Surf Resort Deluxe

Surf Resort Sri Lanka Surf Resort Sri Lanka Surf Resort Sri Lanka Surf Resort Sri Lanka Surf Resort Sri Lanka Surf Resort Sri Lanka Surf Resort Sri Lanka
New New, renovated house from 01.12.2019
  • huge pool area with tropical flair
  • the best surf spots only 125 meters away
  • Tuk Tuk surf shuttle included
  • nearby surf spots for all levels
  • the perfect surf destination from fall to spring!
New inclusive services from 01.12.2019
  • twice daily surf guiding available
  • in house Restaurant Sri Lankan and international specialties
  • breakfast included
  • yoga classes 6 days a week

Surf Camp

Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Privat
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Restaurant
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Service
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Pool Area
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Tuk Tuk Service Surf spots
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka perfect waves
welcome to the Deluxe Surf Resort
Welcome to Surf Resort Sri Lanka. Experience the best holiday trip of your life, surrounded by tropical gardens and surf camp vibes. The large property offers different areas and different standards. Therefore the house is divided in 2 categories. The Surf Resort Deluxe and the Surf Resort Sri Lanka. The Surfresort Deluxe is perfect for friends and couples who want more privacy.
  • modern and luxurious accommodation
  • various chill and garden areas for your leisure time
  • large pool and terrace to relax and sunbath
  • surf camp-own restaurant for the small hunger in between
  • the 2 km long sandy beach of Weligama is right in front of the door
  • consistently good conditions and many spots in the immediate vicinity
In the Deluxe Surf Resort Sri Lanka you can have everything: comfort & luxury together with the sociable atmosphere of a surf camp! The large estate of the Deluxe Surf Resort has several gardens and pool areas. The fusion of a minimalist style and colonial elements combines comfort and modernity in a perfect way. If you are not surfing you can chill by the pool in the tranquility of the tropical garden!

There is also a surf camp-owned restaurant where you can get various national and international specialties. There are over 140 fruit trees growing on the campsite which we use daily to prepare most of your meals. We use only healthy ingredients and have alternatives to meat as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The Deluxe Surf Resort is perfect for couples and families who want a bit more privacy.


The deluxe rooms have a modern, semi-open bathroom and are furnished really stylish. The larger apartments are perfect if you want a higher standard on your vacation. The deluxe rooms are divided in 2 small and one large room. If you do not book this room type for yourself, you may share it with your new best friend!
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Room 2
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Room 3
Deluxe Room 2


Weligama is perfect to learn how to surf. The long stretched beach offers various waves and is safe for surf beginners.

  • the surf lessons are only 125 meters from Surf Resort Deluxe
  • a single surf session takes 1.5 hours
  • 5 days surf course
  • 2 theory lessons by the pool
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka learn to surf
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka
perfect for surfing - the long beach break of Weligama
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Mirissa
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Mirissa Boardshorts
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka  Action Guiding
the reefbreak of Mirissa is just minutes away
At the surf guiding you will be divided according to your surf experience. There are 3 categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We surf together twice a day, 7 days a week. Our experienced surf guides will shuttle you to the perfect waves and explain all the important details about the surf spot. You can surely surf on your own and after the session we will drive you back to the Surf Resort. Where we surf with you depends on daily conditions such as current, wave size and tides. We offer several different boards  for you in the Surf Resort - you can save on the expensive and annoying transport of your own material.
Pure Surf Resort Sri Lanka Rams
Pure Surf Resort Sri Lanka mirissa reefbreak
Pure Surf Resort Sri Lanka mirissa right hander reef break
Pure Surf Resort Sri Lanka Weligama volleyball
Rams - fast and hollow wave in Midigama
The perfect beginner, advanced and longboarder beach break! Long waves that break very smooth, no rocks and no currents. With a little luck and some skills it is possible to ride 400 meter long, solid waves here. There are many right and left hander waves. This spot  works best with southwest Swells. The waves can be surfed even at small size and holds up to 5 feet. When other spots in the area vanished you'll still have a good chance of nice waves in the sheltered bay of Weligama. Rams
In the neighboring town of Midigama is the most famous spot in the area: Rams! It's a short and shallow right-hander reef break with barrel potential. Only suitable for advanced surfers. Lazy Left
Also in the neighboring village you will find Lazy Left - a long, gentle wave that you can paddle out relatively easily. With more size this wave is getting great. Perfect to collect first reef break experiences! Suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers. Plantations
This reef break offers amazing waves for intermediate and advanced surfers and works with all tides. Mostly the wave breaks to the right but sometimes there are also some lefthanders - depending on the swell direction and the sand bottom, which is flushed into the reefs. Best in the morning with the early off-shore. Mostly not crowded. The break starts at 2 feet and can hold a lot of size. Coconuts
next to Plantations is Coconuts. A fast and steep lefthander wave. You have to pull out before the wave breaks on the exposed reef. Not many people surf here as the spot isn't visible from the street. Just enter the water at Plantations and paddle to the peak of Coconuts. Kabalana
This A-Frame Break in Ahangama works as good as ever. For the same reason it's often overcrowded. Kabalana is just a short Tuk Tuk ride from the camp.


Yoga and surfing complement each other perfectly! On one hand you can stretch your stressed muscles and on the other hand you build up your strength with exercises that help your surf performance. In addition comes the training of your balance that is highly imprtant for surfing. We offer yoga in almost all of our surf camps worldwide because we are convinced of the good combination on vacation. 6 yoga sessions included
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka sunset yoga
yoga sunset session at the beach
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka tuk tuk
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Mirissa
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka temple
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka cocktails
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka old capital Galle
do a trip to the hinterland with the tuk tuk

Tours to the Hinterland

In the hinterland, only a few minutes away by tuk tuk, you can drive through lush green rice fields. Very well known is a small snake farm, which serves for research purposes. The death-defying owner tells of his many bites without ever taken any antidote. Along the way you can also pass by a batik factory where artfully crafted sarongs are made in the traditional way. Again, a tour guide or a Tuk Tuk driver can bring you here.

Surfer Places

In the neighborhood are some very exciting surf spots to discover. If you want to party for example, nearby Mirissa is a great destination. There are numerous beach bars where you can sip cool drinks with your feet in the sand. Also interesting is the reefbreak of Mirissa. Easily to get there by Tuk Tuk of course.

Trip to Galle

Galle is the former capital of Sri Lanka - you can reach this pearl in a short time by bus. You will find a city wall on which you can make a nice walk along the sea around the entire old town. In Galle there are markets, souvenir shops, Buddhist temples and much more to discover.
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Volleyball Sunset
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka Bike Tour
a volleyball match at sunset
The on-site team will help you organize all trips and activities. Among many other things there are:
  • Volleyball on the own field of the Surf Retreat
  • snorkelling
  • cycling tours
  • watch the famous stilt fishermen
  • hot air balloon tours

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Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka restaurant
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka restaurant refreshment
Pure Surf Resort Deluxe Sri Lanka breakfast
you can eat all day at the Surf Resort restaurant
In the Surf Resort Deluxe you will already be greeted by the smiling sun at breakfast. It's  served in the middle of the large property. You can choose daily between local fruits, cereals, bowls or sandwiches. We cook only with the best ingredients and offer very tasty creations between international and national cuisine. breakfast is included with us



For those who are looking for flights themselves, the Skyscanner offers a good search engine to get an overview of the available flights and where they depart from:

Long-term cheap flights to Colombo (CMB) can be found above all with the airlines Qatar and Emirates.


The Surf Resort Deluxe team offers a shuttle service to and from the airport in Colombo: One way: 70 € p.P. / Maximum 2 people or 100 € maximum 4 people. After receiving your booking confirmation you will need to send your flight details to the Camp Manager as stated in the E-Mail and register the transfer. Please register in time.


The alternative is to take a taxi. The prices range from 10 000 to 12 000 LKR (60-80 €), depending on your negotiating skills. At night it is usually a bit more expensive. The journey takes about 3-4 hours.

Public transport / Train

The cheapest, but also the longest and most elaborate option to get to the camp is by public transport. It's best to take a tuk-tuk from the airport to the bus station. The ride is just a few minutes for about  1€ (if you're negotiating). From the station buses leave for about 150 LKR (1 €) to the stop "Colombo Fort". Depending on traffic the journey takes 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. In "Colombo Fort" you take the train heading to Matara and exit in Weligama. A second class ticket costs about 220 LKR (1,40 €). The last train during the week is at 18:05 and at 15:50 at the weekend. You can find the timetable here:
From Weligama Station just take a tuk-tuk to the camp.
All in all you can get to the Surf Resort for less than 5 €, but depending on the waiting time and traffic it's a 4-7 hours journey.

Rental Car

A rental car can be very convenient, with our partner >> Sunny Cars you will always find the cheapest car worldwide.


It is 173 km from the airport in Colombo (Bandaranaike International Airport) to Weligama. The drive across the coastal panoramic road takes 4 hours and 15 minutes. The ride on the domestic highway 2.5 hours.

Coming from Colombo, take the Southern Expy / E01 motorway south and leave it after 126 km at the exit onto the B465 towards Weligama - Kananke. >> after 900m at Weligama Motors turn left onto Buhari Masjid Rd >> after 600 m at Weligama Beach House turn left onto Matara Road / AH 43 >> after 500 m at Para Kade turn left >> still 70 m further and you see your destination on the left.
You can reach Weligama also by train. The trip costs about 1 to 3 € and takes 3 hours. The trains go daily but only a few in number. The train schedule can be found here: >> Timetable. The station in Colombo is called "Colombo Fort" - destination is Weligama. Attention: the airport is located far outside and depending on traffic it may take one to 2 hours to get to the city.
from 379€