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The best right-hand pointbreak in the world
Local Remy in its element
Local Remy in its element

Best time to travel

The Surflodge South Africa is located on the south coast of South Africa, in the Garden Route region, whose climate is shaped by the Indian Ocean. The summer months are moderately warm and the winters are mild. The warmest travel time around the Garden Route are the South African spring and summer months (September / October to April / May). In the winter months it can get cold and damp. However, stable high-pressure weather conditions can often be found in winter too, with nice, dry weather and mild temperatures. Basically you will always find a surf spot along the Garden Route; You have constant swell in the South African winter months (June to August). The best conditions in Jeffrey’s Bay can be found from March to September, especially in July and August. Then the barrels pump here and there is an offshore wind, which ensures the best conditions.

Air and Water Temperature

The average water temperature in South Africa in January, February and March is around 22 ° C. In April it gradually begins to sink and in August the water is usually only 18 ° C. Fortunately, only one month is affected, because the water temperatures rise again in September. Despite the slight cooling of the water, there is the possibility of surfing, snorkeling and swimming in South Africa all year round.


Water and air temperature are crucial for the strength of a wetsuit. When surfing in South Africa, we always recommend wearing a wetsuit, because this not only protects against cold and sunburn, but also against abrasions. In winter, a 4/3 mm or 3/2 mm thick wetsuit is recommended for surfing in South Africa. In the summer months, a wetsuit with 2 mm or a shorty is enough. In our Pure Surflodge South Africa you can also borrow the right wetsuit.


Surfing Paradise South Africa

South Africa combines everything that makes for a perfect surf vacation with our Worldwide Surf Camps, because in addition to the world-class waves and white sandy beaches, the southernmost country of the African continent has a fascinating culture and a unique flora and fauna to offer! So you can not only surf the world's best waves, but also experience lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and many other fascinating animals in the wild on safari. There is also the highest bungee jump in the world in the middle of nature. South Africa's culture is exotic and diverse. Depending on the region, you can see the influence of Indian, Dutch, English or French culture. The population also reflects this. The "Rainbow Nation" consists of 80 percent black Africans, plus white, colored and Asian people. You can get an insight into authentic South African life, for example, in one of the markets or in the "Community Projects". Here you can spend half a day with African children, which will be a wonderful experience and an enrichment for both sides.

Surf Lessons

Learn to surf in South Africa

Pure Surf Lodge South Africa Jbay
Pure Surf Lodge South Africa Jbay
The best right-hand pointbreak in the world

JBAY is known for the best right-hand point break in the world. It is not for nothing that this renowned spot has often been among the venues of the ASP World Championship Tour.

Jeffreys Bay has a multitude of different waves. Seven point breaks run side by side. There are not only the best waves in South Africa, but also surf spots for every level - from beach breaks that are ideal for beginners to slow points for good intermediates to waves for the pros, there is something for everyone. For the complete surfer lifestyle you can stock up very cheaply in the outlet stores of the big surf brands. To round off the perfect surf day, the numerous bars offer a great location.

South Africa

Surf Lodge South Africa

Pure Surf Lodge in JBay South Africa
Pure Surf Lodge in JBay South Africa
Pure Surf Lodge in JBay South Africa
Surf lodge with private beach access
Surf lodge with private beach access
Surf Lodge in JBay

Are you ready for a surf adventure, the best barrels in the world and the magic of the wild? Then off to South Africa, to our Surf Lodge South Africa!

Show me the Surf Lodge!

The east, west and south coasts get swells regularly and consistently - perfect surfing in South Africa is guaranteed! We not only offer you fantastic waves and adventures in Jbay, but also a great surf lodge that is divided into a suite, double and multi-bed rooms.

Many of the rooms have sea views and allow you to see the sunrise from your bed. The living room and the open kitchen are available for all guests in the Pure Surf Lodge South Africa. Every day there is a delicious breakfast in the Pure Surf Lodge South Africa with fresh regional fruits to start the next surf session.

Every week you can take part in the typical South African BBQ and get to know other surfers. On all other days you can prepare delicious dishes yourself or together with the other guests in the kitchen. After a successful day of surfing, you may not want to cook. Then you can go to the nearby restaurants and bars.

With the surf courses you can choose between a basic or medium course and a surf guiding, which differ in terms of duration. In the surf course, you will receive solid basic training in small groups and with individual support, consisting of paddling, take-off and first turns. Our top trained surf guides are at your side with tips and tricks. You can also opt for surf guiding, in which J-Bay surf spots are approached by our surf guides depending on swell, tide and wind. All of our surf guides are very familiar with the local conditions and point out all the special features.

The nearby surf outlets invite you to shop for new surfing equipment and the bars tempt you with a cool drink as a reward after the surf day. Of course, other leisure activities are also available, such as an adventurous trip to a safari park or a bungee jump from the highest bridge in South Africa. South Africa is exceptionally different and for everyone: surfing, adventure, romantic walks or a party - everyone will find their own experience here that you will not soon forget. Pure surf camps do everything they can to prepare you a dream surf holiday with the beautiful South Africa surf lodge!