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Sea View Surf Camp Ericeira

Epic landscape, epic waves - Portugal

Sea View Surf Camp Ericeira is the perfect place if you are searching for:

wave Waves/Surfing 100%

Camp-Icon Distance to Beach 95%

house Comfort 85%

fun Party 90%

Activities-Icon Activities 90%

Beach-Icon Variety of Breaks 95%

Campfinder-Icon PURE Rating 90%

Sea View Surf Camp Ericeira View terrace
sunset drink
surf trip Portugal
rooftop guitar
fun barrel Portugal
rooftop chill Portugal

A stones-throw away from the beach

  • Chilled surf camp on the beach - mediated by Pure Surf Camps
  • 1 minute walk to the water edge & home surf spot
  • Massive rooftop terrace with impressive view
  • Small, comfortable and friendly camp
  • Waves for every type of surfer and all skill levels
  • Other activities include skating, longboarding, horse riding, massage & yoga
  • 8km of pristine beach surrounding the camp with plenty of surf breaks
  • Sightseeing, shopping and partying in nearby Lisbon

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Surf Camp

Surf Camp


Rooftop chill sunshine portugal
Roof top terrace Ericeira Portugal surf Camp
rooftop terrace nature view comfortable beanbags
Evening sunshine in Ericeira
Beach view surf camp Portugal
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Enjoy a cold drink in the afternoon sun

In the middle the European surf Mecca with great waves, relaxed accommodation, directly situated next to the beach and with Lisbon nearby. Sea View Surf Camp in Ericeira has it all.

  • Foz do Lizandro beach at your doorstep
  • Stunning sea and nature views
  • Amazing rooftop terrace with comfortable places to sit and chill
  • Surf course at the local beach, plus other breaks like The Cave, Crazy Left, Backdoor close to camp
  • Yoga classes, horse riding or chilling inside and playing on the foosball table are all options for after your surf
  • Take hikes or strolls through the stunning wilderness surrounding the camp
  • Cosy and comfortable camp with a relaxed atmosphere

Sea View Camp Ericeira, made available to you through Pure Surf Camps, is located directly next to the beach of Foz do Lizandro. From the huge rooftop terrace you can admire the stunning landscape of Ericeira or turn your gaze westward and check the surf. The comfortable loungers and Fatboy Beanbags on the terrace are also a great place to relax after the long and successful surf session you’re bound to be having. The beach is also so close that a lot of time is spent there, laying in the sun, practicing your volleyball skills or playing beach football.

If you love surfing and want comfortable accommodation, a chilled atmosphere, and the sound of crashing waves putting you to sleep and waking you up every morning, this is the place for you.


fishing village Ericeira Portugal
Skatepark Ericeira Portugal concrete and nature
Atlantic sunset surf purple sky
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The picturesque fishing village of Ericeira

Sea View Surf Camp is 15 minutes away from the old fishing village of Ericeira. This little town has everything you need from bars, restaurants and supermarkets to well stocked surf, souvenir and clothing shops. When you get here to look around, definitely try a local sweet pastry called a Pastel de Nata, which you can find at any local at bakery.

In Ericeira you can find the Quiksilver Boardriders Club next to the beach that has a huge skate park on its grounds. There are 8km of coast surrounding the camp where you can find over 22 different surf spots, making this the only region in Europe classed as a World Surfing Reserve by the International Save the Waves Coalition. A trip to Lisbon is also easily achievable in an afternoon as its only 30 km away. Once there you can sightsee, shop, party, or a combination of all three.

Local Tips

after surf beer surf camp Portugal
Patel de Nata Portugal foodie
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Cheers to a great day out in the water

When you are driving from Lisbon towards Ericeira and you enter the small town you will drive past the best bakery in the city. Its called Pão da Vila and they serve a great Galão, which is the equivalent of a Portuguese Latte, and the best Bolinhas in town. Best option is to get your snack to go, then take the quick walk down to the beach promenade and eat with a view.

Bars & Restaurant
Ericeira also has a couple of amazing restaurants that specialise in seafood, which is caught fresh from the area. Mar à Vista and Esplanadas Furnas are two of the best places in town. There is also the option of taking the evening a little further by checking out either Jukebox Bar or Pedro Pescador, both if which are lively bars where you can party well into the night.


black and white surf

Max was born in Austria and has made Ericeira his second home. He has learnt the ins and outs of the surf spots, the culture and the best places to eat and party, and is more than happy to help with any questions you’ve got. If you want some recommendations in regards to where to eat, surf, or party, he's your man.

black and white photo of surf

Mikey is ultra-relaxed, and keeps the atmosphere at the camp the same with his positive, chilled vibe. He knows the area extremely well and is in charge of the day to day running of the camp and any extra activities you might want to partake in. He’s always got an open door if you have any questions.




bunk beds Ericeira
Surf Camp Portugal
6-person Dorm Ericeira
Modern Bathroom Portugal
Surf Camp Portugal double room
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The 4-Person Dorm with 2 bunk beds

Double Rooms
At Sea View Surf Camp, you can choose to stay in super comfortable double rooms, some of which even have their own private balcony overlooking the beautiful green scenery that surrounding the camp, which come with either one double bed, or two singles. The rooms use shared bathrooms which are well equipped and clean. These rooms are the perfect place to recharge your batteries after long days out in the ocean.

Here are the Prices!

Dorm Rooms
This is the perfect option for solo travellers, backpackers or groups of friends. These rooms have bunk beds and sometimes even an ocean view. Again, these rooms use clean and tidy shared bathrooms.




Comfortable and well-furnished rooms Portugal
Foz do Lizandro Ericeira Portugal
Twin single rooms in Portugal
Surf Camp Portugal Ericeira
Foz do Lizandro Portugal Ericeira cloudy rain front
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Comfortable and well-furnished double rooms

Directly next door to Sea View Surf Camp there are individual apartments with a view over Foz do Lizandro. Here you can enjoy the social culture at the camp during the day, then retreat into a more private atmosphere with friends or family in the evening.

Here are the Prices!

At the Sea View Surf Camp there are 2 apartments available, both of which have one double room with a queen size bed and another room with two single beds. Both apartments also have a living room, fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, and a balcony. This is the perfect option for families and groups of friends looking to surf perfect waves and explore Portugal.


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Key Facts

Surf Lesson Ericeira Portugal
Ericeira learn to surf
Learn to surf Portugal
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Having fun while learning to surf at Ericeira

The surf courses take place at the local beach and the focus is to get you up and riding quickly, while having a lot of fun. The groups are small so you’ll get plenty of one-on-one help from the coaches both in the water and while doing theory on the beach.

  • Target group: Total beginner to advanced
  • Maximum of 7 students to 1 coach
  • Practical and theory portions to each course
  • Surf at Foz do Lizandro directly in front of camp
  • Includes surf equipment during course times
  • You can book a 5-day course or individual sessions

Price: 150 € for the 5-Day Course (Mo – Fr)


Learn to surf Ericeira
Learning to surf Portugal Ericeira
Learn to surf Ericeira Portugal
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You'll be up and riding in no time

Sea View Surf Camp Ericeira is 200 meters away from Foz do Lizandro which is an ideal surf spot that provides great waves to suit the total beginner right through to the more advanced surfer. On the right day with the sand bank sitting in the right position you will even see the beach light up and produce world class waves. The surf coaches are from the area and know the beach in and out, and will find the perfect spot for you to sit and catch great waves. They are all also certified by the ISA (International Surf Association).

You can choose between booking individual surf lessons or booking a course which includes 5 days of surfing. Each individual sessions costs 30 €, and takes around 2 hours. The 5-day course costs 150€. Board and wetsuit rental is included during the lesson times, and if you choose the 5-day course, on the sixth day you will be able to take a board and wetsuit and surf all day by yourself.

  • Target group: Total beginner to advanced
  • Maximum of 7 students to 1 coach
  • Practical and theory portions to each course
  • Includes surfboard and wetsuit during course times
  • Course from Monday to Saturday
  • Surf Gear insurance available for 40€

Price: 30 Euro per Lesson, 150 Euro for 5-Day Course (Mo – Fr)


black and white surf photo

Shelly, the athletic, happy-go-lucky, ripper from Australia grew up on a surf board. She’s stoked on every session she gets to teach you and will pass on some super useful tips when you’re out in the water to bring your surfing to the next level.

Key Facts

Silhouette surfer sunset surf
Learn to surf Ericeira
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Take your surfing to the next level on the best surf

Surf Guiding is perfect if you can already surf and feel confident in the water. Here you can pick up some pointers to improve your surfing while in the best waves on the coast!

  • Surf Guiding is perfect for all experienced surfers
  • Daily trips to the breaks with the best conditions
  • Surf with experienced, local, surfers
  • Get info on the break, and your surfing from the guides
  • 6 trips per week, Monday to Saturday
  • World famous spots like Backdoor, Crazy Left, Furnas, Pontinha and many more
  • Surf transfer 5 € within Ericeira, and 10€ further away




Ericeira surf tour Portugal 4x4 surf buggy roof racks
Surfing shower Portugal
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Find the best, emptiest surf spots in Ericiera

If you’re already feeling comfortable in the water and have a good amount of experience under your belt you can choose the surf guiding option. Here the crew will take you around the coast and show you the best spots that fit within your skill level. The guides know the coast extremely well and will give you pointers about the breaks you’re surfing before you go out. Once you’re in the water the guides will come out with you, this isn’t necessarily a surf lesson, but more a surf buddy coming out and throwing some tips your way. Transfers to the beaches within Ericeira cost 5€ and take from 10 – 20 minutes. If you’re heading a little further away the trips cost 10€ and can take from 20 to 60 minutes. The guiding happens 6 times a week from Monday to Saturday.

Surf Spots
In Ericeira you have 9 world class surf breaks and from the camp another 30 are easily accessible. The local spot is Foz do Lizardo with other spots like Backdoor, the Cave, Crazy Left, Furnas, Pontinha, Praia do Norte, Praia do Peixee, Ribeira D’Ilhas, São Julião and Pedra Branca all nearby.


Black and White surf photo

Shelly, the athletic, happy-go-lucky, ripper from Australia grew up on a surf board. She’s stoked on every session she gets to teach you and will pass on some super useful tips when you’re out in the water to bring your surfing to the next level.

Surfer girl big smile Roxy
Surf school Ericeira
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Sunshine, great waves and big smiles

Surfboard & Wetsuit
If you’re just looking to rent a board or wetsuit you can do that directly at the camp. Boards and wetsuits are 10€ per day, and both are 20€ per day. At Sea View Surf Camp, you have a huge selection of boards ranging from 5”7 to 9”4 including softops, epoxy and fibreglass. All the wetsuits are new models from Quiksilver and Roxy. If you want to insure your rental board you can, for a one of payment of 40€.




Bread selection
Fresh fruit Portugal
Breakfast buffet Portugal
surf trip breakfast
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Fresh bread to get you powered up before your morning surf

Breakfast is included
Everyday a fresh breakfast is available to those who choose to stay at Sea View Surf Camp, made available through Pure Surf Camps. You can get the energy you’ll need from a healthy, and delicious breakfast every day that you can enjoy on the rooftop terrace while soaking up the first rays of the sun. The breakfast buffet consists of fresh bread with spreads as well as cold cuts, cheese and vegetables. You also get home made style muesli with nuts, dried fruit and yoghurt as well as fresh, seasonal, locally sourced fruit. A fresh pot of coffee and tea will be waiting for you in the morning as well. Every day the chefs throw in something a little special like pancakes or muffins.


Buffet dinner
Sea View Surf Camp Ericeira
Vegetables on the BBQ
BBQ sausages
Sea View Surf Camp Ericeira Portugal Food
Mojito in Portugal Surf Camp
Party time rooftop terrace Portugal
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A huge selection to keep everybody happy

5 Dinners a week are included
5 nights a week the crew at the camp will cook dinner for the guests. It’s not only a great meal, but also an amazing way to get to know the other people staying and really enjoy the camp atmosphere. The menu for the 5 meals always varies depending on what’s in season with a vegetarian option always available. The 2 remaining evenings of the week there’s camp trips to Ericeira to check out the local restaurants, usually opting to try local cuisine which mostly consists of extremely fresh fish. After these restaurant dinners, the majority of the crew and guests will go for a drink at one of the local bars.



Beautiful yoga clifftop blue sky ocean Yogi
Get your mind and body ready for your next waves

Surfing and Yoga complement one another perfectly by improving balance and core strength as well as the ability to control breath and general flexibility. Yoga also clears the mind and makes relaxing and really getting into the holiday mood possible.

At Sea View Surf Camp Ericeira you can choose to take a yoga class with a qualified instructor for 10€. These classes cater to full-fledged yogis as well as first timers and focus on working on areas that will improve your surfing. It’s also possible to book a massage through the camp.

Portuguese holiday sunset
Experience an authentic Portuguese holiday

The area directly surrounding the camp is perfect for nature walks. Here you’ll wonder through picturesque empty landscapes with old farm houses and windmills scattered throughout. You also have the stunning coast to explore which is just as beautiful.

The team at the camp can also help you undertake day trips to places like Mafra National Park or Lisbon. You can also rent a scooter and explore that way or pop down and explore Ericeira, and skate the park at the Quiksilver Boardriders Club. If you want to go Downhill Mountain Biking just let the team know and they can help get you on a bike as well.

Dress up party shots Portugal
Guitar on the roof with friends
Foosball Surf Camp Portugal
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Lots of fun at the rooftop parties with new friends

At Sea View Surf Camp Ericeira you can play a few matches of table tennis, or jump on the Foosball table with your new friends after a few post surf beers on the rooftop terrace. The atmosphere at the camp is extremely relaxed and friendly making social evenings a real highlight. If you want to take the party that started at camp a little further you can pop down to Ericeira and check out bars and nightclubs.




Navigate via the tabs to find the prices for different accommodation options both in the apartments, and in the rooms, as well as various optional extras. Here you will see 2 pricing examples:

1 Week incl. Breakfast & Dinner at the Surf Camp from 209 €:

  • 7 Nights in booked accommodation
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • 5x Dinner
  • Use of communal areas including Table tennis and Foosball tables
  • Get tips and advice from the friendly and knowledgeable crew

Detailed Prices: under Rooms at the Surf Camp

1 Week incl. Breakfast & Dinner in the Apartments from 359 €:

  • 7 Nights in booked accommodation
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • 5x Dinner
  • Use of communal areas including Table tennis and Foosball tables
  • Get tips and advice from the friendly and knowledgeable crew

Detailed Prices: under Apartments

Rooms at the Surf Camp

Price per Person per Week:


  • 7 Nights in booked accommodation
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • 5x Dinner
  • Use of communal areas including Table tennis and Foosball tables
  • Get tips and advice from the friendly and knowledgeable crew
01.04.2019 31.10.2019 319 € p.P. 279 € p.P. 359 € p.P.

Online Booking


Price per Person per Week:
If you book just one of the Double Rooms in the Apartment, the other room will be available for others. You can book the whole apartment as a group of 3, 4, 5 or 6, and nobody but your group will stay there.


  • 7 Nights in booked accommodation
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • 5x Dinner
  • Use of communal areas including Table tennis and Foosball tables
  • Get tips and advice from the friendly and knowledgeable crew
01.04.2019 31.10.2019 429 € p.P.


You can book the whole apartment with its' two double rooms, with a group of 5 or 6. The crew will add extra beds to cater to your group.

01.04.18 30.04.18 359 € p.P. 329 € p.P.
01.05.18 30.09.18 399 € p.P. 379 € p.P.
01.10.18 31.10.18 359 € p.P. 329 € p.P.

Online Booking

Optional Extras

Pre-booking and onsite booking available:

Surf Lesson (2h) / Surf Course (5 Tage) 30 € / 150 €
Surf Guiding 5 – 10 € per surf session
Surf gear insurance 40 € (one time price)
Surfboard 10 € / Day
Wetsuit 10 € / Day
Yoga Class 10 € / Lesson
Airport transfer to Lisbon One-way 30 € p.P., if 4 or more. 25 € p.P.*

Online Booking

Contact camp before departure to organise pick-up. Pay upon arrival:

*Send flight details directly to the camp manager after booking. Contact details are on your Pure Surf Camp receipt.




Lisbon (LIS)

We offer an extra service where we will find you a cheap, available flight. We’ll double-check the prices and availability and will contact you with the final offer. Cheap flights are available starting from as little as 80 Euro! Best option is to fly directly to Lisbon (LIS) and then book an airport transfer.

For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself we recommend Skyscanner which will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from. An alternative is Kayak. These two flight search sites look through all airlines apart from RyanAir

Cheap Airlines from the UK:
RyanAir and Easyjet provide cheap and easy ways to get to Lisbon, Portugal from most airports in and around all major centres in the UK.

Airport Shuttle

Sea View Surf Camp Ericeira offers airport pick-ups and drop-offs, to and from Lisbon Airport (LIS). The travel time to and from camp is around 30 minutes. If there are less that 4 passengers, the trip cost is 30€ per person. If there are 4 or more passengers it's 25€ per person, per trip.

Public Transport

In a car the trip will take around 30 minutes form the airport to the camp, whereas public transport will take around 2.5 hours. Best way once you arrive if you plan to use public transport is to leave the airport and get on the purple metro line to Lisboa Oriente.  once there you should change trains and go to Portale de Sintra. Once you have arrived here, you will need to change bus and go to Ericeira Terminal. If you are planning to get to the camp via public transport feel free to ask us and we will give you more information.

Here you can find out more about Public Transport in and around Lisbon. 

Rental Car

We recommend renting a car! In Portugal there are very cheap rental cars available that start at 80€ per week. At Sunny Cars you'll find the cheapest rental cars around! Getting a rental car will allow you to spontaneously explore the coastline or nearby Lisbon.It will also give you the freedom to take early morning drives up the coast to go to your favourite surf spot and be first in the water.


Take the A8 and A21 from the airport till you get to the N116 that takes you towards Ericeira (ca. 30min). When you get to Estr. da Lapa da Serra take the EM550 till R. do Lizandro in Carvoeira (ca. 5 min) and you're at the Camp.
A toll free alternative is if you take the A37 until you can get on the N9 in Sintra. Then you are on the A16 and you'll take Exit 9 (ca. 20 min). Once you take Exit 9 you'll be on the N247 that you take till R. do Lizandro in Carvoeira (25 min).


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