About Pure

Our motto for over 10 years

Pure Surf Camps - Pure Passion

Pure Surf Camps - Pure Passion: We have been organizing our surf camps, surf houses & surf trips and selecting the partners with whom we would like to work according to this motto for over 10 years. We are passionate about it and work at the highest level in terms of service, processing, quality, safety and reliability. We are proud to be the market and quality leader as a surf travel tour operator in Europe and will continue to expand our offer in the coming years.

When we came into contact with surfing 20 years ago, it quickly became clear what we would do with our time in the future. We love the entire lifestyle of surfing and want to share this feeling with you. We, the managing directors of Puresurfcamps, have been working in tourism for leading tour operators for around 20 years. We have worked in many different destinations as tour guides, coordinators, snowboard instructors and destination managers and also got to know the administrative side of tourism work from the ground up. We have learned to provide good services with small budgets and were able to make our guests happy with a lot of passion and work. When we got the chance to become self-employed with Puresurfcamps, it quickly became clear that we wanted to realize and implement this: Organize surf trips professionally and arrange partner camps professionally - at a top level and with a unique price-performance ratio. In 2020 Puresurfcamps turned exactly 10 years old and we have developed into the leading organizer of surf trips & surf camps in Europe and worldwide.

Certificates, Memberships & Certifications

Here are the ****Puresurfcamps quality factors:

[Translate to English:] drv

Puresurfcamps GmbH is the only tour operator in the surf travel sector that is an official member of the German Travel Association and thus meets the requirements of the DRV*. Full protection of the travel participants.
*Deutsche Renten Versicherung - German Pension Insurance

[Translate to English:] isa

All our surf instructors always have the current training and licenses from the international associations, which are renewed annually.

[Translate to English:] dwv

Our surf school is certified by the DWV* and therefore offers the highest safety standards. We work exclusively in small groups of max. 8 people with professional material and trained teachers.
*Deutscher Wellenreit Verband - German Surf Association

[Translate to English:] Tüv

We work with TÜV*-certified coach partners who stand for quality and safety in the field of coach travel.
*Technischer Überwachungs Verein - Association for Technical Inspection

Our 4 core values

Sustainability at Puresurfcamps:

These symbols describe our 4 core values, which we largely pursue on the subject of sustainability in all Puresurfcamps.

[Translate to English:] Handcrafted Nachhaltig

HANDCRAFTED – We build and renovate as much as possible ourselves or in cooperation with local companies. This gives us the opportunity to make everything more durable and perfect for our purposes, instead of just always buying new.

[Translate to English:] DIRECT FROM FARMERS nachhaltigkeit

DIRECT FROM FARMERS - Is enormously important to us for reasons of short transport routes and quality. Wherever possible (e.g. in the Algarve & Morocco), we will try to focus more and more on local markets & switch to organic suppliers.

[Translate to English:] fair trade nachhaltigkeit

FAIR TRADE - Everyone involved should be fairly rewarded for their efforts. Quality has its price, but at the same time creates a good feeling and increases the responsible handling of goods and food.


SUSTAINABLE - Is the all-encompassing motto that we will strive for -  in all our Original Puresurfcamps in the future and in the long term. We want to set an example and, as nature-loving surfers, give something back to the world. Every guest helps with their booking, as well as on site in the corresponding surf camp, as we are now implementing sustainable guidelines.

Service & Quality

Why should I book with Puresurfcamps?

[Translate to English:] team

At Puresurfcamps, we value service and quality right from the start: the journey begins long before the holiday.

Where do you start looking, which surf camp or surf house is the right one? Which country do you want to go to, etc.?

Quality at Pure - our surf camps and surf houses have been setting the standards in the surf camp world for years. It was important to us right from the start that our Pure Surf Camps really stand out from the rest.

Highest Standards

Accommodation, Staff & Design:

sea view surf camp morocco
The Sea View Apartment at Surf Lodge Portugal. With its own terrace, surrounded by the nature reserve and overlooking the sea
The Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira directly overlooking the world famous surf spot Praia de Ribeira d'Ilhas
The Premium Surf Lodge France in Hossegor. Detached house with pool, BBQ and garden
The unique Sea View Surf Camp in Morocco

In the surf houses, lodges and surf camps we now offer hotel-like standards.

In France in particular, we clearly stand out from the wide-ranging competition in the areas of camp style, camp size and facilities.

In Morocco we have created a camp landscape with infinity pools, beach club, high-quality Moroccan interior and sea view that is second to none.

In Portugal we operate a number of top quality lodges and houses. Always close to the beach. Sometimes in the middle of a nature reserve.

We are guaranteed to offer the best surf travel products on the market, with the best value for money.

Our promise of quality

Advice and Customer Service

advice in the office

Customer service is our top priority. With a sales team of more than 10 people, we help you to find the right trip right from the start.

Regardless of budget, country or travel time. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer - we will advise you honestly and in detail right from the start, so that you are guaranteed to find the best product for you and your holiday.

Our customer service is also there for you before, during and after your trip and will answer any questions immediately. If a problem occurs, we guarantee to remedy it immediately!

Secure travel Processing

Price, Service & Reliability 

The stunning coastline of Moliets Plage in southern France
The quiet town of St. Girons Plage offers plenty of space on the beach and has a beautiful campsite
The stunning coastline of Moliets Plage in southern France

At Pure, we have a partner GmbH in every country that handles the travel properly.

Of course, we comply with all local and tax regulations.

Safety is very important to us. Every teamer & surf instructor is specially trained and we pay attention to every detail that our trips, courses & excursions are carried out with the highest level of safety.

At Puresurfcamps we know that we are not the “cheapest” provider on the market. But the quality, safety and proper processing in the destination area have their price.

Thats what our customers say

Feedback & Ratings

Our surf course feedback is always great thanks to surf instructor legends like Till and that is extremely important to us
Group trips to San Sebastian and Biarritz confirm the guarantee of fun at Puresurfcamps
surf course
Our surf course feedback is always great thanks to surf instructor legends like Till and that is extremely important to us

The opinion of our customers is our most important asset. According to our evaluation, last year we had 98.5% satisfied guests!

As soon as we get the slightest complaint, we get to the bottom of it and try to improve it.

Many good ratings and 4.7 stars on Google, among other review platforms, give the emphasis.

If you have any questions about our feedback management, please feel free to contact us! On request, we will also be happy to send you the evaluation of the complaints.

Where everything began

Our roots in France

France has a very special meaning for the Pure Crew. This is where it all started for many of us. The first waves, our first surf camp and endless good memories.

Ole and Adrian were there from the start. The two discovered their love for surfing there a good 20 years ago and have never been able to part with the dream of "Endless Summer". Since we founded Puresurfcamps more than 10 years ago, the two have been taking care of the smooth running of our France surf camps. Ole mainly takes care of the organizational side of the surf camps, while Adrian makes sure that you get the best surf courses. Of course, the selection and training of the surf instructor team and the division of the surf courses play a major role.

In addition to Ole & Adrian, there is of course a large team of experts who will work together to ensure your perfect holiday. Here we would like to introduce you to our France team.

The Pure Crew at Sunset Surf
Lynn and Tanessa on their way to the beach
france team
france team
france team
france team
Perfect morning session with the Pure Team
france team
france team
france team
france team
The Pure Crew at Sunset Surf


The Puresurfcamps Team France

Ole is an integral part of the Purecrew, has been with us since the beginning and can tell you some surf camp anecdotes. He has been running the surf camp in Moliets for several years and surfs on the French Atlantic coast every summer. He likes to spend the autumn in our stylish surf lodge in Sagres, Portugal. No matter in which camp you do your surf course, Ole will show you everything you need to know as a future surfer, from the take-off to the first green wave - so let's go to France. Ole has an ISA Level 2 training and is a certified beach lifeguard. Rock'n'Roll!

“I dedicate my life completely to the ocean. When I'm not at uni studying marine science, you'll find me either on the beach or out on the water. During the joint surf course I will try to answer all your questions about the sea and surfing. I also want to make your entry into surfing as safe and fun as possible. We will meet in summer!" (Adrian Siebert, official German champion and ADH winner in longboarding, ADH Open Class winner 2011, ISA Level 2 and Beach Lifeguard)

The charismatic Australian, whose adopted home is France, always has a snappy joke on his lips. Darren has long worked for our partners at Euroglass and Quiksilver. Since 2020 he enriches the French team with full commitment. As you can see, Mr. Broadbridge likes it big and one of his favorite waves is the Bigwave surf spot "La Nord" in Hossegor. In the summer of 2020, Darren ran our new Family Surf Camp Biscarosse. In 2021 the Surfcamp Seignosse and the Premium Surflodge France in Hossegor were added.

Leon grew up with board sports - whether snowboarding, skating or surfing - a life without boards would be unthinkable for him. If there is a problem he is there immediately and always has an open ear for you, which is why he is camp leader in St.Girons this year.

How it went

Our second base in Portugal

Portugal is one of our absolute favorite destinations. Since the beginning we have opened many new surf houses and surf camps here.

Together with our Portuguese partners and friends we organize the best surf lodges and surf houses on the Portuguese Atlantic coast for you.

Decio and his team take care of the organization of the surf camps south of Lisbon. In the Algarve we work together with Samu and Linda, who run one of the best and oldest surf schools in the area. Samu is Portuguese and grew up right in the heart of the Algarve. He knows every stone and every wave and ensures that you experience an unforgettable week by the sea.

There is also a Pure Office in Vila do Bispo. From there, bookings are processed and problems solved under the direction of Franzi.

Surf Lodge Portugal
One of the many surf spots in the Algarve is within walking distance from Surflodge Portugal
Burger BBQ
Surf Lodge Portugal
[Translate to English:] Das Feierabend Bier an der eigEnjoy the after-work beer at our own bar with sea viewsenen Bar mit Meerblick genießen
Pool mit Meerblick der Pure Surflodge Portugal
The surf lodge at night
Samu at the Seafood BBQ at his surf camp in the Algarve


The Puresurfcamps Team Portugal

Decio comes from a small town near Lisbon. Surfing has always been his great passion. We had our first portuguese surf camp in 2014 and right after that we opened a surf camp in Caparica with him. It quickly became a close friendship and many other ideas were realized together. Decio's latest project is the Surf Villa Ericeira. We are excited to see what else he will come up with in the years to come.

Manu has been an integral part of the Pure Crew for years. It all started for him in our Surf Camp in Moliets where he led the craft crew for a few years. Today Manu runs some surf camps in Portugal, Ericeira - The management of the Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeria and our brand new Surf Villa Ericeira has made Manu's dream of living by the sea possible.

Pure veteran Ulli is a passionate surfer and globetrotter himself. From St. Girons to Biscarrosse to the south of Portugal: Ulli has already been able to call a number of Pure Camps his home and is currently the camp manager of the Surflodge Portugal.

Andy, who everyone just calls “Sonny”, is a cheerful Italian & Italian professional longboarder. With his relaxed and friendly manner, Sonny will teach you how to surf and show you the first steps on the surfboard. Sonny was Italian vice champion & surfed on the European longboard tour. Sonny has the ISA Level 2 surf instructor license & is a trained beach lifeguard. A few years ago, Sonny fulfilled his dream of having his own surf camp and has been living in the

Surf Lodge Santa Cruz. Sonny also takes care of the distribution of Puresurfcamps.it

Samu is our man in the Algarve. More than 15 years ago he founded one of the first surf schools in the area. The opening of the Surf Camp Algarve followed a few years later . Samu is from Sagres, the most southwestern point of Europe. He knows the area like no other and has given us many good sessions with his local knowledge.

Linda takes care of the surf camp Algarve together with Samu. Her greatest passion are her horses. If you fancy a leisurely ride along the cliffs of Portugal, then Linda is the right place for you!

Highest standards since 2014

Expansion to Morocco

When we opened our first house in Morocco in 2014, a dream came true for us.
From day one we have relied on the help and expertise of our good friend Richie. Richie was born in Morocco and grew up in Austria.
Now he is back in his homeland and takes care of our surf camps and surf houses in Morocco. With his visionary way, he not only created the best surf lodges in the area, but also helped many Moroccans get jobs and opened up new perspectives.

Yoga at the infinity pool
Surfing in Morocco
Surfing in Morocco
Surfing in Morocco
Surfing in Morocco
Our yoga teacher Paulina


The Puresurfcamps team Morocco

Richie's real name is Raschid and he was born in Morocco. However, he grew up in Austria. Almost 10 years ago, he was driven to his old home with the dream of his own surf camp. Since then he has been enjoying life in the Orient and always takes care of organizing the best surf camps and restaurants for us. Inshalla he will soon open his first surf hotel near Taghazout

Mehdi is a native Moroccan, licensed surf instructor and our head coach at Pure Surfcamp Morocco. Mehdi has been working for Pure for many years and always has a big grin in store for you.

We organize your surf vacation

The Pure Office Crew / Munich / Hossegor / Sagres

The PURE Office culture began in 2010 in our headquarters in the heart of Munich: As a small company on just 20 square meters and with only one temporary worker, but even then with big dreams and visions!

Now, more than 10 years later, the Munich office team counts a proud 16 employees who not only share the passion for surfing with their colleagues and guests in the camps, but are also lucky enough to be able to share them in one or the other lunch break to be able to share together on the Eisbach wave.

From the headquarters of the management, to controlling & accounting, the sales department for the camps, to HR & administration and our media & marketing department. Everything has its origins here and is the cornerstone and source of inspiration for its siblings in Portugal and France.

office crew
office crew
office crew
office crew
the headquarter in Munich

Our office team

The Pure Crew

Everyone at PURESURFCAMPS has one thing in common: the love for the sea and surfing. Our team consists of a colorful bunch of individualists who are enthusiastic about waves. Each individual contributes to the success of the PURESURFCAMPS brand with their expertise.

In our surf camps around the world, we always work with the best surf instructors and most experienced destination managers. This is the only way we can meet our own quality standards and guarantee you the best possible entry into the world of surfing.

With Puresurfcamps, Stefan has founded a company that perfectly combines his love of surfing and his business know-how. His creative head is the motor for the development of Puresurfcamps. Starting as a team leader in Moliets, he knows all areas of the company and the entire surfing industry down to the last detail. Whether in tourism, on-site processing, marketing or legal issues, Stefan invests all the energy he has in all areas of the company. These experiences and his passion for surfing have made our travel platform what it is today.

With Puresurfcamps, Christian founded a company with which he turned his passion into a profession. As an enthusiastic surfer, he has been constantly working on the quality of our surf camps ever since. He promotes the creation of new surf camps, takes care of the quality management on site, designs the interior design of the surf camps and works with the partners on the fine-tuning of the destinations. In addition, Christian looks after the many groups that have been spending their surfing holidays with us for years. He heads our tourism department and when there is an emergency, Christian jumps in and supports the tourism team. Chrille gets around a lot by looking after the camps and of course always has his board bag with him. With infinite energy and his experience, he gives everything, even when sometimes no one knows what to do!

Franzi, a trained travel agent and resident of Portugal, has been living in the southwestern Algarve for 15 years now. She met her husband, the Kluba Surfboards shaper, here and can't imagine living anywhere else. She has been the head of our Sagres office for some time and from there she and her team coordinate customer inquiries for all our destinations.

Almost 9 years ago, Annett turned her back on her hometown of Munich to travel. Since 2018, she has been sharing the experiences she has gained at various surf destinations around the world with you from our Portuguese office. She will be happy to help you with words and deeds when planning and booking long-distance trips.

Dirk Karstens is our "Lord of Numbers". From accounting to reporting to controlling, he manages the entire spectrum at Pure. Before joining Pure, he worked in international law firms for too long. The native Berliner recently moved to Munich and has fulfilled his dream of being closer to the mountains. With him by our side, we no longer have to be afraid of the tax office.

He is a real veteran - after first working as a team leader in our camps, he came to the office in Munich. He is our expert in surf gear and clothing. As a former Sales Rep. and Area Manager of a large streetwear brand, he has a lot of know-how in this area and makes sure that you always get the best equipment for learning to surf. Whether camp equipment, surfboards or T-shirts - Andi has the right nose. Of course, he also tests the equipment himself as often as possible.

Tanja is one of our longest employees and therefore knows Pure like the back of her hand. If there is a problem somewhere, her search instinct is awakened and she tracks down the problem. Because smooth processes are essential when it comes to your area of expertise: online booking and website maintenance. In her free time, however, she prefers to put her pedantism to one side and chill in the sun by the water.

Our newest addition to the Portuguese office creates a good atmosphere every day. The top executive with a background in retail has quickly integrated into our office and is our new expert for our surf camps in Morocco.

The old iron has been working at Puresurfcamps for several years and is still firing sharply. He takes care of the bus dispatch and our booking statistics in the office every day. In his free time he plays table tennis professionally, likes to spend his free days on the board and his free nights in various clubs.

"Wea fud isch, isch nimma do! - whoever goes away is never there again" Merlin thought so and moved from the beautiful Allgäu to the city of Munich. In addition to his studies in the city, he received some diligence cards from Puresurfcamps. And so it quickly became clear that we needed Merlin's skills in our company. When he's not surfing, you can usually find him hanging upside down on Munich's climbing walls.

Eddie the rocket takes care of everything that's going on in the office. In a perfect world he is a content manager and takes care of new texts, photos and web content. He also tries his hand at boxing, surfing, snowboarding, filming, superdaddy, board game. Good luck Mr. Rocket.

Matze Ried made it from dishwasher to millionaire or something like that. He started as a photo assistant at the Surf Camp Moliets 6 years ago and is now the Marketing Manager of Puresurfcamps. He loves Antonia and also organizes all marketing campaigns, looks after the Pure Surf Team and makes sure that enough photo and video material is produced by our houses, team riders and destinations every season.

Tan actually only ever wanted to program, now he is the Head of IT and makes sure every day that every employee boots their computer properly. He had his first working day at Puresurfcamps in 2018 in flip-flops in St Girons on the beach. He found his work-life balance by spending the summer months at the surf camp and working from Munich in the winter.

Pure Content Crew

The writing team

The faces behind the written sentences: In the Pure Blog, the webpages and social media, our authors provide you with the latest content from the surf camps, exciting interviews from the scene, authentic advice reports, interesting stories about surfing trips and inspiration from the world of surfing.

Our "Fischkopp - fish head" Jasper has been surfing since he was 15 and grew up in the surf camps of the French pine forests where he's at home. In addition to photos, web content and blog posts, Jasper always delivers a laugh - in the office, at the surf camp or on the beach. As a photographer, content manager and surf instructor, Jasper is one of our surfing all-rounders.

Carina aka Carrie is an editor, photographer, content manager, blog writer and the woman for copy and web content. Since 2019, Carrie has been delivering photos from the surf camps for Pure, takes care of the website and fills the Pure blog with fresh content from the surfing world. When she's not texting, you can find her with a camera or a surfboard on the beaches of the sunny Algarve.

Join our team

Jobs at Puresurfcamps

Throughout the year we are always looking for motivated employees, both for our offices in Munich, Portugal and France, as well as for our camps worldwide.

Here you will find a list of our current job advertisements. (not translated yet)

On an ecological and social level

Our contribution to sustainability

Surfing and nature form a unit. So we ask ourselves how we can protect what we love. As a company with roots in nature, we see it as our duty to give something back to nature and society.

On the one hand, we try to make the greatest possible contribution to ecological and social sustainability and thus take on a pioneering position as a surfing tour operator. On the other hand, we are committed to creating greater awareness of sustainability among our guests through transparent action.

Our sustainability strategy takes place on the ecological and social level. On the ecological level, we ask ourselves how we can do our part to protect the environment. On the social level, the question is how we as a company can act in an economically correct manner. This includes the question of how we can give something back to certain communities or the local economy. We also attach great importance to being an attractive employer.

Sustainability in the Pure Surf Camps
The Sheddies - permanent wooden cabins instead of tents
The first surf camp that was exclusively equipped with wooden cabins

Concrete measures in our camps are, on the one hand, sustainable accommodation. An example of this is the SHEDDIES in our camps in France. They are made from sustainable materials.

Another example is our flagship eco-lodge in Portugal, where, among other things, the entire inventory is made of driftwood. We stand behind the "Buy Local" motto to support local businesses.

The bus journeys to our surf camps in France are planned to be eco-friendly. In addition, vacationing within Europe and traveling by bus reduces the ecological footprint of our guests.

This is further influenced in our surf camps with the call to use our "No Plastics" water bottles and thus minimize the plastic waste of our generation.

Here you can find out more about the topic of sustainability at Puresurfcamps.

Promote German surfing

The Pure Surf Team

We founded the Pure team in 2016 to support the best German surfers and give something back to the sport. The idea: We want to push German surfing even more and do our part to further develop the sport in Germany. We were able to win some of the best German surfers for our team and we are proud to support them! Welcome to the Team!

Sponsored Riders

Puresurfcamps Pro Surf Team

leon glatzer
But Leon loves to fly through the air. His airgame is at the highest top level
leon glatzer
Leon Glatzer surft Indo
Bali surf Leon Glatzer
Leon Glatzer surfs Pure Surf Camp Bali
 Leon Glatzer surfing Costa Rica
Leon Glatzer loves to surf both frontside and backside
  • Leon Glatzer
  • Date of birth: 02/28/1997
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Residence: Pavones, Costa Rica
  • Sponsors: Puresurfcamps, Volcom, Globe, Citizen Watch Germany, Dakine

The German Costa Rican is one of the most talented surfers who have ever touched the water with a German passport and we are more than proud that he is part of the Pure team. At the ISA World Surfing Games in El Salvador, he was able to qualify for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo and will be the only German surfer to represent the German Surfing Association at the Olympics in July 2021.

Leon is known for his safe airgame and radical turns. Since participating in STAB HIGH and the RED BULL AIRBORNE in Hossegor, Leon has also made a name for himself in the international surfing cosmos. We are incredibly proud and keep our fingers crossed for Tokyo 2020!

lenni jensen, pro surfer
lenni jensen, pro surfer
lenni jensen, pro surfer
Lenny surf Moliets pure surf camp
shot by Matze at puresurfcamps
layback carve, this is what progressive surfing should look like
Lenni Jensen back side spray.
Lenni Jensen surfs Canary Islands
lenni jensen, pro surfer
Lenni scored on Lobos, a small island off Fuerteventura
  • Lennie Jensen
  • Date of birth: 05/18/01
  • Achievements: Canarian Champ U12 2013 & Vice-Champ U14 2012, German Champ U16 2014, 3rd U14 and U16 Canary Champs 2014, Top 10 Men Canary Champs 2014
  • Stance: Regular
  • Residence: Tenerife

Lenni is Germany's new super talent in surfing. In recent years he has already made a name for himself on the World Juniors Qualifying Series. Lenni has been taking part in the QS since 2020 and has secured third place at his home spot "Las Americas".

Lenni is part of the national surf squad and is training for a possible participation in the Olympics. Lenni's surfing is characterized by his powerful and precise turns and his unbranded rail-to-rail surfing.

  • Finn Springborn
  • Age: 24 years
  • Stance: Regular
  • Residence: Flensburg

No water is too cold and no surf trip too strenuous for the northern light Finn Ole Springborn! The adventurous globetrotter enjoys surfing the North and Baltic Seas just as much as he does the waves off Australia, Indonesia, France, Portugal and Scotland. He lives the surfing lifestyle with all its facets. Finn is a shortboarder through and through, but likes to have a session on anything that floats. When he's in the sea, it can take him three hours or more. The horse lung always has a snappy saying on its lips and is 99.9% in an extremely good mood.

Finn Spirngborn
Finn Springborn
Finn Springborn
Finn Springborn
Finn Springborn
Finn Springborn
Finn Springborn
Finn Springborn
Finn Springborn
The rougher the conditions, the happier the Springborn
  • Marco Teichner
  • Age: 18 years
  • Stance: Regular
  • Residence: Canary Islands

Marco Teichner is one of our youngest team riders. In recent years he has made a name for himself in the German scene with his radical surfing. At the latest since the German Surf Championship last year, everyone should really know about Marco. In challenging and big waves he has proven heat after heat that he is one of the best German surfers.

Marco Teichner in France
Marco also thinks barrels are great

Surf the best waves of the planet

Puresurfcamps Team Trips

The Pure Team tests the best breaks around our surf camps for you. Every year we send our media team along with some of our team riders to test the best waves around our surf camps. Whether it's a catamaran trip around the Canary Islands, to the best waves in Morocco or fantastic longboard conditions in Sri Lanka - our team will show you the best waves around our surf camps!

10 days at sea

A Pure Canaries Boat Trip

Surf Holiday Fuerteventura Catamaran Boat Trip
Surf Holiday Fuerteventura Catamaran Boat Trip
Surf Holiday Fuerteventura Catamaran Boat Trip
Surf Holiday Fuerteventura Catamaran Boat Trip
[Translate to EngSurf Holiday Fuerteventura Catamaran Boat Triplish:] Surfurlaub Fuerteventura Katamaran Boot Trip
Surf Holiday Fuerteventura Catamaran Boat Trip
Surf Holiday Fuerteventura Catamaran Boat Trip
Surf Holiday Fuerteventura Catamaran Boat Trip
Surf Holiday Fuerteventura Catamaran Boat Trip
Surf Holiday Fuerteventura Catamaran Boat Trip
team trip canaries
team trip canaries

A part of the Pure Surf team spent 10 days traveling around the Canary Islands in a catamaran.

Lenni Jensen, Tobi Schröder, Ale Piu, Remi Petersen, Adrian Siebert and of course the Pure Media team were on board.

In the video you can follow the Pure Team on their sailing trip around the Canary Islands archipelago. Watch the team trip video "A PURE CANARIES BOATTRIP" now.

10 days in the Orient

A Journey To Morocco

Morocco barrels
Surftrip Morocco Learn to surf at Puresurfcamps
surf trip
Surftrip Morocco Learn to surf at Puresurfcamps
Surftrip Morocco Learn to surf at Puresurfcamps
Surftrip Morocco Learn to surf at Puresurfcamps
Surftrip Morocco Learn to surf at Puresurfcamps
Surftrip Morocco Learn to surf at Puresurfcamps
Surftrip Morocco Learn to surf at Puresurfcamps
Surftrip Morocco Learn to surf at Puresurfcamps
Surftrip Morocco Learn to surf at Puresurfcamps

The Pure Team takes you on a journey to the Orient.

Morocco not only has the tales of the Arabian Nights, but also the best waves in North Africa! We stay 10 days in the Sea View Surfcamp Morocco and explore the coast of Morocco from there.

Not only did we find perfect point breaks, but also heavy slabs and lots of chocolate barrels.

Here you can watch the Puresurfcamps team trip movie "A Journey through Morocco".

Featuring: Finn Springborn, Lenni Jensen, Remi Petersen, Tobi Schröder & Ophelie Ah-Kouen.



A longboard dream

We Escape to Sri Lanka

sri lanka
team trip
learn to surf sri lanka at Pure Surfcamp surftrip with the team
learn to surf sri lanka at Pure Surfcamp surftrip with the team
learn to surf sri lanka at Pure Surfcamp surftrip with the team
learn to surf sri lanka at Pure Surfcamp surftrip with the team
learn to surf sri lanka at Pure Surfcamp surftrip with the team
learn to surf sri lanka at Pure Surfcamp surftrip with the team
learn to surf sri lanka at Pure Surfcamp surftrip with the team
learn to surf sri lanka at Pure Surfcamp surftrip with the team
learn to surf sri lanka at Pure Surfcamp surftrip with the team
learn to surf sri lanka at Pure Surfcamp surftrip with the team
learn to surf sri lanka at Pure Surfcamp surftrip with the team

Together with our Longboard Squad, the Pure Media Team sets out on a journey to the tropical island of Sri Lanka.

Our home for the next few weeks will be Surf Resort Sri Lanka - the perfect base for exploring the island and surfing the best waves on the coast.

We'll take you on a tuk tuk ride under the palm trees and towards the island's most picturesque waves.

Our longboard team consisting of Adrian Siebert, Ophelie Ah-Koune and the Italian Federico Nesti cruise together through the crystal clear water and the tropical palm forests.

Watch our new video "WE ESCAPE TO SRI LANKA" now!

Pure Vlogs

Behind The Scenes with the Pure Surf Team

Morocco Vlog#5 ????☀️????♥️
Morocco Vlog#6 ????☀️????♥️
Morocco Vlog#7 ????☀️????♥️
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Behind the Scenes with the Pure Team! We take you on the journey.

Experience the surfer lifestyle together with the Pure Team in our VLOGS.

Always looking for good waves and adventures, you can get an insight into the life of the pros here and also see the best insider tips for the respective countries and the best spots.

Sponsored Riders

The Puresurfcamps Rapid Surf Team

With the Puresurfcamps Rapid Surf Team we are trying to strengthen the Munich Rapid Surf scene and make a sport that has so far received less attention in the mainstream accessible to a wide audience. For this reason we are also title sponsor of the Rapid Surf League. The aim of the Pure Surfcamps Rapid Surf League is to determine the best rapid surfer in Europe after the tour has ended.

  • Janina Zeitler
  • 09/19/2000
  • Stance: regular
  • Residence: Munich

Surfing is your great passion. It all started at Floßlände in 2012, since then she can no longer imagine her life without surfing. She particularly enjoys traveling between Fuerteventura and Munich, with Munich being her place of residence. But for people from Munich there is of course an alternative and so you can usually find Janina at the Eisbach. Above all, Janina has done very well in championships and surfing competitions in recent years and is therefore well on the way to becoming Germany's best surfer.

[Translate to English:] Janina Zeitler Portrait
[Translate to English:] Janina Zeitler surfs moliets
[Translate to English:] Janina Zeitler surfs Fuerte
[Translate to English:] Janina Zeitler surfs Coista Rica
  • Rosina Neurer
  • 03/15/2000
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Residence: Munich

Rosina is a natural at surfing. In 2013 she went surfing for the first time in France. A year later she went on holiday to St. Girons, surfed the DM and also won second place in the juniors. Since then she has been in Australia for many months, a few weeks in the Maldives and in between time and again in France or the Canary Islands. What you do as a surfer in Germany. She also surfs river waves and sometimes wins a Rapid Surf Contest.

[Translate to English:] Rosina Neurer surfs citywave 2
[Translate to English:] Rosina Neurer surfs citywave 1
[Translate to English:] Rosina Neurer surfs citywave
[Translate to English:] Rosina Neurer Portrait
  • Manuel Kronfelder
  • 1995
  • Stance: regular
  • Residence: Munich

Manu was born in Munich and practically grew up on the Eisbach and that is also reflected in his surfing. With his tail-high reverses and powerful turns, he impresses the spectators on the Eisbach Bridge every day. So it's no wonder that Manu is an integral part of the Rapid Surf League Tour and battles it out with the elite in Rapid Surfing for the podium places. But Manu doesn't just surf the Eisbach. Last year he landed the cover of the Bild newspaper with a photo of himself surfing a flood wave in Munich, proving he's still one of the best all-round rapid surfers in the world.

The PURE SURFCAMPS RAPID SURF LEAGUE unites the best rapid surfers in Europe on one tour. The tour stops happen on very different semi-natural and artificial standing wave systems. The goal of the Pure Surfcamps Rapid Surf League is to determine the one and the best rapid surfer in Europe after the end of the tour. We want to see what is possible in rapid surfing - without losing sight of the sport of rapid surfing and conveying an authentic picture accordingly. For our viewers, this means action, inspiration, cool girls and hot guys, but above all a great show that makes you really want to get on the board yourself.

Die Pure Family

Puresurfcamps Legends & Friends

Puresurfcamps Legends & Friends. Der Name ist Programm, denn im Laufe der vergangen Jahre trafen wir immer wieder auf Surfer, die Pure mit ihrem Style und ihren Skills auf dem Brett geprägt haben.

Auch wenn einige der Rider längst nicht mehr aktiv an Wettkämpfen teilnehmen oder mittlerweile ihre eigenen Wege gehen, werden sie immer ein Teil der Pure Family bleiben.

Wir sind stolz darauf, euch hier unsere Legends & Friends vorzustellen! 

  • Alex Zirke
  • Nickname: Guire
  • Date of birth: 03/17/86
  • Height: 195cm
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Residence: Tenerife

The bigger the better. In his home country of Tennerifa, Alex Zirke fearlessly throws himself into the thickest bangers of the Atlantic. The great thing about him is that despite his big wave skills, his ego has remained small and humble and Zirke is one of the most relaxed and coolest guys we know! Alex is now part of the PURE family and our newest sponsored team member! Bienvenidos Alex

[Translate to English:] Alex Zirke paddelt raus
[Translate to English:] Alex Zirke Big Wave
[Translate to English:] Halb Mensch halb Waterman - Alex Zirke
[Translate to English:] Alex Zirke tief in einer Barrel
[Translate to English:] ok, sie sind anscheinend groß genug
  • Tobias Schroeder
  • Nickname: Toby
  • Date of birth: 05/04/94
  • Height: 188cm
  • Stance: regular
  • Residence: Jeffreys Bay

Tobi has a German passport, but has lived in South Africa, or rather in J-Bay, for as long as he can remember. From his terrace he overlooks the line up of Africa's best wave. So it's not surprising that his ultra-powerful turns are among the best in the German-speaking world. When he turns, it's still raining in the Serengeti two weeks later. He's new to the PURE surf team and, in addition to spray, he'll also cause quite a stir in the German scene.

Canary Pure Surfcamp story
Canary Pure Surfcamp story
Tobi Schröder surfing in Portugal
Tobi in Arrifana
Tobi aims for the setup turn
  • Remi Thomas Petersen
  • Age: 22 years
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Residence: J-Bay

Remi came to the camp with Tobi. The two grew up in Jeffreys Bay and have always been best friends. Remi has been surfing the QS for a few years and has learned to perform in all conditions. However, he still feels most comfortable on long and fast point breaks - like his home spot Supertubes. When you're out and about with Remi, you can be sure that you'll always have something to laugh about.

Remi cruising on his Allaiah
Remy surfs Canary Island at Puresurfcamp
moliets pure surf camp
Remy in Moliets
Remy in Lanzerote
Remi cruising on his Allaiah
  • Alex Tech
  • Nickname: Technique Axel
  • Date of birth: 04/23/90
  • Height: 190cm
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Residence: Hamburg

25-year-old Alex Tesch is one of the technically cleanest surfers in Germany. It is not for nothing that he is affectionately called "Technical Axel". The ADH Winner is a pure contest machine and losing is not his thing. That's exactly why he's now in the PURE surf team! We are excited to see how he will fare at the upcoming DM. But first of all: Welcome Alex!

Alex Tesch surf puresurfcamps
Alex Tesch surf puresurfcamps
Alex Tesch surf puresurfcamps
Alex Tesch surf puresurfcamps
technique is everything ;)

“I dedicate my life completely to the ocean. When I'm not at uni studying marine science, you'll find me either on the beach or out on the water. During the joint surf course I will try to answer all your questions about the sea and surfing. I also want to make your entry into surfing as safe and fun as possible. We will meet in summer!" (Adrian Siebert, official German champion and ADH winner in longboarding, ADH Open Class winner 2011, ISA Level 2 and Beach Lifeguard)

Adrian in Sri Lanka
  • Ophélie Ah-Kouen
  • Alter: 26 Jahre
  • Haltung: Regelmäßig
  • Wohnort: Frankreich

Ophélie ist nicht nur immer gut gelaunt, sondern auch eine der elegantesten und besten Longboarderinnen, die wir kennen. Mit ihrer positiven Art verkörpert Sie den Pure Style perfekt. Ophelie ist auf der Insel "La Reunión" aufgewachsen und hat dadurch eine ganz besondere Verbindung zum Ozean - und das spiegelt sich auch in ihrem Surfen wieder! Nachdem Ophélie einige Jahre an der französischen Atlantikküste gelebt hat, ist sie jetzt in Dubai und jagt von dort aus den besten Wellen des Planeten nach.

sri lanka
ophelie ah kouen
Puresurfcamps Ophélie Ah-Kouen
Puresurfcamps Ophélie Ah-Kouen
Puresurfcamps Ophélie Ah-Kouen
Puresurfcamps Ophélie Ah-Kouen
Puresurfcamps Ophélie Ah-Kouen
Puresurfcamps Ophélie Ah-Kouen
Puresurfcamps Ophélie Ah-Kouen
ophelie ah kouen
ophelie ah kouen
sri lanka

Juan "Juan" Fischer

  • Nickname: JUAN JUAN
  • Birth date:
  • Height: 175
  • Residence: Bocas del Toro

Juan has been part of the Pure team since he was 15 years old and was the team's grom for a long time. Today Juan is 18 years old and has long been a fixture in the German surfing scene. He is best known for his dance moves and power surfing. At the latest since his "Wave of the Winter 2020" entry, Juan has also made a name for himself internationally.

John in action
John in action

Photographers & Filmmakers

The Pure Media Team

Photos are Matze's passion. His work perfectly reflects what he has learned over the past 10 years in the tourism industry and traveling with Puresurfcamps around the globe. Competence meets creativity!

Simon is an integral part of the Pure Media team. When he's not out and about in Indo, you can find him and his camera at the Pure Surf Camp Moliets or on the beaches of the French Atlantic coast.

about pure

Our in-house production

Leon Glatzer surfs in a night session in Hossegor
Our Ten Years Pure Trailer
Puresurfcamps Moliets 2019 teaser
Leon Glatzer surfs in a night session in Hossegor

Since we have always attached great importance to high-quality produced image material, the step to our own film and photo production was a logical step.

With over 10 years of experience, we have managed to put our own stamp on our photos and videos.

Our passion for creative projects and surfing has sent us to the most beautiful spots on earth over the past few years, where incredible shots have been taken.

The best pics from our own production


The very best of the very best. Here you will find a selection of our favorite surf shots from the past few years. Check out our Best of Surf photo gallery now!