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in Portugal you can spend your holidays all year round

Best time to travel
Portugal borders the Atlantic Ocean, which contributes to the wonderful climate. During winter the weather is mild along the coast. In the summer it is hot and dry with the warmest months being July and August. Even through the hotter months it never becomes unbearable as there is a steady fresh breeze coming of the ocean. It almost never rains in summer making the months between May and November ideal to plan your trip to Portugal. During the beginning of the year and in autumn the temperature can drop below 20°C but it also means there are less visitors and secluded line-ups. The ocean temperature stays around 20°C well into November.

Air & Water Temperature
In the summer months the air temperature is between 26°C and 29°C with the water averaging 22°C.

In the winter months the temperature during the day only reaches an average of 15°C and drop down to single digits at night. The water is at its coldest in January and February sitting around the 15°C degree mark. With the right wetsuit this is no problem and you can surf comfortably all year long.

On especially hot summer days surfing without a wetsuit can happen in Portugal, but we recommend a 3/2 mm or spring suit in the summer and a 4/3 mm or even 5/3 mm in the winter. Wetsuits not only protect you from the cold, but also sunburn.

Surf Spots

Portugal spoils travelers with world-class breaks around every corner. We’ve listed a few starting with the Algarve:


Praia do Castelejo / Cordoama
Drive from the Surf Lodge towards Vila do Bispo through the little village and onwards to the coast where you will arrive at Praia do Castelejo on your left, and Praia do Cordoama on the right. Once you navigate the rocks you will be on one of the longest sand beaches in the Algarve that is surrounded by dominant cliffs that protect the inland from the wind. Praia do Castelejo and Cordoama are good beach breaks that offer a reliable alternative if the swell is too small for Amado. These two spots are beach beaks and you’ll find both lefts and rights rolling into the bay.

Praia do Amado
Praia do Amado is the local beach break for our partner surf camps. Nestled between red cliffs on the north end and granite colored cliffs in the south, this relatively long sand beach is a picture perfect place for beginners. There is almost always surf and depending how the sand banks sit, will determine whether there are more lefts or rights. There are surf schools located directly on the beach so you can rent boards and wetsuits here as well.

Praia Bordeira<
Praia Bordeira is beautifully wild and rugged with impressive sand dunes beginning at one end. The beach could be the backdrop for any adventure film. The cliffs end abruptly and give way to a green valley with a restaurant housed in a small wooden hut. On the other side of the valley the sand dunes begin and seem to stretch endlessly towards the horizon. If you head down the wooden path over the rocks you have the choice between a point/reef break on the left and a beach break on the right. A scenic spot is up on the cliff where there is a lookout that gives you a stunning view of the coast and the surfers down below.

Praia da Arrifana
Praia da Arrifana is a little further away from Surf Lodge Portugal and Surf Camp Algarve with the trip taking about 45 minutes. The 500 meter long sand beach in Aljezur and its surroundings are incredibly beautiful and the consistent surf makes it one of the favourites of the locals. There‘s a long right the runs along the beach and when the swell gets big a wave the locals call “Kanagoo” emerges.

Praia da Ingrina and Praia do Zavial
Not only is the west coast of the Algarve a draw card for surfers, but also the south. Beach breaks such a Praia da Ingrina and Praia do Zavial offer surfers even more options depending on the conditions. At Zavial more experienced surfers will find a heavier right hander that works well on low tide, the wave breaks off the point and rolls into the beach. Both beaches are picturesque and within walking distance from Surf Lodge Portugal and Surf Camp Algarve

Costa da Caparica und Ericeira

Costa da Caparica
The Costa da Caparica stretches 30km south all the way to Cabo de Espichel. The northern section is made up of small bays and coves that provide countless lefts and rights.

Praia da Ribeira d’Ilhas
Praia da Ribeira d’Ilhas is only 3.5km away from Ericeira where you’ll find a long right hand reef break that is considered one of the best waves in Europe. Every year there are surf contests here, where the best local and international surfers battle it out. There are rental shops and surf schools located at the bay, as well as a few surf shops and some bars and restaurants.

Baía dos Dois Irmãos
Baía dos Dois Irmãos, known in the surfing community as Coxos, is an untouched sand beach in Ericeira that is hidden by the tall rock cliffs that surround the bay. Coxos is one of the best, most powerful waves in Europe and is definitely only for more experienced surfers. The right-hander holds very big swell and with the right conditions there’s lots of sections that can barrel. Best tide is low to mid.

Foz do Lizandro
The surf at Foz do Lizandro can get big and hollow but most days are more relaxed and it’s a perfect spot for anyone from beginners to the more advanced. It’s a peaky beach break that offers both lefts and rights. There’s plenty of peaks along the bay so lots of space for surfers to spread out.

Furnas beach is in the middle of town and only works when the swell is massive. The break is only for the advanced surfer due to it breaking next to an outcrop of rocks and is the last resort when the surf is to big for other spots along the coast.

Matadouro is slightly north of Ericeira and is directly across from the local skate park. There are several peaks down the bay with one main right that starts on the north side of the beach and a few lefts as you go further south

Sao Juliao
South of Ericeira is one of the biggest sand beaches called Sao Juliao. The beach break has plenty of left and rights peaks and works on a variety of swell even in summer. This makes it great choice when visiting, it is very consistent and if the sand banks are sitting well, everyone form the rookie to the most advanced surfer will find good waves here.

The cave, otherwise known as Sete Bafos, is the heaviest and most hollow wave in the area that breaks on a shallow reef only a short distance away from the rocks. This right-hander is only for the pro’s and even then, not for the faint of heart. When the swell is up and the pros are out, sitting on the cliff top and watching the action is a lot of fun.

Figueira da Foz

Buarcos the longest right in Europe. If you catch a wave from the end of the point into the bay, you’ll be underway for almost a kilometer. This super long right is perfect for more advanced surfers who want to improve even more.

The quay, and the beach in Figueira da Foz generate good A-frame peaks that suit more advanced surfers. It is located about 10 minutes away from Buarcos

Travel Info

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Portugal offers the best waves in Europe

If you are headed to our Pure Surf Camps in Costa da Caparica, Figueura da Foz or Ericeira, Lisbon (LIS) is the nearest airport, and for the Algarve, it’s Faro (FAO). Both of these airports are frequented almost daily by most major airlines, and plenty of budget airlines as well. The most frequent is the Portuguese TAP.

TAP can take surfboards up to 2m for 50€ if you are travelling within Europe, and longboards, over 2m, for 100€, with a total luggage weight of no more than 32 Kg. Plenty of airlines don’t charge extra for surfboards including KLM, as long as its under 3m, and EasyJet, just make sure you book your sports equipment onto the flight before departure.

When entering Portugal you need to be carrying a valid passport.

Bus, Train, Rental Car
You can also travel cheaply and easily to Lisbon and the Algarve via Bus, Train or rental car.

Bus travel:

Train travel: 

Our recommendation is renting a car. This will make you more flexible, and give you the opportunity to explore more of the country. Especially in the Algarve, which is slightly more remote, you will be able to get around and check out a greater variety of surf spots and remote beaches. Cheap rental cars are available through:

Pets at the surf camp
If you are planning to travel with your 4-legged friend, whether it is a dog or cat, make sure they have a pet passport and some form of proof that they have been immunised against diseases such as rabies. Only 2 of our camps in Portugal, Surf Camp Figueira and Surf Hotel Caparica, allow dogs. If you do decide to take your pet, make sure it is trained well and be aware, in Portugal dogs are not welcome in restaurants and shops.


So that you’re surf trip to Portugal with Pure Surf Camps is a total success, we’ve put together a few tips.



In Sagres you’ll find a stunning harbour as well as bars and restaurants, all with typical Portuguese flair.  “Alice”, the best ice cream shop in the Algarve is also in town and has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The Pure Surf Shop is also in Sagres, and is a great spot to hang out and rummage around, or to visit if you need to rent a wetsuit or surfboard.
At the end of the main road running through Sagres to São Vicente you come to the former edge of the world, with 10,000km of land behind you, and 5,000km of ocean in front. Cabo de São Vicente, an area of historical significance since ancient Greek times, otherwise known as Cape St. Vincent, which houses one of the brightest lighthouses in the world.

In the neighbouring village of Vila do Bispo you can check out Praia da Cordoama and its amazing sand beach. The beach is located inside the Vicentina national park and when the tide is out, you can walk to the adjacent beaches of Castelejo and Barriga. Praia da Cordoama is also a great surf spot for more confident surfers due to its strong currents.
If there happens to be a lull in the swell and you have some time, the Ermida Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe is the oldest church in the Algarve and is definitely worth a visit. It is one of the few buildings that wasn’t destroyed by the earthquake in 1755.


Just across the bridge from Lisbon is Costa da Caparica, which is famous for its long sand beaches dotted with uncountable numbers of shells. It caters to all levels of surfer.
All the activity is centred around the beachfront meaning the shops and cafes are a great place to explore during the day, and in the evenings, the restaurants, bars and clubs are a great place to spend lively nights out on the town.  The promenade can also cater to those looking to relax and take a leisurely stroll or make use of the couches and chairs that are set up to make use of the stunning ocean view. Our tip is to get a snack between surfs at “Toni’s Tosta”.
If you want to explore some of the countless beaches along the coast and don’t have a rental car we recommend jumping on the “Transpraia.”  It's an open mini train that rolls along the coast, stopping at all the beaches until the end station of Fonte da Telho.


Ericeira has plenty to see and do when you are wanting to get out of the water for a few minutes. There a plenty of old churches and chapels dotted through the area that are filled with amazing Azulejos, a traditional type intricate Portuguese tiling. Even just walking through the old cities original walkways and roads lined by crooked and twisted whitewashed houses to a local cafe or restaurant to try some of the local cuisine is a real highlight. A local favourite is the grilled fish, which they do really well at “Snack bar America” or a traditional Portuguese sweet pastry called Pastel de Nata, that you’ll find at any ‘Pasteleria” or bakery.
There is a great restaurant in Maradouro da Beleia on the beach of Praia do Sul where you can get the freshest “Dorade” with a stunning sea view. And if you’re looking to get serenaded with some tradtional music, called “Fado,” while having dessert, your best chance is at Bella Sombra on the beach of Foz.
You can also go on a small excursion and check out the very picturesque village of Aldeia Típica which has a few attractions including a miniature vesion of a Portuguese town, the very impressive Mafra monastery and Tapada Nacional de Mafra park, where you will see a variety of animals enjoying life in the wild.

Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz is a charming town with plenty of character where you will find a great selection of shows and concerts, bars, nightclubs and is definitely a great place to go and party with your new friends from the surf camp. If you’d rather go eat some great food together in town, Figueira da Foz is filled with amazing restaurants serving exquisite traditional Portuguese dishes. “Bacalhau” is a traditional fish dish and well worth trying.


The Portuguese prefer you speak with them in Portuguese, and not the Brazilian version, or English as apposed to Spanish. A little tip, if you want to thank somebody just say “obrigado” if you are a man, and “obrigada” if you are a woman.

Also don’t order an espresso. If you want a delicious local coffee just ask for a “bica” which tastes much better or a milk coffee, something similar to a latte or flat white, called a "Galão" and is equally tasty.

The basic rules for tipping in Portugal are non-existent. It is by no means a pre-requisite to tip, but in saying that, customer service workers will never turn it down and giving someone 5-10% extra for great service is a nice thing to do.

If you are freedom camping in a bus or with a tent the rules are very grey. In some areas it is allowed, and others not. And there is no signs to explain where these areas are defined. Worst-case scenario the police come and give you a warning, or make you move. Though campfires on the beach sound very romantic, there is no greyness surrounding this topic and they are definitely not allowed anywhere.

Portugals Atlantic Coast

Portugal sits in the southwest corner of Europe and is one of the oldest nations on the continent. This country has a full and rich history including renowned ocean faring explorers. Even with its small size, Portugal offers a variety of landscapes such as rugged cliff-lined coast, lush green mountains, wonderful river valleys and kilometre long sand beaches. Through our range of worldwide surf camps, Portugal has become one of our top destinations, and it's only a short flight away.

Both the southern and western sections of Portugal are fantastic travel destinations throughout the year with popularity among European surfers really exploding in the last 3 years. This increase in surf travel comes from a combination of great waves and an abundance of surf spots, but also because of the interesting culture, amazing history, picturesque scenery and great food that you also find here.

The selection of beaches and surf spots in Portugal is immense and varied. You can find wide beaches with mellow waves perfect for learning, or world-renowned spots like the beach break of Supertubos, the rocky reef break Coxos or the epic point break Arrifana.

The surf mecca of Sagres is the southern most point of the Algarve and is surrounded by a nature reserve. The town itself is charming and full of small surf shops that really give it that surf town character. If you make your way from Sagres to Lagos you will stumble across a bunch of amazing viewpoints on top of the cliffs that look down over the beach and out towards to the Atlantic spanning over the horizon.

The next spots begin around Lisbon with the area around Costa da Caparica, Ericeira or Figueira da Foz. Costa da Caparica is in a region named Setubal directly across from Lisbon and connected by Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge. This area lies south of Lisbon and was originally all fisher villages that in some areas are still visible in their original from with original buildings, alleyways and fisher boats. The majority however have developed to become more viable tourist destinations.

North of Lisbon you can find one of the coolest surf spots in Portugal, Ericeira. The coast is lined with rugged, steep cliffs that drop down into pristine small sand beaches. The combination of stunning scenery and the amazing surf culture has attracted surfers from around the globe. You’ll find the best waves here from September to May, but it does get noticeably cooler in autumn and winter than in the Algarve, which can result in tourist numbers dropping down and the line-up emptying out. Even some locals find it’s too cold to go to the beach and surf if its around 20°C.

8km of Ericeira coastline, including Ribeira de Ilias/Coxos, Furnas and Foz do Lizandro, are the first European surf regions to be protected by the North American Save the Waves Coalition. The number of varying breaks and beaches means that anyone, regardless of your skill level, can have a great time here, surf perfect waves, and enjoy the culture and amazing setting.

Figueira da Foz in the Coimbra region is about one and a half hours from Porto and the town is located next to the Mondego River. The soft, white sand beach is perfect for a relaxing holiday as well as providing great waves for more advanced surfers planning a trip to Portugal.

Learn to Surf in Portugal

Portugal has a unique landscape, the most sunshine hours of any country in Europe and an extremely varied array of surf spots that rival the best in the world. Portugal offers great waves for those who are surfing for the first time, and those who have surfed their whole life. Thanks to the two coasts, south and west, you can pick a great spot regardless of which way the wind or swell is going.

At our surf camps we can provide surf courses to cater to all levels as well as surf guiding. The experienced coaches will push you, your surfing will improve quickly and you’ll have a fun doing it. Daily surf guiding will take you surfing with a local who will give you some insider info and take you to spots of the beaten track to find perfect waves with empty line-ups. Portugal offers waves all year and is the perfect destination in Europe for an amazing surf holiday.

learn to surf in Portugal
Pure Surfcamp certified surf coaches
Pure Surfcamps
learn to surf in Portugal
come over and learn to surf with us
Pure Surfcamp Portugal Surf Lodge
Pure Surfcamp Portugal Surf Lodge terrace
Pure Surfcamp Portugal Surf Lodge garden
Pure Surfcamp Portugal Surf Lodge
be sure to book a bike tour along the coast

Surf Lodge Portugal

Pure Surf Camps offers trips to Surf Lodge Portugal in the Algarve, which includes stunning ocean views from your room and the terraced rooftop swimming pool. The lodge lies at the foot of a nature reserve so when you are not looking at the ocean, you can stare into the untouched nature of the Algarve. Ingrina and Zavial beaches are 10 minutes away on foot and work best on a south swell. When you aren’t surfing the beaches are a great place for swimming, relaxing, and soaking up the sun.

Show me MORE of the Surf Lodge!

The surf lodge boasts a huge sun terrace, comfortable sun chairs and an amazing rooftop pool.

All the rooms have a private bathroom and come with comfortable furniture.

There is a big communal living room with a fireplace and dining area where you’ll get amazing breakfasts and dinner. In the lush green garden area at the lodge you'll find hammocks making it the perfect place to chill in the shade after your surf. And when the sun starts to get lower you can go to the in-house bar and get yourself the surf camp special, a “Spicy Sven” or any other cocktail to cheers with.

The surf course takes place at a local beach break that has great conditions for beginners and intermediate surfers and happens 5 times a week, with a 1.5-hour session in the morning, and the same again in the evening. You’ll get picked up in the morning and taken to the beach and all equipment is included.

If you’re after another way to tire yourself out for the evening, Stand Up Paddleboard tours are also available and will guide you around the coast to some hidden beaches, and the option to jump of some cliffs into the water.

Twice a week, sunrise yoga takes place on the rooftop terrace for your pre surf warm up. And in between surfing you can snorkel and dive at Ingrina Beach. Another highlight is the weekly BBQ where you can try the Lodge delicacy, the homemade burger, which is usually followed by a trip to nearby Sagres to party.

If you’re looking for comfortable and modern accommodation in a naturally beautiful location with great surf and an amazing team, Surf Lodge Portugal is the place for you!

Surf spots at the Algarve
the camp offers different room categories
Surf camp Algarve
the outdoor area offers camping vibes in the beautiful nature of the Algarve
explore the beautiful coast of the Algarve

Surf Camp Algarve

In the Algarve, Pure Surf Camps offers trips to Surf Camp Algarve. The wonderful surf camp is located between the charming village of Raposeira and a nature reserve with both the west, and south coasts nearby.

To Surf Camp Algarve

The camp includes a pool as well as a large terraced area in the green surroundings and a range of accommodation options including 2-person wooden Sheddies, Double/twin Single rooms and Bungalows as well as Dorms in the main house and adjacent buildings. The camp also offers horse trips through the nature reserve and along the beach with the horses staying in a neighbouring paddock.

There is also a large friendly shared living room with lots of natural light, a fireplace and pool table. If you want to retreat a little you also have hammocks scattered around the property throughout the garden.

Every week, head chef Samu turns on his BBQ and whips up a feast for the famous BBQ. It’s a great time to hang with other campers as well as the staff and enjoy a meal, and drink together. This night more often than not ends up in the nearby town of Sagres to check out the local nightlife.

Surf Camp Algarve gives you the option of taking part in the surf course at the local beach of Amado, or jumping in the car and driving a few minutes to one of the hundreds of surf spots in the area. Surf Camp Algarve surf courses focus on keeping the groups small to make it a personable experience and include all the required equipment. They aim to keep lessons to around 3 hours daily, split into 2 sessions. If you’re heading out by yourself you can rent boards and equipment from surf schools on the beach and from the numerous surf shops.

After your surf session, Surf Camp Algarve offers trips to Lagos and Sagres both during the day and at night depending whether you want to shop and explore or party as well as Dolphin watching tours or SUP tours.

Surfhouse Caparica

The Surfhouse Caparica offers you direct beachfront, stylishly furnished rooms, its own outdoor bar, Outdoor Gym and a yoga room with sea views. 3 yoga sessions a week are included as well as one Wine & Cheese tasting night. Once a week we do a General Video Analysis in all our surf courses!

HERE's the Surfhouse Caparica!

Only 150 m to the beach, the promenade and the home break! You feel like summer, sun, surfing? Then the little surfer village Caparica is ideal for you. It's all about surfing and the beach, so you're close enough to your favorite hobby.

Visit us in our new Surfhouse in Portugal!

Surf camp Caparica
surf in Portugal
Surf house at night
Surf camp close to Lissabon
enjoy the portuguese sunset
Surf camp Beachfront beach promenade
Surf camps Lissabon learn to surf
in Caparica there are numerous waves to surf
skating on the beach promenade in Lisbon
californian lifestyle in Portugal

Beachfront Surfcamp Caparica

Beachfront Surf Camp Caparica offers an easily accessible, world-class surf trip via Pure Surf Camp. This beachfront camp has a charming and comfortable vibe and has had many happy, surf-stoked visitors pass through its doors. Once a week we do a General Video Analysis in our surf courses to allow you the fastest learning curve.

Show me the Beachfront Camp!

The camp offers single, double and triple rooms as well as dorms that are all kitted out with clean and comfortable furniture. There is a large shared living room as well as a well-stocked communal kitchen and dining room.

Breakfast will be waiting for you in the dining room every morning before you head of to your surf course.

The surf lessons offered at the Beachfront Surfcamp Caparica are optional and you can choose between 10 and 15 hours at five days a week.The surf coaches will give you a short introduction to the basics on the beach, then its very much learning by doing. The coaches will be in the water with you and give you helpful tips throughout the lesson. If you’re still feeling fresh after the surf lesson you are more than welcome to take the boards and wetsuit out in your own time and continue to practice.

If you’re looking for some evening activities you can't go past stopping by one of the local wineries to try some of the outstanding Portuguese wines, while chatting with your new friends about the days surf.

You can also rent a bike from the camp and cruise down the beachside promenade to check the next surf spot in Caparica.
3 yoga seasons a week are included and if they suit you it is surely possible to book even more clases.
When all these activities aren't enough, use our very own Outdoor Gym to stay in shape during your stay.
Last but not least, we will invite you for a cozy Wine & Cheese tasting. It's already included in your booking.

Lissabon sunset in Caparica
Surf camp in Lissabon
surf camp in Caparica
surf the waves of your lifetime together with your friends
enjoy a walk by the sea

Eco Surf Lodge Caparica

From Eco Surf Lodge Caparica to the beach is 150m, plus a small paddle and you’re surfing. Puresurfcamps gives you the chance to book this amazing lodge near Lisbon. This surf destination has a welcoming, comfortable vibe and is decked out with hand made furniture from a local artist. The chill area consists of hammocks, a paved outdoor area as well as a pool, that can refresh you on the hottest summer days.

To the Eco Lodge!

The in-house chef prepares home cooked soul food with local, organic ingredients, for breakfast and dinner daily, that will either charge your batteries for the surf to come or give your body what it needs to recover.

The surf spot nearby Caprica Eco Surf Lodge is easily accessible by foot, or by rolling on the longboards available at the camp.

The surf courses are 5 days long, with 10 and 15-hour options. There are also surf-guiding options available for more confident surfers who want to get onto the best waves with some local knowledge thrown in. The guides know all the spots, the perfect take of zones and the dangers associated with them, so you enter the water feeling confident. They’ll also go out and surf with you so they can give you more tips throughout your session.
Once a week we do a general video analysis. As it is very hard to get better in what you don't see, we added this feature to step up your surf skills like the pro's do!

To stay in shape beside surfing, there's an Outdoor Gym waiting for you to get used. We also offer 3 yoga sessions a week that are included in your booking. If you like it and wish to extend the classes it is surely possible.

Lisbon is easily accessed by bus making it easy if you want to go shopping, exploring or partying. The main party areas of Lisbon are Bairro Alto and Docas de Santo Amaro where bars and nightclubs line up almost endlessly alongside each other. Bairro Alto is the centre of the Lisbons’ Hip Hop, Gothic and Jazz scene, and Docas de Santo Amaro, down by the waterfront next to the suspension bridge, is where a bunch of old warehouses have been renovated to accommodate a countless number of clubs and bars that cater to every music taste.

sunset in Ericeira
the most beautiful accommodation in Ericeira
the lodge leaves nothing to be desired
Ericeira got the best waves on the Portuguese coast
looking forward to a few drinks at the bar

Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira

The Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira provides you with a chilled, quiet and peaceful get away where you can leave the stress of your real life behind and enjoy the picturesque setting and the ocean view of the lodge. The accommodation is super comfortable, the surf is amazing and price is unbeatable.

I want Sunset's in that Lodge!

Through the summer months the surf in Ericeira is perfect for everybody. You can take a beginners course and get your first experience of surfing, or join the advanced course and improve dramatically. We added another great feature for a huge improvements in your surfing. Once a week we do a general video analysis due our courses. That's how the Pro's do train as well.

If you want more lessons you can book extra classes onto your course while you are there to get you to the next level quicker.

Beside surfing we offer yoga. 3 sessions a week are already included in your booking. If that isn't your thing, stay fit in our own outdoor gym.

To give you the energy to power through the day a delicious breakfast is included as well as the option to book dinner for your stay, these are made with ingredients from the region by a great cook, and include the odd delicious BBQ outside while enjoying the sun. Once a week we do invite you for a cozy Wine & Cheese tasting night. It is already included in your booking.

If you want to keep busy after your daily surf trips the camp can organise trips to Lisbon, Nazare or UNESCO World Heritage Site – Sintra. A trip to Lisbon can be varied; you can shop, explore historical sites, party or just relax with the locals. If you are lucky and there is a big swell during you’re stay you will see the worlds best big wave surfers taking on Nazare, which is amongst the top 5 big wave spots in the world holding the current biggest wave surfed record. In Sintra you will see castles, palaces belonging to former Kings of Portugal, a picturesque old city and an amazing landscape.

new lodge with a huge garden and pool
brand new, cozy and clean rooms
Surf camp in Santa Cruz Portugal
Surfcamps Sanata Cruz surf
new lodge with a huge garden and pool

Surf Lodge Santa Cruz

The brand new Surf Lodge Santa Cruz, mediated by Pure Surf Camps, sits in one of the most wave rich areas of Portugal. Here you will enjoy the adventure of the daily surf classes with enthusiastic surf coaches followed by the peaceful and relaxed evenings in gorgeous surroundings.

Santa Cruz I'm coming!

The lodge has been freshly renovated and newly furnished making it the perfect spot to unwind and escape the reality of home. The garden and pool invite guests to spend their afternoons after the daily surf trips relaxing and making the most of the camp with other visitors and the friendly crew.

overviewing the Surfhouse Azores Pure Surfcamps
empty line ups are not uncommon in the Azores Pure Surfcamps
the Green Island and its flora and fauna
surf the Azores
overviewing the Surfhouse Azores

Surfhouse Azores

Surfhouse Azores is located on the main island of Sao Miguel, surrounded by greenery. The Surfhouse is ideal for good surfers, as there are always good conditions in the Azores. Our on-site surf school works together with former CT surfers.

Island vibes on the Azores!

For beginners, the Surfhouse offers a special, as there are in addition to the surfing a lot of recreational opportunities on the island. In addition to mountain bike tours, there are the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. The old volcanic landscape is particularly diverse and the subtropical climate on the island ensures year-round equally warm Temperatures.

In Santa Cruz, there is also a stunning backdrop on the beach.
The Surfhouse got a very familiar atmosphere and in addition to cozy campfires in the garden are of course also the best wines of the region. Very tasty and traditional recipes with the view of the sea to reduce the stress.

In the Azores the wind is particularly important. Accordingly certain surf spots run better or worse on the island. It takes about an hour driving from one side to the other - somewhere the surf conditions are always perfect! Often the line ups are empty and the waves are terrific. That's why the island is also known as a surf jewel in the Atlantic.