Surf Camp Zarautz

Spanish flair, great weather & fun waves

Surf Camp ZarautzSunrise Surf SpainSurf Camp ZarautzSunset at Surf Camp ZarautzSunset Spain ocean AtlanticDrone photo Spain surfZarautz Surf Camp

Spanish lifestyle, comfortable camp and great waves

  • Comfortable camp close to the beach
  • Plenty of surf spots for all levels
  • Highest quality campground
  • Beach and town easily accessed on foot
  • Miniramp, Table Tennis, Volleyball & WiFi all available at the campground
  • Onsite Bar and Restaurant
  • Karaoke, Quiz and Themed Party nights throughout the week
  • Welcome drink
  • One yoga session included for all guests
  • Motivated & experienced crew
  • One free yoga session for all guests run by qualified instructor
  • Free use of the GoPros, skateboards & beach games
  • 18 & Over camp

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Surf Camp


Zarautz Surf Camp
Zarautz Surf Camp Spain
Zarautz Surf Camp Spain
Zarautz Surf Camp chill sunshine spain
Spanish sunset Zarautz Surf Camp
Miniramp skating surf camp Zarautz
Zarautz Surf Camp Spain Drone
Zarautz Surf Camp
Beach Volleyball Spain surf camp
Surfing Zarautz Spain
Zarautz Surf Camp
View from the Camp

The Zarautz surf camp combines all the comforts of home, a few special extras, and that fun surf camp atmosphere that’s synonymous with Puresurfcamps.

  • Only 500 meters to the beach, and the closest surf spot
  • Perfect Basque country landscapes, surf & food
  • Surf courses that are perfect for beginners to intermediates
  • The campground has its own bar, restaurant & shop
  • WiFi available
  • Beach games as well as Skate & Longboards to rent for free

Surfing Basque Country is something you’ll hear flying around the campground on an hourly basis, it doesn’t just relate to the epic waves, but also the culture that surrounds you. This includes the Tapas, the Fiestas, the Siestas, the culture, and of course the Sangria.

Zarautz is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular surf destinations in Europe for all age brackets, and all levels of surfer. The bays layout means you don’t have to worry about currents and rips and provides amazing peaks for beginners in front of the camp, and more advanced surfers towards town. If you’re feeling confident you can also check out the next beach over, Playa Gris, which is a local favourite and world class big wave spot when the swell gets big. The green rolling hills that surround the camp and happy locals in town really add to the experience and make it a memory you won’t forget.

The camp also has plenty of spaces to unwind in the evenings, including an onsite bar where the team throw quiz nights, themed parties and karaoke evenings. There is also a large central dining area and plenty of hammocks.

The team also make use of their surroundings by sourcing fresh local produce to prepare the daily breakfast buffet, and daily dinner which you can add to your booking, meaning you don’t have to worry about meals for the duration of your stay.


Sunset views Spain
Zarautz Spain
Cheers in Spain Sunset Beers
Zarautz evening views from the nearby hill

Zarautz is in the middle of Basque Country, just west of the famous town of San Sebastián. Bilbao is also nearby which means you have plenty of options if you want to check out a town after your morning surf session. Zarautz offers plenty, one thing you have to try is the amazing Tapas Bars along the beachfront promenade and fun nightclubs. The beach is also immaculate and stretches from the camp to the other side of town.

Surf Camp Deluxe Zarautz sits 500 meters away from the water’s edge at the Talai Mendi Campground, and has WiFi, a private bar, Miniramp and a small supermarket for all the guests to make use of. The centre of town is also easy to access. All you have to do is take a short stroll, or borrow a skateboard or longboard and roll along the beachfront promenade. Once you get there you can check out the locally famous Pukas Surf Shop, or try one of Hippie Burgers, or go visit the local skatepark. If you are there in the evening you will also find great bars and nightclubs where you can party with locals and international travellers alike.

Local Tips

Tapas & red wine
Zarautz sunset beach surf camp
Spanish cliff diving
Local Tapas with a local wine is a must do

Sunset Hill
The rolling hills that shape the landscape around Zarautz offer anyone interested an amazing view over the bay. Not only do you get an amazing vista of the bay, but also the surrounding landscape. It’s also the perfect spot to watch a memorable sunset.

The Boulevard & Diving Boards
If you walk along the beachfront promenade and spend an afternoon checking out the local lifestyle, you’ll probably be quite warm. The locals thought about this and put up some diving boards at the other side of town where you can dive into the crystal-clear water that laps at the towns edge.

Culinary Highlights
Basque Country cuisine is internationally famous for good reason. While on your surf trip make sure you make it to an authentic Tapas Bar at least once to try the local cuisine, and when paired with a great local wine, you are guaranteed delicious evening.


team place holder

The Team Zarautz
The crew make sure everything during your stay, from the surf sessions, to the food, to beach volleyball tournaments runs smoothly. And of-course, they make sure everyone gets the WiFi password so everybody can post those epic surf, sunset & party pictures to make everybody at home jealous.



Deluxe Sheddies

Camping surf trip Spain
Twin Single Sheddie Zarautz Surf Camp
Surf Camping Spain Zarautz
Twin Single Sheddie Zarautz Surf Camping Spain
Twin Single Sheddie Zarautz Surf Camping Spain
The Deluxe Sheddies with views of the ocean

Sheddie Deluxe
The big brother of the standard Sheddie that has been a staple at many of our European Surf Camps, offer spacious accommodation for couples with one large double bed, or two friends in the twin single option.

Here are the Prices

These larger Sheddies also have more space to store gear, surfboards, and anything else you want to take with you too Spain. They also have a little more headroom, making it easy for the daily struggle of getting the wetsuit on.


Sheddies camping in style Spain
Sheddies camping in style Spain
Sheddies camping in style Spain
Surf camp Spain Zarautz
Comfortable double bed our famous Sheddies

Not keen to sleep on an air mattress on your next camping holiday? Then the sheddies are a perfect option. Even though it looks a lot like a tent, it has solid walls, a proper mattress, storage space, and enough room for you to get you wetsuit on inside in the morning.

Check out the Prices!

The bed is 1.40m by 2.0m, and underneath the bed you have your storage space which is fine for storing your luggage and shortboard.


Tents city at Surf Camp Zarautz
4 Person Tents in Zarautz
The tent area at the surf camp, with natural surroundings

The spacious 4 person tents are perfect for groups of friends and families. There are two sleeping cabins, each sleeping 2 people, and a large covered entrance area perfect to store your gear.

Here are the Prices

Make sure you pack an air mattress, pillows & a sleeping bag.

Each of the 2 person sleeping quarters are booked individually, so if you want to book the tent for a group of two, you have to book both halves of the tent.






Learning to surf in the Spanish sunshine
Surf Course Spain
Sunset surf sessions Spain
Surf Course Spain
Learning to surf in the Spanish sunshine

Beginners Surf Courses S & M

S-Package: 3 Surf Sessions, 1.5-Hours per session, including Surfboard & Wetsuit as well as time for free surf.

M-Package: 5 Surf Sessions, 1.5-Hours per session, including Surfboard & Wetsuit, as well as time for free surf.

Surfing is fun, no doubt about it, but it’s a lot more fun when you know what you’re doing. Our coaches are certified and experienced, and love their job, so they are bound to get you smiling and stoked about getting up on your first waves.

The team have all undergone extensive training not only in becoming a surf coach, but also beach lifeguarding, so you can feel comfortable in the water at all times. Although there is plenty of practical learning involved during the course, the crew make sure to inform you about some theory about not only the waves, but currents, rips, the equipment, and the rules out in the ocean.

Although there is plenty of practical learning involved during the course, the crew make sure to inform you about some theory about not only the waves, but currents, rips, the equipment, and the rules out in the ocean.

As you progress your surf course will progress with you, and if you have some experience already the team will notice and put you with surfers at a similar level and get you working on different elements of the surfing experience, while catching slightly bigger, ‘green’ waves.


Intermediate Surf Courses S & M

S-Package: 3 Surf Sessions, 1.5-Hours per session, including Surfboard & Wetsuit as well as time for free surf.

M-Package: 5 Surf Sessions, 1.5-Hours per session, including Surfboard & Wetsuit, as well as time for free surf.

The intermediate course is ideal for those of you that have already spent a few days in the water, or taken part in a beginner course already, and want to move away from the white wash, and start catching some waves before they break, and ride along the with an open face in front of you.

The surf coaches will be out in the water giving you pointers every step of the way, giving you guidance for everything including which waves to paddle for, how to optimise your take off, and how to start working on turns. The intermediate course focuses more on practical learning, as most of the theory is covered in the beginners’ course, so every session you start with a small warm-up, then it’s out into the surf for some fun.

Learn to Surf Spain
Learn to Surf Zarautz Spain
High Fives all round

Key Facts

Learn to surf in Spain
Learn to Surf Zarautz
Learn to Surf Zarautz Spain
Have fun catching your first waves in Spain

We recommend everybody takes there first plunge into the surf with one of our professional coaches. They will not only get you up and standing exponentially quicker than if you were on your own, but also feeling safer, and having a lot more fun. The crew has years of experience, and it shows by all the smiling faces you see out in the surf during every session. Some key facts about the surf courses.

    • The entire team is ISA (International Surfing Association) qualified
    • Licensed Surf School
    • All coaches have Beach Lifeguard qualifications
    • The best surf equipment is available to guests
    • 1 coach to no more than 8 students
    • Groups are split according to skill level, meaning you are always pushing your surf skills

    M-Package: 99 €
    3 Surf Sessions, 1.5-Hours per session, including Surfboard & Wetsuit as well as time for free surf.

    L-Package: 139 €
    5 Surf Sessions, 1.5-Hours per session, including Surfboard & Wetsuit, as well as time for free surf.

    Surf Team


    Surf Team Zarautz
    The friendly, motivated and qualified team brings together years of experience to deliver some of the best beginner and intermediate surf lessons in the world. The bay at Zarautz is also the perfect location to learn, and after each session you’ll see the surf stoked coaches out in the line-up catching a few waves for themselves.

    Surfing Spain longboarding
    Rent gear and head out at your leisure

    Are you already an experienced surfer and don’t need any further lessons, the team have got you covered. You can rent boards & wetsuits directly from the camp.

    The team have a got a good selection of soft-top boards in various shapes and sizes, as well as a few hard boards for more advanced surfers. They have also got wetsuits to fit every size.

    Equipment rental always starts on the Sunday, and ends on the Saturday. Before the equipment is handed out the team run through a little theory about how to maintain the equipment as well as going through a few basic rules out in the water.

    Big airs in Basque County, Spain surfing
    Big airs in Basque County, Spain

    Zarautz is a picture-perfect spot to surf, when you paddle into waves you see the green rolling hills of towards the distance. Zarautz is definitely not a big wave spot, but a fun place to learn, and for those of you that are a little more confident will catch a few gems out the back.

    There are two main breaks at Zarautz, you have the popular beginners spot directly in front of the camping grounds, then you have a slightly bigger spot past the swimming area towards the town, more for intermediate surfers.

    Playa Gris
    5 minutes’ drive away from the camp you have Playa Gris. This, unlike Zarautz, is really a big wave spot. In winter you’ll find huge, world-class waves exploding of the coast and shaking the ground under your feet. There is a famous point break at the edge of the bay called Roka-Puta that has snapped more than its share of surfboards.

    Things mellow out a bit in summer, and even non big wave surfers can catch some fun waves. This spot is still a bit more of a wave magnet so it will always be a bit bigger than Zarautz.

    San Sebastián (Zurriola)
    15 Minutes away from the camp you have the Tapas capital of the world, of San Sebastián. Here you can not only eat, shop and party, but also catch some epic waves. The beach break in town, called Zurriola, has become famous for its punchy A-Frame peaks and the waves that roll up the river mouth when it gets big.



    Zarautz Spain surf camp Dinner Time
    BBQ night in Zarautz Spain surf camp
    Zarautz Spain surf camp food salad
    Always fresh, always local

    Half-Board option available
    Shopping and cooking are more often something you want to leave at home when you go on holiday. That’s why the team at the surf camp offer a half-board package where you and your crew will get to enjoy evenings relaxing, and still enjoy delicious home cooked meals.

    The package includes breakfast & dinner every day you are at the camp, and costs 99 € for the week.

    To get some energy for your day, and time out in the surf, the team prepare a daily breakfast buffet that’s ready at 9 am. Included are fresh local Baguette, cheese, cold cuts, fruit, and even things like chocolate cream and chocolate croissants for those of you have an early morning sweet tooth.

    After long days surfing, soaking up the sun, and being active in the Basque country you’ll have built up an appetite. The team at the camp won’t leave you disappointed. There is always a large main course with salad and plenty of delicious dressings. Once a week the crew fire up the BBQ and you get to enjoy flame grilled goodness in stunning surroundings, with a fun team, and awesome guests. If you have any special requests, have allergies, or are intolerant to something, let the team know before you arrive and they’ll make sure you are cared for.



    San Sebastián

    San Sebastian Spain
    Tapas Spain surf camp
    Firework San Sebastian
    San Sebastián alleyways
    San Sebastián food Tapas
    Stunning views, amazing food, great surf, the perfect little city

    During your stay in Zarautz, you have the option to jump on one of the 2 weekly trips, the first of which heads 15 minutes up the road to San Sebastián.

    Once there you get to explore the city, referred to as the world capital of Tapas. The town is not only known for its amazing food, but also its friendly atmosphere, rich history and great bars. You can also catch an amazing sunset from the rocks overlooking the bay in front of town.


    Bilbao city
    Bilbao school trip surf camp
    City views over Bilbao

    The second weekly trip is to Bilbao which is perfect for those looking to do some shopping, regardless if you want to explore the various surf shops, are looking for some cool recycled gems, or want to blow some cash at the local Gucci shop.

    The most famous landmark of Bilbao is the Guggenheim Museum, but the city is littered with stunning architecture, art galleries and museums, all waiting to be discovered by you with the crew.


    At the heart of the surf camp you’ll find a mellow miniramp that’s available for all guests at the camp to use. It’s about 4 ft. with a mellow transition, and perfect to learn on, or try some new tricks.

    If you didn’t bring a skateboard, or don’t have one, never fear, the team at the surf camp have plenty for you to try out.

    Miniramp skating Surf Camp Spain
    Learn from the locals who skate the ram every day


    Longboarding Zarautz
    Longboarding the mellow hills and smooth roads around Zarautz

    The best way to explore Zarautz is to jump on one of the free longboards from the camp, and roll around town. Just give the team at reception your name, and they’ll lend you a longboard for the afternoon. Easy as that. Best bet is to always get a feeling for it on the flat, before heading to one of the surrounding hills.

    Zarautz Surf Camp Yoga sunshine
    Beach Yoga Spain
    Yoga next to the beach

    For those of you looking to add an extra element of relaxation and rejuvenation to your holiday, the team offer the perfect option, yoga. This will not only work wonders on your body, especially after the hours spent paddling around in the ocean, but also on your mind, getting you into the real holiday feeling.

    For every guest booking Surf Camp Deluxe Zarautz, one Yoga Session is included, after which you can decide if you want to take part in a few more sessions during your stay. The qualified instructors cater the classes so everyone from the total beginner to the master yogi will have a great time.

    The team offer a yoga package which includes 3 sessions, for 25 €, and you can choose to take part in sunrise yoga which will get you limbered up for the upcoming day out in the surf, or the sunset yoga session which is perfect to stretch out the muscles for a good night’s sleep.

    Yoga Package: 25 € for 3 Yoga Sessions.

    Beach volleyball Spain
    The weekly beach Volleyball Tournament

    Every week the crew organises a massive Beach Volleyball tournament in which the whole campground takes part, crew included. The teams are made up of about 5-6 people per team, and it’s a knockout, last team standing competition, with of course a prize for the winner.

    If volleyball isn’t your sport, it’s always fun to head down to the beach and check out the action.

    Party night Zarautz Spain
    Fun nights start at the bar, and end at the local nightclubs

    Most nights at Surf Camp Deluxe Zarautz are spent meeting fellow guests, enjoying a local wine or cold beer at the bar onsite, and maybe even taking a stroll to town with your new friends to discover the local nightlife. Specifically, the local favourite Kupela, where most nights you have a DJ or live music, and the party can go well into the wee hours of the morning.

    The local crew are always down to come show you their favourite night spots as well, especially on Fridays when the local bar has a themed party which can be anything from pirates, to Greek gods. The perfect way to finish off a fun week under the Spanish sun, catching fun waves, eating amazing food, and getting to know friendly people.

    sunset overlooking Zarauts Bay
    Zarautz Surf Camp cliff diving
    Playing guitar on the beach
    On stage at the beach
    Watch awe-inspiring sunset overlooking Zarauts Bay

    Surf Camp Deluxe Zarautz is a hive of activity. Nights can be spent taking part in a surf quiz with other guests for pretty fun prices, belting out your favourite rock songs at the weekly karaoke night, or heading down to the beach for some friendly beach games.

    The camp also has a bunch of sport equipment you can borrow so you will always have something to do if you want.




    Navigate via the tabs to find the prices for accommodation prices as well as various optional extras. Here you will see an example:

    1 Week in a Tent Accommodation from 199 € including:

    • 7 Nights accommodation
    • 1 Yoga Session
    • Skateboard Rental
    • Miniramp & Bar
    • Apres Surf

    Detailed price overview through: Accommodation


    Price per Person, per Week

    When staying two weeks, the price shown below increases by 200 €


    • 7 Nights accommodation
    • 1 Yoga Session
    • Skateboard Rental
    • Miniramp & Bar
    • Apres Surf
    19. June 199€ 229€ 269€
    26. June 239€ 269€ 309€
    03. July 249€ 279€ 319€
    10. July 259€ 289€ 329€
    17. July 279€ 309€ 349€
    24. July 279€ 309€ 349€
    31. July 279€ 309€ 349€
    07. August 279€ 309€ 349€
    14. August 249€ 279€ 319€
    21. August 239€ 269€ 309€
    SINGLE OCCUPANCY +70 € +105 € +140 €
    EXTRA WEEK +200 € +230 € +270 €


    Optional Extras

    Pre-Booking & Onsite Booking Available:

    Price per Person

     Half-Board (8 x Breakfast / 5 x Dinner)  109 €
    Yoga (3 Sessions) 29 €
    Bed linen to borrow 25 €
    Surf Package basic - Beginner 3x Surf Lessons (1,5 hours each) & Surfgear for free use € 99
    Surf Package basic - Intermediate 3x Surf Lessons (je 1,5 hours each) & Surfgear for free use € 99
    Surf Package medium - Beginner 5x Surf Lessons (je 1,5 hours each) & Surfgear for free use € 139
    Surf Package medium - Intermediate 5x Surf Lessons (je 1,5 hours each) & Surfgear for free use € 139
    Rental 7 days Surfgear & Briefing € 39




    We offer an extra service where we will find you a cheap, available flight. We’ll double-check the prices and availability and will contact you with the final offer. For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself we recommend Skyscanner which will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from.

    RyanAir and Easyjet provide cheap and easy ways to get to airports near Zarautz, from most airports in and around all major centres in the UK.

    Public Transport

    From Bilbao you can catch a public bus directly to Zarautz. the bus takes around an hour, and only costs 4 €. The bus makes the trip every hour on Saturdays.

    Your own, or Rental Car
    If you picked up a rental car, or are taking your own. The address is:

    Camping Talai Mendi
    N-634, 5 20800
    Zarautz Gipuzkoa

    Parking is available near the camp at a Public Carpark. For any further information you can contact the camp manager directly. We will pass on his email address & telephone number on the invoice. If you are driving, make sure to offer any spare seats through websites like BlaBlaCar. Just trying to help one another, and the environment a little bit.


    Get your obligation free quote now!



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