Surf Camp Bali / Bukit

Worlds best waves and one of a kind clifftop location

tropical barrel with onlookers reef breaksurfer girl evening long boardrice fields Bali naturewatching the sunset single fin surfboardtropical barrel with onlookers reef breakSurfcamp Bali BukitSurfcamp Bali Bukit

Great surf & clifftop accommodation

  • Perfect waves at Surf Camp Bukit
  • Located on the southern peninsula of Bukit with white sand beaches & world-class reef breaks
  • Surf Guiding & Surf Courses to suit every skill level
  • Surf, Yoga, Massages & Day Trips all available
  • Bukit’s famous left-hander is the home break
  • Constant surf and tropically warm all year
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Breakfast & 5x Dinner included

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Surf Camp


Surf Camp Bukit restaurant
Surf Camp Bukit Pool Area
Surf Camp Bukit art chill
Surf Camp Bukit pool table
Surf Camp Bukit lounge
The central restaurant at Surf Camp Bukit

Get away from the tourist hub of Kuta, surf epic waves, and enjoy the clifftop location with its stunning sea views.

  • Surf Camp Bukit is located on the cliffs along the coastline of the southern peninsula of Bali
  • World-class reef breaks of Uluwatu, Bingin & Impossible nearby
  • Dorm Rooms & Bungalows all the way through to Deluxe Suites available
  • Large pool, sun terrace, lounge, pool table and plenty of space to chill
  • The surfer meeting point of Single Fin Bar only 20 minutes away
  • Surf Guiding 6 days a week included
  • Delicious daily breakfast & 5 evenings meals both including international & local food

PT Indonesia runs Surf Camp Bukit and is a trusted partner of Pure Surf Camps. The location of the camp means not only do you get a picturesque ocean view from the clifftop vantage point, but you are also surrounded by Bali’s best surf spots. The local break is the left-hand point break of Bukit, but you also have world famous spot like Padang Padang and Ulutwatu only minutes away as well as plenty of mellow beach breaks, all of which you will all get to explore with the 6 days’ worth of guided surf sessions that are included in the price.

The camp itself is modern, comfortable and charming and has an unbeatable ocean view. While at camp you can swim in the large pool, soak up some sunshine on the terrace, play billiard inside or relax with a cold Bintag and watch the sun dip behind the Indian Ocean. At the camp you have an exceptionally good daily breakfast and 5 evening meals at the onsite restaurant included with your stay, both of which incorporate Balinese and International cuisine. At Surf Camp Bukit you have a choice of accommodation ranging from comfortable Dorm Rooms to exclusive Penthouse Suites which all have free Wi-Fi, clean and modern bathrooms and access to all the communal areas.

If you are looking to do some shopping or partying, Kuta is only 20km away and easily accessible via scooter or driver, both of which can be organised from the camp directly. The team at the camp can also organise day trips to waterfalls, temples, rice terraces & volcanoes all with a local driver.


surf trip to Bali
Surf Camp Bukit sunset fishing boats
Amazing landscape with great surf

The island of Bali
Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is definitely the most well-known of the Indonesian Islands, and for good reason. The surf in Bali was discovered in the 30’s, but it wasn’t until the 70’s that Bali became a premier surfing destination. When you arrive you’ll be inundated in amazing surf spots, just let the local crew give you some advice and you’re sure to score some epic waves.

Bali isn’t only this popular because of the great waves however. You have the nightlife in places like Kuta and the full moon beach parties are known around the globe. You also have the rich culture and history. The ancient Hindu & Buddhist Temples are stunning and well worth exploring. You also have spectacular food, rice terraces, wildlife and an amazing tropical jungle landscape. There really is nothing more that you’d want from an island surf trip.

Local Tips

Surf Camp Bukit sunset
Don't miss a chance to watch a sunset from the famous Single Fin Bar

Uluwatu is not only one of the best surf spots in Bali, but also offers an amazing beach, stunning clifftop walkways and a world-famous temple inhabited by monkeys. Uluwatu is about 20 minutes away from the camp and is well worth the trip. 

Single Fin
This is a restaurant/bar/nightclub located on the cliffs above Uluwatu. It’s well known among the surfing community and is a great place to eat, chill and party later in the evenings. From the balcony you can enjoy a great meal in the afternoon while looking down on the surfers destroying the long left-hand point break below. Once the sun sets, and the surfers are out of the water, the dance floor starts to fill up with parties lasting well into the night.


black & white surf photo team placeholder

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black & white surf photo team placeholder

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Dorm Room

Surf Camp Bukit Dorm room garden
Surf Camp Bukit dorm room
Camp surrounded by well cared for garden

This simple, yet well designed, comfortable and budget friendly accommodation option caters to solo-travellers and groups. The rooms include air-con, a private safe for every guest and a private bathroom.

Here are the Prices!

The rooms are located at the centre of the camp with direct access to the pool, sun terrace and restaurant. This is a great way to enjoy an affordable surf trip while still enjoying luxury benefits and amazing daily meals.

Double Room Bungalow

Surf Camp Bukit bungalows
Comfortable, traditional bungalows

The free-standing bungalows are built in a style reminiscent of what you would find on Java with a modern twist. The Bungalows all have air-con, 2 large single beds, a modern bathroom, and a private sun terrace with ocean views.

Here are the Prices!

These are the perfect choice for travelling companions who want more privacy in the evenings after enjoying the surf camp atmosphere and all the communal amenities, like pool & restaurant during the day.

Deluxe Double Suite

Surf Camp Bukit deluxe room
Spacious rooms with King-Size bed and private terrace

The Deluxe Double Suites are perfect for couples looking for a more luxurious surf trip to Bali. When you enter the suite you’ll be greeted by a king size bed, air-con, a private sun terrace and a large, modern bathroom. The rooms offer plenty of space to spend relaxing evenings.

Here are the Prices!

You still get all the benefits of the surf camp including the pool, restaurant, communal lounge and amazing food, but you also get the option to retreat and enjoy your own private area to relax, and enjoy each other’s company.

Penthouse Double Suite

Surf Camp Bukit Surf camp
Amazing view & plenty of private space

From your private terrace in the Penthouse Suite you have a view of the Indian ocean with stunning daily sunsets. The Penthouse comes with a comfortable king size bed, air-con, a TV with DVD player that can play from USB, an exquisite private bathroom and plenty of space to relax.

Here are the Prices!

The view from the room and terrace is unbelievable, and when you combine it with the luxury and comfort of the room itself, it creates the perfect atmosphere to spend relaxing evenings. Especially after long days of surfing perfect waves.





Key Facts

quiksilver surf Bali
Learn new moves on world-class waves

Up to 12 Surf Guiding sessions are included in your stay. The local. Experienced team team will pick out waves that are perfect for your skill level, and once you arrive you’ll get helpful tips about your surfing, and the waves.

  • Surf Guiding Tuesday to Sunday, 2 times per day
  • Guides find the best surf, taking into account: wind, swell, tide & your skill level
  • Transfers, introduction to the waves and tips to improve your surfing
  • Experienced & local surf guides who surf themselves
  • Small groups for each session
  • Make massive progress with your surfing whether you are a beginner or pro


Surf Guiding at Surf Camp Bukit
Surf Guiding at Surf Camp Bukit
Try new surf spots every day

The guided surf sessions will take you to waves that are perfect for your skill level. There are up to 12 guided surf trips per week which predominantly take you to surf spots in the surrounding area, but if the decision is made that the waves are better further away you may need to undertake a small road trip to get there in the morning. The team knows the coast extremely well and can read the weather charts to always find the right waves for you.

In the evenings at the communal dinner the plan for the following morning is made. The surf spots in Bukit cater more for intermediate and advanced surfers but there are some beach breaks for beginners, and when the swell is smaller and the tide is higher the more advanced spots also become very mellow.

For the beginners you have beach breaks like HalfWay, Padma, Kudeta and DoubleSix that are the ideal spots to catch your first waves. These waves also provide long rides so once you’ve mastered standing up you can jump straight into getting your first rides along the face.

For intermediate surfers you have plenty of beach and easy reef and point breaks nearby that provide surf big and powerful enough so you can get long rides along the face, but not too big and shallow to scare you out of catching any waves. These long rides are perfect for learning big carves and turns and will improve your surfing, and build your confidence dramatically.

Advanced surfers will experience the best Bali has to offer. There are plenty of world class reefs and points along the coast where the waves will be almost perfect. The team will take you to spots like Padang Padang, Dreamland, Ulawatu or Balangan where you can catch long, big and hollow waves that will get even the most seasoned surfer stoked. With the tips from the locals you’ll paddle right out into the perfect position, and catch wave after wave.


black & white surf photo team placeholder

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black & white surf photo team placeholder

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Surf camp Bukit surf warm up
Surf Camp Bukit learn to surf
Start the day with a small warm-up before hitting the surf

Surf Camp Bukit offers a beginner’s course that takes place 6 days a week, each day consisting of 2 surf sessions. This course will get you up and riding in no time and by the end of the week you’ll be good, and confident, enough to take part in the Surf Guiding. The mellow beach breaks close to the camp like HalfWay, Padma, Kudeta and DoubleSix are the ideal spots to catch your first waves. The waves are not only easy to catch and ideal to perfect your take-of, but also provide long rides where you can get your surfboard balance sorted and start working on turns.

To take part in Surf Guiding you need to have paddling and the take-of locked down. You will learn this in the Beginners Course. You can book individual courses consisting of 2 sessions in one day, or the 6-day course made up of 12 sessions. There is also the option of getting private lessons.

Surf Bali black sand beach
Rent a board that is a perfect fit for you & your surfing

Surf Camp Bukit has a massive selection of rental boards on offer that includes Shortboards that range from 6 ft. to 7 ft. as well as retro fish and Minimals for beginners. The team can get you on the perfect board taking into account the conditions, your skill level, and the type of surfing you are going to be doing. If you’re not bothered transporting your board from home you can obviously bring it along. Any extras you need, or may have forgotten, like wax, boardshorts, surf bikini, tail pad, fins or a leash, are all available at the local surf store.

You have an option of getting surfboard insurance for your rental board, just in case it hits the reef or sand while surfing, or you accidentally drop it on the way to the beach, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small ding, or something more serious. If you happen to loose the board somehow, surfboard insurance won’t cover that and you’ll have to fork out for a replacement. The prices for Surfboard Rental are 11€ per day and Surfboard Insurance is 5.50€ per day.




Surf Camp Bukit watermelon
Surf Camp Bukit has its own restaurant with varied menu

Breakfast is included daily
Every morning you’ll wake up to a varied, delicious and healthy breakfast. Breakfast is à la carte and along with your selected meal you can get delicious smoothies and fresh fruit juices.


Surf Camp Bukit restaurant
Both Balinese and Western food on offer

5 Times a week dinner is included
The master chefs at Surf Camp Bukit whip up amazing local and international meals 5 times a week to satisfy the hungry guests. Not only is the food spectacular, but this is also a great time to get to know the other guest. You get to share a great meal, swap surf stories and toast to another great surf tomorrow. From Monday to Friday dinner is included, and on the weekends you can go to one of the many neighbouring restaurants or bars to find amazing local and western cuisine.



Bali sunset beach rocks
Discover more to Bali than just epic surf

In around 60 minutes you can make it form Surf Camp Bukit to Kuta city centre where you can party at one of the countless nightclubs along the party-mile, shop at the local stores and shopping malls, or explore the amazing restaurants of the city.

If you want to keep away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities you can go to check out one of the many natural attractions Bali has to offer. There are amazing waterfalls, ancient Hindu and Buddhist Temples, rice terraces and stunning volcanoes all at your doorstep. The team at the camp is more than happy to help you organise a driver to explore any of these, plus many more amazing attractions around Bali.

Our recommendation is checking out Ubud, here you can visit rice terraces, a temple, the monkey forest, as well as restaurants and hand craft shops all on one trip. The camp has a driver that can take you for day trips after your morning surf session and take you wherever you would like to go. Even if it’s just a short trip to the supermarket or cash machine. If you want to go by yourself you can also rent a scooter from the camp that even comes with a surfboard rack.

Bali Temple
Culture and nature combine

There are plenty of opportunities to experience Balinese culture. Whether you want to go to one of the many ancient Hindu or Buddhist temples to learn about the origins of the culture, visit the palaces to see how the royalty in Bali live, check out the rice fields or even take trips into the bigger cities to shop, eat & party. Each trip will highlight a different element of Balinese culture. From its origins in the temples, through its development, to what the culture has become today.

There are plenty of options and the team at Surf Camp Bukit can give you plenty of advice regarding any trips you want to undertake. Ubud comes highly recommended as it combines history, nature and a city trip in one. It’s especially spectacular if you go in the afternoon as you’ll get to witness a stunning sunset while sat in an ancient palace.

Surf Camp Bukit cliffs Bali
Explore the Balinese coastline on your daily surf trips

You will never be bored at Surf Camp Bukit. There is something to carter to every type of person with the options including things like taking a sunrise hike up a volcano, practicing yoga, getting massages, or going diving. Everything can be booked and organised when you arrive in Bali.

While taking part in the guided surf sessions you will automatically be exploring Bali as well. The team go out twice a day from Tuesday to Sunday and always go to different spots, either by car or boat. The team will always find the best waves and factor in your skill level, and the conditions, to get you to waves that you will enjoy.




Navigate via the tabs to find prices for the different accommodation options, as well as various optional extras. Here you will see an example:

1 Week incl. Surf Guiding, Breakfast and 5x Dinner from 359 €!

  • 7 Nights accommodation incl. Breakfast
  • 5x Dinner
  • Surf Guiding, 2 Session per Day (Mon-Sat)
  • Surf video analysis & surf theory evening for beginners
  • Spot transfers & introduction
  • Wi-Fi
  • Airport pick-up free of charge
  • Yoga classes for surfers
  • Beach Bag

Detailed prices under: Accommodation


Price per Person, per Week

  • All prices without discount
  • Every night you stay the price drops by 1%
  • Maximum discount is 30% after 30 nights
  • Example: If you stay for 14 nights – you get a 14% discount on accommodation
  • No discount on any extras including any surcharges, meals, day trips and surfboard rental & courses
  • The prices can vary depending on availability


  • 7 Nights accommodation incl. Breakfast
  • 5x Dinner
  • Surf Guiding, 2 Session per Day (Mon-Sat)
  • Surf video analysis & surf theory evening for beginners
  • Spot transfers & introduction
  • Wi-Fi
  • Airport pick-up free of charge
  • Yoga classes for surfers
  • Beach Bag
For every night stayed you get 1% discount. For 7 nights, it will be 7%.
Dorm Room 33 €
Twin Bungalow 39 €
Deluxe Double Suite 72 €
Penthouse Double Suite 82 €


Optional Extras

Bookable in advance and on site:

Extras (no discount possible)

one hour of surf lessons including equipment 34 €
Surfboard Rental 11 €/Day
Surfboard Insurance 6€
Massage 11 €
Airport Pick-Up inclusive
Airport Drop-Off 18 € per Trip*
* After booking, please send flight details directly to the camp manager specified in the invoice.

Surf Course (no discount possible)

Surfboard rental and insurance 15 € / day
Surf courses without material for beginners can be booked on site as much as you like





Denpasar Airport (DPS)

We offer an extra service where we will find you the cheapest available flight, then contact you with the final offer. Flights to Denpasar are the best option when travelling to Surf Camp Bukit. When the flights are booked and finalised we can organise an airport transfer to come and meet you at the airport, and take you to the Surf House.

For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself, we recommend Skyscanner, this will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from, and where they stop over. You can fly to Denpasar Airport (DPS) with Emirates, QatarEtihad and many more local & international airlines.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Airport Transfer

The airport transfer cost is 18 € per person, per trip. The crew can pick you up when you land, and drop of again when you depart. Contact the camp manager once your flights are booked. Their details are on the Pure Surf Camp invoice.

Driver Service

For any day trips you want to undertake, or trips to the airport or harbour, you can book a Driver and car or van for the day. This is a great way to get some local info and explore the country in comfort. The team at Surf Camp Bukit will gladly organise a car a driver for you whenever you need.


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