Surf Camp Peniche

The heart of Portugals surf scene

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Comfortable surf camp with ocean view

  • Ideal accommodation for every traveler – mediated by Puresurfcamps
  • Top location next to the beach in Peniche
  • high quality campground overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
  • Surf courses to suit every level
  • Newly built bungalows, mobile homes and amenities
  • Daily breakfast, lunch package and 5 weekly dinners included
  • Chilled surf camp vibe with experienced and fun crew
  • Daily yoga lessons and a day trip to Lissabon
  • spot check at Supertubos - one of the best waves in Europe


New extras included for 2020:

  • Wine & cheese tasting night
  • 3 yoga sessions included
  • New waterbottle + refill station in the Camp
  • Outdoor gym for free usage
  • general video analysis included

Payment methods:
Our payment methods

Obligation free request

Surf Camp

Surf Camp


Pure Surfcamps Chill oUta Area mit BAr
Pure Surfcamp Peniche Das Camp
Pure Surfcamp Peniche Das Camp
Pure Surfcamp Peniche
Eigene Miniramp im Camp
Die Unterkünfte im Surfcamp Peniche
Pure Surfcamp Peniche Das Camp
Purersurfcamps Peniche Team
Wer ein Dach über den kopf brauch
Pure Surfcamps Peniche
Pure Surfcamps Peniche
Have fun with newly made friends

Peniche Surf Camp is one of the newest additions to our Portugal line up. The camp's location allows guests to easily access the nearby beach and surf by foot and when relaxing in the afternoons and evenings you get to enjoy stunning Atlantic Ocean views. At the camp ground the team has assembled the perfect selection of accommodation options to cater to every budget, and every type of traveler or group.

  • Campground location right by stunning beaches and world class surf spots
  • Daily breakfast, Lunch & 5 evening meals included
  • Amazing value at low price
  • The world famous Supertubos just around the corner
  • Football & basketball field available to guests
  • Surf Courses for all levels
  • Pool table and large chill areas for guests to enjoy their evenings
  • Countless and diverse surf spots all easily accessed from the camp




Surfcamp Peniche Portugal Sunset
Peniche von oben
Die Felsküste in Peniche
Sonnenuntergan über Peniche
Surfcamp Peniche Portugal Surfschule
Unendliche weiten
Spot Check in Peniche
Der Leuchtturm von Peniche
Puresurfcamps Peniche Hausstrand
Enjoy a sunset session along the beautiful Portuguese coastline

Surf Camp Peniche is located near Praia do Baleal where you have a combination of reef & beach breaks to surf. Just to the left of the camp you have the famous fortified Baleal peninsula called Baleia by the Portuguese which means Whale. The area is littered with cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, shops & bars, but if you are looking for a little more action, about 10 minutes away from the camp by car you’ll reach the centre of Peniche. Lisbon is also only an hour away if you are wanting to head out for a night.

The old harbour town of Peniche itself is also located on a peninsula that juts out from the mainland. It’s a lively & beautiful small town, the perfect place to spend a relaxing, or not so relaxing evening. There are plenty of bars, cafés & restaurants located in the peninsula as well as beautiful histroric architecture, a lighthouse & an amazing harbour.

The world famous Supertubos is also located nearby which is arguably the best surf spot in Europe.

Local Tips

Supertubos, Peniche, Portugal barrels
Berlenga castle day trip surroundings portugal peniche
A good to epic day at the nearby Supertubos

To the South of the Peniche Peninsula you have Praia do Medão, along do Medão you'll find plenty of peaks to surf, the most famous being Supertubos. The hollow A-Frame beach break hosts the Rip Curl Pro every year and is a favorite for pro surfers from around the world. If you are at our camp definitely set a few hours aside to either just watch Supertubos or if you’re already a good surfer you can head out with the locals and try get a gem.

Peniche Tour
Along the western edge of the Peniche Peninsula you will find Cabo Carvoeiro, here you have a picturesque lighthouse that dates back to 1758. It was remodeled in the 1800’s but has been guiding sailors to the Peniche Harbor for 200 years. The rugged cliffs along the western edge of the peninsula also make an amazing backdrop to enjoy a meal or local wine.

If you head back towards the mainland via the narrow goat tracks along the coast you will come across the Furninha Caves which are well worth checking out. Once you’ve passed the caves, you can keep going and you will run straight into the old Fort of Peniche.

Berlenga Grande Island
About 2 km out to sea you have the island chain of Berlengas, made up of 3 islands. The largest, Berlenga Grande, doubles as a nature reserve. Plenty of tour operators make the trip out from the harbour to explore the island's stunning beaches, lush plant life and Fort of São João Baptista.



Coming soon...


Coming soon...




The newly built Bungalows comfortably sleep 2 people. Within these 4 walls you have your own little private getaway for an amazing price. The room has a closet to store your gear and a window to the let the fresh Portuguese air flow through your room.

Here are the Prices!

The Bungalows are also available for individual bookings.

Bungalows at the Penice Surf Camp Portugal
Bungalows at the Penice Surf Camp Portugal
Surf Camp Peniche quiksivler
Surf Camp Peniche Bungalows
Surf Camp Peniche
Plenty of space for you, your friend & your gear

Mobile Homes

The brand new mobile homes have one large double bedroom, a small kitchen area & private bathroom. Outside you also have a small terrace area. The mobile homes are a perfect option for couples or friends looking for a little extra space and comfort while surfing the perfect Peniche waves.

Here are the Prices!



Puresurfcamp mobile Home Front
Puresurfcamp mobiel Früshtück
Puresurfcamp Schlafzimmer
Puresurfcamp mobiel Home Küche
Puresurfcamp Schlafzimmer
Pure Surfcamps Badezimmer
A place to call home

Online Booking



Pure surfcamp Peniche Surfkurse
Pure surfcamp Peniche Surfkurse
Pure surfcamp Peniche Surfkurse
Our qualified surf instructors give you tips right with you in the line up

Surf Camp Peniche offers a professional surf course with qualified instructors. The team will take everyone down to the water, where they then split up everyone into groups based off of skill level meaning your instructor will customise the session to fit your needs perfectly. The surf course basic includes 5 surf sessions with 1,5 hours in the water. You also learn about the ocean with our surf theory lesson. The medium course includes 7 sessions in the water which means more time in the water and more time for surfing.

The surf course medium

  • Surf Spot: Baleal
  • 10 hour / 5 Day Surf Course
  • Certified & Experienced coaches
  • Transfer to Baleal included
  • Also includes Wetsuit & Surfboard rental
  • video analysis included
  • Surf Course basicBeginner / Intermediate (10h): 159 €
  • Surf Course mediumBeginner / Intermediates (13h): 199 €

There is a surf spot right at the camp where you can free surf called Almagreira, the Surf Lessons take place 10 minutes away at Baleal, where we shuttle you every day.

Pure Surf Camp General Video Analysis Surfhouse Caparica
Puresurfcamps Videocoaching
your coaches will explain you the correct foot position, core and shoulders

In each of our courses you will get direct feedback from the surf instructor on the beach! As it is sometimes not easy to implement these tips directly, due to constantly changing surf conditions, we do it like the pros! We will film you on a selected surf course day from the beach while you are in the water. We check the footage in a cozy round in the evening and analyze what has been done well and where there is still room for improvement. Of course, only with your consent. On the basis of some examples, direct improvement possibilities are discussed which can help all surfers of the respective course group. Filming and evaluating each individual student would take a lot of time.

Therefore only a few videos are selected that show common mistakes that everyone can use for orientation.
If you're already a comfortable surfer and want to take the next step our general video analysis is perfect for you. With the analysis, you work on key sequences that differentiate whether you are "only" surfing solidly, or whether you are experiencing a clearly perceptible learning curve.




Daily Breakfast is included

So your mornings at Surf Camp Peniche are stress-free the team makes sure you wake up to a solid breakfast buffet every morning. The buffet includes all the continental European breakfast favourites plus muesli and fresh fruit, as well as freshly brewed coffee & tea.

The perfect way to get yourself ready for active days out in the surf.

fresh food breakfast meals peniche surf camp portugal
breakfast full board surf vacation travel peniche
breakfast full board half board portugal traveling
Fresh ingredients every day


5 Nights a week the team put on an amazing dinner for the camp. They always make use of the freshest local ingredients and make sure every diet is catered to. The teams cooks not only prepare delicious food, but also make a bit of an event out of it meaning you get to enjoy building friendships with the team and other guests while enjoying great food, amazing views, and great local wine.

There is no meal provided on the day the weekly Lisbon trip takes place as the majority of the crew and guests take part and get taken to the best spots in the capital. If you decide you don’t want to go to Lisbon this is a great night to discover what Peniche has to offer. And of course, the team will give you some handy tips about the best places to eat and drink.

Puresurfcamp Snacks am Abend
Puresurfcamp Peniche Salatbuffet
A delicious evening snack


Puresurfcamps Peniche YOga session MOnday
Puresurfcamps Peniche YOga session MOnday
Puresurfcamps Peniche YOga session MOnday
Puresurfcamps Peniche YOga session MOnday
Puresurfcamps Peniche YOga session MOnday Yoga teacher single training
Puresurfcamps Peniche YOga session MOnday Yoga teacher single training
Surfcamp Peniche Portugal Yoga am Strand
Surfcamp Peniche Portugal Entspannungsyoga
Take a deep breathe and unwind

At the Surf Camp Peniche you have the option to book a Yoga Package that consists of 5 days with 1 session per day. Yoga is the perfect exercise to compliment your surfing because it stretches the muscles you worked out in the ocean, speeding up the recovery, and getting you ready for the next days of surfing. It also calms the mind, gets you consciously noticing your breathing and building core strength, all of wich are vital to becoming a proficient surfer.

3 Yoga sessions are included during your one week stay.

Every extra session will cost 10 Euros.

The Tejo River & Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge in Lisbon
The old inner-city of Lisbon
The Tejo River & Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge in Lisbon

Lisbon Party Tour
Every week the team organises a trip to Lisbon. The trip starts with a walking tour of the city where you get to check out all the hot spots while learning a little about the history of the city. Afterwards, the crew takes you to the old city where you can do some exploring or shopping by yourself. Then everyone meets again and you all head to the pier that overlooks the Tejo River & iconic suspension bridge for an afternoon drink. After dinner, you can enjoy a night of great food, music and share a few drinks and stories with your newly made friends from camp.

The tour costs 25 € and includes the City Tour and transfers to & from the camp.

Surfcamp peniche
Surfcamp Peniche
Surfcamp Peniche
Check out our mini ramp - perfect for beginners and pros!

Longboards & Cruiser
The team have got their hands on a bunch of brand new longboards that are perfect for exploring the mellow hills along the Portuguese coast. It’s a lot of fun just rolling down towards the beach skating a few kilometers towards Ericeira.

Mini Ramp
Surf Camp Peniche has its own mini ramp for practicing those frontside and backside air reverses or if you're not already a pro you can learn how to drop in for the first time. Skateboards are here in camp so there is no need to bring your own.

The team have plenty of connections in Peniche if you want to do other activities in the area. One great option is jumping on an SUP and doing tour around the Peniche peninsula for a new view of the region.

Ping Pong

We also have a ping pong table for those of you who didn't get enough action in the surf.




Navigate via the tabs to find the prices for different accommodation options, and various optional extras. Here you will see an example:

1 Week including Full-Board from 249 €!

  • 7 Nights in booked accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast & Lunch 
  • 5 x Dinner
  • NEW: Wine & cheese tasting night
  • NEW: 3 yoga sessions included
  • NEW: New waterbottle + refill station in the Camp
  • NEW: Outdoor gym for free usage
  • NEW: general video analysis

Detailed price list under: Accommodation


Price per Person per Week
Arrival & Departure always occurs on Saturday


  • 7 Nights in booked accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast & Lunch 
  • Freshly brewed coffee & tea every morning
  • 5 x Dinner
  • Wine & cheese tasting night
  • 3 yoga sessions included
  • New waterbottle + refill station in the Camp
  • Outdoor gym for free usage
  • general video analysis included
30.05. - 06.06.20 249 € 299 €
06.06. - 13.06.20 299 € 349 €
13.06. - 20.06.20 319 € 369 €
20.06. - 27.06.20 319 € 369 €
27.06. - 04.07.20 349 € 399 €
04.07. - 11.07.20 369 € 419 €
11.07. - 18.07.20 379 € 429 €
18.07. - 25.07.20 399 € 449 €
25.07. - 01.08.20 399 € 449 €
01.08. - 08.08.20 399 € 449 €
08.08. - 15.08.20 399 € 449 €
15.08. - 22.08.20 399 € 449 €
22.08. - 29.08.20 399 € 449 €
29.08. - 05.09.20 369 € 419 €
05.09. - 12.09.20 369 € 419 €
12.09. - 19.09.20 349 € 399 €
19.09. - 26.09.20 349 € 399 €
26.09. - 03.10.20 349 € 399 €

Surcharge for Single Occupancy of Bungalows or Mobile Homes

Bungalow Single Occupancy + 150 €
Mobile Home Single Occupancy + 150 €

Online Booking


* CAUTION: The Mobile Home for 3 people can only be booked by 3 people travelling together. The Mobile Home has one large double bed, and one foldout out couch. 

Optional Extras

Price per Person:
Pre-Booking & Onsite Booking available

Surf Course Beginner or Intermediate (10 hours / 5 Day) incl. Material & Transfers 159 €
Yoga 1h 10 €

Bookable in advance:

Return Shuttle Lisbon Airport - Surfcamp * 40 €
Oneway Shuttle Lisbon Airport - Surfcamp * 20 €
* Arrival: Airport departure: 15:30
* Departure: Surfcamp departure: 09:00

Price per Person:
Bookable and payable on site

Lisbon Trip 25 €
Key deposit (refund on departure) 5 €

Online Booking



We offer an extra service where we will find you a cheap, available flight. We’ll double-check the prices and availability and will contact you with the final offer. Cheap flights are available starting from as little as 80 Euro! Best option is to fly directly to Lisbon (LIS) and then book an airport transfer.

Lisbon (LIS)

For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself we recommend Skyscanner which will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from. 

Cheap Airlines from the UK:

RyanAir and Easyjet provide cheap and easy ways to get to Lisbon, Portugal from most airports in and around all major centres in the UK.

Public Transport
Lisbon Airport is about 95 km away from Peniche with the bus journey taking about 2 hours & 45 minutes. You can check out the bus plan at Rome2Rio.

If you decide on a Taxi or Über you can expect the trip to take a little over an hour and cost somewhere around 120 € and can take 4 guests.

At 3.30 pm every Saturday a shuttle will leave from Lisbon Airport and head towards Peniche Surf Camp. When returning the Shuttle leaves the Surf Camp at 9:00 am towards Lisbon Airport. The cost is 20 € per trip / 40 € Return. 





Rental Car
We recommend renting a car! In Portugal there are very cheap rental cars available that start at 80 € per week. At Sunny Cars you'll find the cheapest rental cars around! Getting a rental car will allow you to spontaneously explore the coastline or nearby Lisbon. It will also give you the freedom to take early morning drives up the coast to go to your favourite surf spot and be first in the water.


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