all the easier. The airport is 22km away from Aourir / Banana Village and 30 km from Taghazout. Qatar fly to Agadir daily and a are one of the airlines that have a 32kg baggage allowance with no extra fees for surfboards, unless it’s over 3 meters long. Royal Air Maroc is another option, but any money you may save on the flight you’ll probably spend if you take a board with you. Any board under 2 meters will cost 100€, and up to 3 meters will set you back 150€. Turkish Airlines also flies to Agadir regularly and boards only cost 30€.

For anyone coming from a Schengen state, the UK, USA and many more countries you get an automatic 90-day visa on arrival. You just need a passport that’s valid for at least 6 months after you enter Morocco. Children need their own passport.

Customs requirements

You are not allowed to take more than 2000 MAD (Moroccan Dirham) into the country. It’s best to check customs details before you depart as they change regularly.


The possession of any amount of drugs comes with a harsh penalty of up to 10 years prison and massive fines to the state. Same sex relations are also technically illegal and can be punished with a fine ranging from 120 – 1200 Dirhams, or up to 3 years jail.

Health Information

Extra immunisations are not required for Morocco. If you come from an area where Cholera is prevalent you need to show an anti-cholera vaccination certificate.

In Morocco, Arabic is the first official language, the second is called Berber. French is commonly used for trade as it was a former French protectorate, and French is taught in school from a young age. In the main towns younger people speak English.

You can find many more information on the website of the Foreign Ministry, click here.


So that your trip to Morocco with Pure Surf Camps is a total success we've put together a few tips for your surf vacation:


When staying at one of our Surf Camps don’t pass up the opportunity to look at Paradise Valley. This oasis is a water wonderland surrounded with bizarre rock formations to jump off, slide down and swim through all with palm trees along the water edge.

Once a week you can explore the local market a few streets away from the camp and experience real Moroccan culture. Very few tourists know of this market compared to the bigger, more publicised markets in Agadir and Marrakesh. At the markets you can find things like tea, coffee, fresh and dried fruit, exotic herbs and spices and much more.

Through the surf camps you also have the ability to undertake plenty of other activities to keep your schedule full when you’re not out in the surf. There are things like Yoga courses and extremely affordable massages if want something nice and relaxed. Or if you want even more action you can rent a jet ski or go on a quad bike tour. If you’re after something a little quieter you can jump on a camel and explore the Moroccan landscape, otherwise just checking out one of the many local markets is a highlight where you will see Moroccan culture first hand.

Another great idea for a day, or afternoon, trip is to go into Marrakesh and explore the city. The city is the 4th largest in the country and considered the most important of the 4 former imperial cities of Morocco, built by the Berber Empire. It’s easy to get to and once you’re there you can check out some of the sights, taste some authentic local cuisine or relax in a traditional Hammam, which is a Moroccan steam room.

For those of you not so interested in big city life, a day trip well worth doing is to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Medina, which is the old city within Essaouria. This small beachside town to the north of Taghazout was the hippie capital in the 60’s. It is still surrounded by a city wall and the architecture within it is heavily influenced by the French. It’s the perfect place to take a stroll and enjoy the surroundings.

Moroccans are super friendly, they’ll always be the first to offer a handshake and make some small talk about your health, the weather whatever happens to come up first. If you get offered tea its polite to at least try a little bit and continue the small talk. A few words in Arabic never hurts and the locals appreciate it. Tipping of 5 – 10% is common and if someone helps you with your bags or something similar a small monetary thank you is always appreciated.


Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country. Even in the more relaxed surfer towns where our camps are based its best to put on some clothes when you leave the beach. No walking through town without a shirt on or just a bikini. 

Same sex relations are also technically illegal and can be punished in Morocco. The punishment can be a fine ranging from 120 – 1200 Dirhams, or up to 3 years jail.

The locals eat with their right hand, even if it’s a tiny snack. Remember this when you are out in public.

Don’t take pictures of street performers without throwing something in their hat. Even if the monkey is just so cute you have to take a picture. Make sure you tip the owner of said monkey.


Morocco: The northern point of Africa

Morocco doesn’t only provide great waves year-round, but also plenty of sights to see, culture to experience and food to taste. Morocco is located on the northern tip of the African continent with just the Strait of Gibraltar separating it from mainland Europe. It has 2000km of coastline, with the majority facing the powerful Atlantic Ocean and the northern section in the Mediterranean.

Taghazout is the surfing hotspot of Morocco and is located 19km north of Agadir, and 270km southwest of Marrakesh.
Morocco is split up into 3 main portions, the north, middle and south. The north is focused around the town of Casablanca, in the middle section you have Taghazout, Essaouira and Safi, and in the south, you have Dakhla, where if you venture inland you’ll be in the West Sahara Desert. All of these places have an amazing coastline with consistent year-long surf.

The air and water gets progressively warmer as you head south. In the north, you have summer air temperatures of up to 30°C and 22°C water temperatures which drops to around 22°C during the day in winter with a water temperature of 16°C. In the south, the winter average temperature is 30°C with 24°C water temperature making it the perfect place to escape the bitter European winter.

Morocco has an extremely interesting history that has been sculpted by various cultures throughout the ages including the Arabs, Hebrews, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors, all of whom left their mark on how Morocco looks and feels today. You can feel this rich oriental history when you walk through the night markets with the unrecognisable smells of the countless spices as well as the variety of unique hand crafts and arts. In the markets you’re bound to find an individual souvenir to take home, whether it be a hand crafted piece of ceramic, individually woven and embroidered fabrics, jewellery, or wood carving. What Morocco is most famous for is the Argan Oil and Moroccan gold.

Where Morocco is located geographically also opens a lot of opportunities to visitors. You have access to the Western Sahara Desert in the south of the country with its stunning desert landscapes. Towards the northern centre you have the dramatic, snow-capped Atlas mountain range with the tallest mountain, Jebel Toubkal, standing an impressive 4,167 meters above sea level, and most importantly you have the 2000km of varied coastline to bring your surfing dreams to reality.

Morocco barrel Atlantic north Africa
Epic surf in north Africa

Learn to Surf in Morocco

Through the European winter months you’ll not only escape the cold and dark weather, but you’ll run right into the peak surfing months in Morocco. What will greet you when you arrive are long, clean point and beach breaks that vary in size and difficulty and will get every surfer stoked. Spots like Anchor Point, Hash Point or Killer Point are waves that attract surfers from around the world. Great surf in conjunction with Moroccan culture and warm weather make this the perfect winter surf trip destination.

Travellers who are just learning to surf have discovered the benefits of choosing Morocco. The friendly and experienced coaches, the good weather and the large variety of waves make learning a dream. You can progress quickly and before you know it you’ll be riding mellow waves all the way down the point, while working on turns and carves.

More experienced and advanced surfers have known the quality of waves in Morocco for a long time. The regular footers dream destination with an endless supply of right hand breaks that seem fire down the point forever. Morocco is also a great spot for surfers who feel comfortable with getting up but want to start making some serious progress when on the wave. The long rides give you plenty of time to set a rail and think about the next turn you are going to do.

Regardless of your skill level you’re going to get great waves in Morocco that will take your surfing to the next level and boost your confidence in the ocean. Most importantly though, the surf sessions will be a ton of fun and give you some great stories to take home.

Surf Camps - Morocco

Rooftop Yoga in Morocco
180° Sea view while practicing some yoga

Pure Surf Camp Morocco

This surf camp is less camp, and more retreat. Pure Surf Camp Morocco has been lovingly renovated and furnished down to the finest details making it a real oasis, located 500 meters away from perfect surf spots on the Atlantic Coast.

Go to Pure Surf Camp!

Alongside the epic surf trips you’ll be going on you also have the possibility to enjoy the in-house steam room, called a Hammam, getting a massage, going on a camel ride, or checking out the nearby local market.

The camp has a 100m² rooftop terrace with a 180° view of the coast. The view from the roof is a real highlight and the crew try to make use of this spectacular space as much as possible. Breakfast is served on the roof, as is dinner if the conditions are right, yoga also take place on the roof and when you have free time it’s a great place to sit, and just enjoy the view.

The camp provides amazing meals that use fresh ingredients bought daily from the local markets. There is a well stocked breakfast buffet, daily lunch packet, an afternoon snack and dinner, meaning you will be extremely well fed throughout your stay here. Vegetarians and vegans are also well taken care of. There is also beer and wine available at the camp, buying alcohol in town is nearly impossible.

At Pure Surf Camp Morocco there are double rooms, 4 and 6 person apartments and a 100m² penthouse available. The penthouse has 2 double rooms, a large lounge with couch & flat screen, a private bathroom and even its own private Hammam. All the rooms are well furnished, the beds are super comfortable, the bathrooms are well equipped and the style is authentic Moroccan. The camp has room to accommodate 22 guests meaning there is a chilled, communal vibe and everyone can enjoy a meal together or watch a film under the stars.

With Morocco’s best surf spots at your door step you’re bound to catch the waves of your life. Whether you’re taking a beginner’s course or are a pro surfer getting shown the best spots available, the crew knows the area and will get you to the waves that you will enjoy the most. You can choose between the surf course which consists of two, 2-hour sessions a day. Or surf guiding, where our local team will take you to the type of surf you’re looking for, give some tips about the spots, and your surfing, then let you get out there. The guides will come out with you and give you some pointers to elevate your skill level quickly.

After your daily surf expedition, you should definitely go and explore the local town of Tamraght. It’s a quaint little town where you can find bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets and an authentic market once a week.

We’re already looking forward to welcoming you to hands-down the best surf camp in Morocco. If you want to find out more or get an obligation free quote send us an enquiry or give us a call and we’ll organise everything else.

Infinity pool Morocco surf trip blue sky
Check the surf from the infinity pool!

Sea View Surf Camp

Sea View Surf Camp is located in the middle of the Moroccan surf mecca, only a stones-throw away from the Atlantic Ocean. When you’re chilling at the camp you can soak up the breath-taking 180° ocean panorama at one of the top destinations in the Orient.

Go to Sea View Surf!

At Sea View Surf Camp, you can spend afternoons relaxing and enjoying the panoramic view under a blue, warm Moroccan sky on the terrace or marvelling as the sun sinks slowly into the Atlantic from the comfort of the spa pool. The camp is also surrounded by world class waves, a left-hander breaks directly out front and the next point is only 5 minutes away, with plenty more spots nearby.

The crew make sure that regardless of your surf ability you are going to have a great time out in the water. If you are just beginning you can opt for the surf course where you’ll get to hit the surf twice a day with each session lasting about 2-hours. The coaches will find the best waves to learn on and give you some theory on the beach before coming out in the water with you and giving you useful tips while you’re surfing. If you’re more advanced you can choose the surf guiding option where the crew will take you to the best spots, give you some local info, and head out in the water with you to take your surfing to the next level.

Sea View Surf Camp offers a unique atmosphere that balances the fun and excitement of your daily surf trip with total relaxation back at camp. Spend mornings in the water, and evenings unwinding with other guests on the terrace, around the pool or in the spa. When you finally retreat to your room you will be greeted by extremely comfortable and modern furnishings and even sometimes a private balcony with a sea view.

The team also pride themselves in their amazing food. Every day they provide a huge and varied breakfast buffet with fresh coffee and tea in the morning, a lunch packet you can enjoy on the beach, an afternoon snack, and then, in the evening, you get a healthy and delicious dinner, all prepared by the onsite chef with ingredients bought daily from the local markets.

When you’re not surfing, eating, or sleeping, there are plenty of activities that the team has on offer. You can do yoga 5 days a week, up to twice a day, to stretch away the workout of the days surf sessions and tone muscles for the upcoming days in the water. You can take a trip to Paradise Valley which comes highly recommended, go on a camel ride or take a guided trip to the weekly market.

In Banana Village, where the camp is located, you’ll find great tea bars, restaurants and cafes. One thing you have to try while you’re there is the best Tajine in the country. Tamraght and Taghazout are also close to the camp and are both well worth exploring. Both are located next to the coast and started as fishing villages which are now adopting a surfer vibe. The towns are extremely pretty and the architecture is something completely foreign to most.

Staying directly next to the ocean in luxurious accommodation, surfing every day, and exploring a foreign culture, is a dream that the team at Sea View Surf Camp make a reality. If you want to find out more or get an obligation free quote send us an enquiry or give us a call and we’ll organise everything else.

cozieness overload, a/c included

Surf Apartments Morocco

In the Surf Apartments Morocco you have your own living room, a private balcony and even  breakfast service. The perfect accommodation if you want more privacy and luxury in your surf vacation.

Check out Surf Apartments

The surf apartments Morocco are located in the small village of Aourir. Just outside the village are the famous waves of Banana Point. KM11 and KM12. For this reason more and more surfers are moving into the small village. The apartments are only 500 meters from the beach and you can surf without a rental car several times a day.

The Surf Apartments Morocco are part of our Sea View Surf Camp and you are sincerely invited! Enjoy the day by the infinity pool or on the large panoramic terrace. Beside the pool there's a cozy chill area and a bar. Get a delicious drink or watch the surfers in the water and mentally prepare for your next surf session.

We only work with certified surf instructors. Our mission: taking your surf skills to the next level! If you book your surf course with us you can be sure that we only enter the water when the waves are suitable for the lessons. If you've already been surfing before you should definitely book the surfguiding package. Our guides drive you to the best surf spots in the area. In addition to valuable surf tips the guides will provide you with a complete surfspot description. Afterwards you can surf these breaks alone at any time. At the surf guiding you'll score heaps of waves!

The Surf Apartments Morocco are perfect for 4 people.
2 couples or 4 friends can have a great time together!