Surf Retreat Weligama drone pool Diving into the pool couple Sri Lanka the pool & pool bar at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka surf chill bathroom
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Surf Retreat Sri Lanka

Surf central of Weligama - Sri Lanka

Surf Retreat Sri Lanka, the perfect place if you want:

resort Comfort 100%

wave Waves/Surfing 95%

Camp-Icon Distance to Beach 95%

Beach-Icon Surf Variety 100%

Activities-Icon Activities 90%

food Camp Restaurant 100%

Campfinder-Icon PURE Rating 100%

Surf Retreat Weligama drone pool
Diving into the pool couple Sri Lanka
the pool & pool bar at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka

Perfect mixture of surf camp atmosphere & luxury retreat

NEW, NEW, NEW, freshly renovated house from 01.12.2018

  • Surf Retreat only meters away from the beach – mediated by Pure Surf Camp
  • NEW: fresh renovated rooms and baths
  • Newly built in modern style, using the highest quality materials
  • NEW: every day Video analysis
  • Big pool and groomed garden for you to enjoy
  • NEW: Every day Yoga session
  • 125 meters to a white sand beach
  • In-house restaurant serving local & international cuisine
  • Quiet location surrounded by tropical forest
  • Local beach break perfect for all surfers
  • Plenty of other surf spots nearby
  • The perfect place to escape the European winter

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Surf Camp

Surf Camp


Check out the Sri Lankan Surf Retreat
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Relaxing on your surfboard in the pool
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Check out the Sri Lankan Surf Retreat

New renovated house from 01.12.2019 on

At the newly built Surf Retreat in Sri Lanka you will spend days surfing the best tropical waves, and evenings relaxing in pure luxury while enjoying a surf camp vibe.

  • Modern, luxurious and comfortable accommodation
  • Surf, relax and eat great food all at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka
  • Big pool and terrace to unwind and enjoy your holiday
  • Open air restaurant serving authentic local cuisine and international specialties
  • The 2km long Weligama bay is right at your doorstep
  • Great surf with plenty of breaks to choose from
  • Plenty of smaller surf towns to explore in the area
  • Lots of day trips on offer like Safari, whale watching, tea plantation and many more

At Surf Retreat Sri Lanka, run by Mosvold Hotels, you can enjoy the luxury and comfort of the newly built camp, a relaxed surf atmosphere and great waves every day. The camp combines a modern, minimalistic style with colonial influence to create a comfortable and relaxing resort. When you’re not out in the ocean catching great waves, or learning to surf, you can enjoy the pool and the surrounding area to relax and make the most of your tropical getaway.

Breakfast and dinner are included for guests at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka from the onsite restaurant. You can choose between authentic Sri Lankan dishes or western specialties that you can eat out on the patio to get yourself ready for another day out in the ocean.


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Weligama Sri Lanka
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Weligama surf central southern Sri Lanka
Sunrise surf session Sri Lanka
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Take the short, scenic walk to the local surf spot

From the Surf Retreat to the 2-km long Weligama Beach is 125 meters. This beach is the best spot to learn to surf on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, but also provides great waves a little further out for more advanced surfers. If you’re looking to try a few different spots, you are in luck, because within a few minutes TukTuk ride either way you have countless beach, reef and point breaks.

The township of Weligama is also nearby and once there you can buy souvenirs, check out the local surf shops, try the cafes or head down to the beachside bars and grab a drink.

Local Tips

TukTuk Sri Lanka tropical paradise
Pineapple Sri Lanka
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The best way to get around

Exploring the natural beauty of Sri Lanka
Where Surf Retreat Sri Lanka is located opens up endless opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the area. If you jump in TukTuk you can get the local driver to show you National Parks, tea plantations or picturesque white sand beaches.

Surf Towns
Mirissa is an example of a typical surfer town in Sri Lanka. You can go shopping, check out the local surf scene, eat curry or head down to the beach and go to one of the beachside bars for a cold Lion Beer all while enjoying a sunset view. You can also party well into the night with the super friendly locals and fellow travellers.


Surf photo black and white

Coming soon

Black and white surf photo

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3 or 6 bed room

3 bed room
6 bed room
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3 bed room

NEW: All rooms will be renovated from 01.12.2019 on.


Even the Dorm Rooms at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka are luxurious and unlike anything you’ve seen before. The rooms either have 3 or 6 sleeping niches and each room has its own private bathroom.

Here are the Prices!

The rooms are ideal for solo-travellers or big groups of friends who want to enjoy a comfortable and exciting surf holiday together. Each room has Wi-Fi, Air-con, and plenty of storage space. The bathrooms each have 2 separate shower cabins and toilets.

All rooms are currently in a renovating process, the furnishing of the rooms can deviate from the pictures. New pictures and updates will be done by October.




4 or 8 bed room

4 bed room
8 bed room
1 / 2
4 bed room

NEW: All rooms will be renovated from 01.12.2019 on.

The Standard Double room at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka has a large bedroom with a king size bed, plenty storage space and a modern, well-equipped bathroom.

Here are the Prices!

These rooms are all located in their own building about 20 meters away from the main house. The rooms also include fresh linen, towels, hair dryer, air-conditioning and a TV.

All rooms are currently in a renovating process, the furnishing of the rooms can deviate from the pictures. New pictures and updates will be done by October.




Deluxe Pool Appartment

Deluxe Pool Appartment
Deluxe Pool Appartment

NEW: All rooms will be renovated from 01.12.2019 on.

When you enter the room the first thing you notice will be the king size, 4 post bed. The 23 m² room is elegantly furnished and has air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, a safe and a luxurious bathroom. The bathrooms have a modern, minimalistic style and incorporate modern rain showers as well as other small details like a hair dryer to make you feel at home.

Here are the Prices!

The materials used in the room, from the wooden floor, to the bedsheets, are all of the highest quality and are guaranteed to make your evenings totally relaxing and comfortable. The rooms can be booked for single, and double occupancy.

All rooms are currently in a renovating process, the furnishing of the rooms can deviate from the pictures. New pictures and updates will be done by October.




Double Room


NEW: All rooms will be renovated from 01.12.2019 on.

These 35 m² rooms also have a king size, 4 post bed as well as a small couch and chill out area. There is plenty of storage space and all the rooms are air-conditioned.

Here are the Prices!

All the bathrooms are massive and well-designed making you feel as if you are in a wellness resort with rain shower and soft, fresh towels. The rooms can be booked for single, and double occupancy. These rooms are the perfect place to retreat to in the evenings after long days of surfing and exploring.

All rooms are currently in a renovating process, the furnishing of the rooms can deviate from the pictures. New pictures and updates will be done by October.




Deluxe Room / Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Room
Deluxe Suite
1 / 2
Deluxe Room

NEW: All rooms will be renovated from 01.12.2019 on.

The suite is furnished to accommodate 1 to 2 people and has a bedroom with two single beds, living area with couches and a foldout bed, as well as a huge bathroom.

Here are the Prices!

The suite is 48 m² and has plenty of space for everybody staying and all luggage. The bathrooms are modern, large, and well equipped to make your stay comfortably and homely.

All rooms are currently in a renovating process, the furnishing of the rooms can deviate from the pictures. New pictures and updates will be done by October.





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Key Facts

learn to surf Sri Lanka Surf Retreat
Longboarding Weligama
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Weligama - the perfect spot to get great waves

Learn to surf on the mellow waves at Weligama in tropically warm water with the best coaches.

  • The surf Course takes place 125 meters away from the resort
  • Perfect mix of practical learning and theory on the beach
  • Perfect conditions to learn
  • Experienced surf coaches
  • High quality rental gear
  • Surf course included in Surf, Eat, Sleep & Surf, Yoga, Eat, Sleep packages
  • Each day Surfing consists of 1.5 hours in the water


funny faces surfer girl
Surfing Weligama
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Always have fun out in the ocean

Surf Retreat Sri Lanka is located next to the best beginners’ surf spot on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. Beginners will have a great time catching the mellow waves a little closer to the beach, and more advanced surfers can stroll up or down the beach and find bigger peaks with plenty of power and size.

The surf course is 10 hours long and spread over 5 days. During the course, you’ll learn important theory about the waves, currents and the conditions as well as spending lots of time in the water with the coaches practicing. The Surf Package can be extended to include 6 yoga sessions per week to stretch and tone all the while improving your surfing.


Black & White Surf photo

Coming soon


Coming soon

Rams Right Sri Lanka
Surfing Mirissa longboard Palm Trees
toes on the nose longboard girl bikini
Weligama sunset surf session
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Plenty of waves nearby including Rams Right, a heavy & hollow right hand reefbreak

Board Rental
Per hour board Rental is 2 €, per day 8 €, and when booking more than two days the price is 6 €. You won't be needing a wetsuit.

The perfect beach break for everybody regardless if you are a beginner, a pro, or a longboarder. Long waves, sand bottom, and minimal currents make it a super fun and relaxed place to surf. The right wave can break for 400 meters along the beach giving you plenty of time to set a rail and try some turns. There are both lefts and rights and plenty of peaks along the beach. If the swell is from the southwest and under 6 foot you’ll get the best waves here. The spot is sheltered from the wind so works almost in any wind conditions but northeast is the best.

Rams Right
In the next village of Midigama you’ll find the right-hand reef break directly in front of Rams hotel. A little heavier and shallower so definitely better for more advanced surfers. There’s also a great restaurant on the other side of the road called Surf View.

Lazy Left
Lazy left is 2 minutes away from Rams in Midigama. The left point break breaks on a reef, there is also the odd right that rolls through the other side of the point. The wave suits both beginners and advanced surfers depending on the conditions. If the wind is from the north, and you have around 3-5ft of swell this is a great place to go.

Plantations is another reef break that breaks predominantly right, but sometimes offers a left as well depending on the swell. This spot breaks on all tides but is exposed to the wind so best bet is get here early and catch it with the morning offshore. The spot is also in Midigama not far away from Lazy Left and Rams.

This fast and hollow left hander is right next to Plantations and a good spot to get barrelled if you are more advanced and feeling good on your board. Make sure you eject early as once you get inside the waves starts to break on dry reef. Not many people surf this spot, and its only really accessible if you paddle across to it from Plantations.

This A-frame beach break is one of the most consistent spots on the coast and has plenty of peaks along the beach. At the western end is a reef that is perfect for more advanced surfers where you can get both lefts and rights. Kabalana is only a few minutes away in the Tuktuk.




breakfast at Surf retreat Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Surf Retreat breakfast
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Breakfast of champions to get you ready for the ocean

Included for all the guests is daily breakfast that includes local, tropical fruit, breads and muesli, fresh coffee, juice and amazing local tea.

The open-air restaurant will get you energized for your daily surf trips with amazing Sri Lankan and international food all set in a tropical paradise. The first rays of the sun will accompany your meal and get you excited for the day ahead. The professional chefs always prepare amazing meals to keep everybody happy and well fed.


Pasta in Sri Lanka
Eating outside Sri Lanka
Salad starter in Sri Lanka
Food at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka fresh fish
Food at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka cake ice cream
Dessert in Sri Lanka
Food at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka hamburger
Sri Lanka surf trip food & wine
Food at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka curry
Food at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka soup
Bar Sri Lanka Surf Retreat
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Try amazing local & international meals at the onsite restaurant

5 Evening Meals included.
The restaurant is located next to the pool on a patio area which is partially roofed. The great food is accompanied with a great atmosphere and stunning setting. There are plenty of options to cater to every diet and taste.

Western Food:
From burgers to pasta, the team offers a massive selection of western food that rivals food from the best restaurants back home.

Sri Lankan Food:
Sri Lankan cuisine is similar to Indian and includes Curries, Dals, Rotis, Kabul and plenty more. The local chefs specialise in making the best local food with the freshest ingredients to give guests the opportunity to taste the best of the local cuisine.

Surf Retreat Sri Lanka is located right next to fishing villages meaning the seafood is the freshest you can find anywhere. The chefs have grown up with access to amazing fresh seafood and can prepare some truly spectacular meals.



Sunset Beach Yoga
Sunset yoga on the beach in Sri lanka

Yoga and surfing complement each other perfectly. You strengthen muscles that are vital to surfing as well as improving your range of motion in important areas like your shoulders. Yoga also improves balance and gets you to take control of your breathing. All of which is vital to every element of surfing from the take-off, to the paddle out. If you choose the Surf, Yoga, Eat, Sleep package you will get 5 surf sessions and 4 yoga sessions per week.

Inland Sri Lanka
Mirissa Sri Lanka
Mirissa Beach Sri Lanka
Buddhist temple Sir Lanka
Galle City Wall history Sri Lanka
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Take a trip inland with a local TukTuk

Inland trips
If you head inland from Surf Retreat Sri Lanka you’ll soon be in the lush tropical forest of the island. Here you can explore rice fields, tea plantations or the famous a snake farm. If you go to the snake farm make sure you ask the owner about one of the many times he was bitten and refused to take the anti-venom that he produces at the farm without repercussions. There is also a traditional fabric factory that makes handmade sarongs and other clothes and blankets that is well worth a look. You can either get a guide to take you to these places or jump in a TukTuk and go on your own.

Surf Towns
Around the resort are plenty of lively surfer towns where you can shop, party, eat and explore, all with a super chilled vibe and extremely friendly locals. Mirissa is one of the more popular spots in the area that has plenty of beach bars and restaurants, full moon and beach parties as well as a great reef break just away from town to keep you busy all day and all night.

Day Trip to Galle
Galle is an old fortified harbour town that used to be the capital of Sri Lanka. The town is easy to get to on the bus which costs about 2€ and is perfect for an afternoon trip. You can explore the old walled in city, check out the lighthouse and stroll through the old alleyways that combine Portuguese, Dutch and British architecture with Sri Lankan flair.

sunset volleyball on the beach
Bike Tour Sri Lanka Surf Retreat
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Sunset beach-volleyball matches

The team at Surf Retreat Sri Lanka can help you out with the organisation of any trips that you want to undertake. They can also offer you:

  • Volleyball on the lawn of the Retreat
  • Snorkelling
  • Bike tours
  • Checking out the famous stilt fishermen
  • Hot air balloon flights



Navigate via the Tabs above to find out more about the various specials and packages. Here is an example:

Beginner Packages:

4 days accomodation + 3 days surfing + equipment + surf teacher from 169 €.


  • Standard Dorm
  • 3 Day Surf Course (1.5 hours a day)
  • Free use of surfboard on course days
  • deluxe or standard breakfast included
  • Free WiFi

More details under the Backpacker Package Tab.

Package with flexible arrival:


  • 1 Week booked accommodation 
  • 5 Day Surf Course (1.5 hours a day)
  • Free use of surfboard on course days
  • Dinner included
  • Surfsession and equipment included
  • Yogasession included
  • More details under the Flexible Packages Tab.

Backpacker Packages

Price per Person, per Week

  • 4 nights include
  • 4 breakfast included standard/ deluxe version
  • Airporttransfer included
  • 3 days beginner surf course 
  • Equipment included
  • daily yoga sessions
  • daily surf theorie




Zimmer 4 Nächte + 3 Surfkurse (LOWS) 4 Nächte + 3 Surfkurse (MAINS) 4 Nächte + 3 Surfkurse (PEAKS)
6 bed room 169 199 279
3 bed room 179 219  299
double room  259 309 439
4 bed room 199 239 339
6 bed room 189 229  319
Deluxe Pool Apartment 229 369  379
Deluxe Room 289 339 479
Deluxe Suite 309 359 519  

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1 Day Surf Course - 1.5 hours. / 1 Day Surf Guiding - 1.5 hours. / 1 Day Yoga - 1 Session. 



Flexible Packages

Price per Person, per Week.

The following packages always includes:  

  • daily surfguiding 
  • daily video analysis
  • every evening Dinner
  • multiple surf theories
  • Surf guiding shuttles
  • Friday night BBQ
  • Free Wifi
  • daily Yoga sessions
Room Nights Low Season Main Season Peak Season
01.09.2019 - 15.12.2019 16.07 - 31.08.2020 16.12 - 30.04.2020
01.05 - 15.07.2020
3 bed room 7 289 349 499
3 bed room 10 409 479 679
3 bed room 14 549 639 909
6 bed room 7 279 319 459
6 bed room 10 379 449 369
6 bed room 14 509 589 849
Doppelzimmer  7 429  509 719
Doppelzimmer 10 599 699 999
Doppelzimmer 14 499 929 1329
4 bed room 7 339 399 559
4 bed room 10 459 549 769
4 bed room 14 619 729 1029
8 bed room 7 319 369 529
8 bed room 10 439 509 729
8 bed room 14 579 679 969
Deluxe Pool Apartment 7 379 439 619
Deluxe Pool Apartment 10 519 609 859
Deluxe Pool Apartment 14 689 809 1149
Deluxe Room 7 469 549 789
Deluxe Room 10 649 759 1089
Deluxe Room 14 869 1019 1449  
Deluxe Suite 7 509 599 849
Deluxe Suite 10 709 819 1179
Deluxe Suite 14 939 1099 1569  

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Colombo Airport (CMB)

We offer an extra service where we will find you the cheapest available flight, then contact you with the final offer. Flights to Colombo are the only option when travelling to Sri Lanka. When the flights are booked we can organise an airport transfer to come and meet you at the airport, and take you to Surf Retreat Sri Lanka.

For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself we recommend Skyscanner which will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from. You can fly to Colombo (CMB) with Emirates, Qatar and Etihad.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


The team from Surf Retreat Sri Lanka provide a shuttle service to pick you up from Colombo Airport for 95€ per person, per trip. Please send your flight details directly to the camp manager after booking. Contact details are on your Pure Surf Camp invoice.


You can also get a taxi once you arrive. There’s plenty of taxis at the airport, and a trip to Surf Retreat Sri Lanka should cost around 10,000 – 12,000 LKR (65 – 75€) depending on your price handling skills. It takes in between 3 – 4 hours depending on traffic.

Public Transport

By far the cheapest option is Public Transport but it’s also the option that takes the longest. Best to get a TukTuk to the bus stop by the airport. Then get on the bus to Colombo Central Train Station which is called Colombo Fort. The bus cost 150 LKR (1€) the trip can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Once you’re at the Train Station catch the train to Weligama. A second-class ticket costs 220 LKR (1.5€). The last train weekdays depart at 18:05, and weekends at 15:50, here you have the full Train Schedule. Once you arrive at Weligama take a TukTuk to the camp. The trip in total can take up to 7 hours.

Rental Car

Renting a car in Sri Lanka can be a great way to get around, they are very cheap and a great way to undertake your own early morning surf trips. The best priced rental cars are available at Sunny Cars. Getting a rental car will allow you to spontaneously explore the coastline on your own accord, just don't forget your roof racks. Sri Lanka is however a pretty busy place out on the roads and public transport, taxis and TukTuks are very affordable.


There are 2 options for driving, you can take the coastal toll-free road, which takes 4 hours or the toll road which takes 2.5.

The toll road option is as follows: From Colombo Airport, you get on the expressway called the Southern Expy / E01, heading south and follow it for 126 kilometres. Exit at B465 and head towards Weligama – Kananke. After 900 meters turn left at Weligama Motors onto Buhari Masjid Road then after 600 meters turn left again after the Weligama Beach House onto Matara Road / AH 43. 500 meters down the road you turn left at Para Kade and then 70 meters down the raod you have arrived.


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