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Experience the authentic Indonesia

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Island paradise, sunshine, and empty waves

  • Surf Resort on tropical Mentawai Islands in Indonesia
  • The dream island destination for any surfer
  • World-class waves like Lances’ Left at your door
  • Constant swell and favourable winds
  • 3 meals a day included
  • Ocean views from your Bungalow

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Surf Camp


Beachside Bungalow Mentawai
Mentawai surf camp
Surf view from bed Mentawai
Surf Camp Mentawai
Bar & Restaurant at Surf Resort Mentawai
Bungalows between the beach & the jungle

At Surf Resort Mentawai you’ll be greeted by stunning bungalows located between untouched tropical jungle and white sand beaches, with perfect surf at your doorstep.

  • Indonesian style bungalows that meet the highest western standards, only 20 meters from the beach
  • Enjoy amazing food under the beachside palm trees, 3 times a day
  • View out towards Lances’ Left
  • Air-conditioning, mosquito nets, and spacious, comfortable bedrooms
  • Explore untouched coral reefs when you go snorkelling or diving
  • Hammocks with beach, jungle, and surf views
  • Constant surf throughout the year

Surf Resort Mentawai, run & managed by King Fisher Bay Resort, gives you the chance to explore an untouched, pristine paradise while surfing perfect, empty waves every day. Surrounding the camp you have stunning beaches and tropical jungle, palm trees and crystal clear turquoise water. The location also means you have amazing wildlife at your doorstep. During your stay you will see things like Sea Eagles flying overhead & Flying Squirrels gliding between trees. A few meters away from the beach you also have spectacular reefs to check out that are full of life and colour.

A trip to Surf Resort Mentawai is your gateway to a world full of nature, culture, adventure and perfect surf. The crew are super friendly and will make sure you have the best possible time on the Mentawais’ possible.


Tropical Paradise surrounding Surf Resort Mentawai
Jungle on Mentawai Islands surf trip
Tropical paradise surrounding Surf Resort Mentawai

The Mentawai Islands
A surf trip to the Mentawai Islands provides an insight into the original Indonesia. Here you see authentic Indonesian culture, untouched rainforest and empty waves. The distance from mainland Indonesia may not be so great, but it wasn’t until the start of the 20th century that the Mentawai’s had any western influences, meaning you have a much more authentic Indonesian experience when visiting. This really is the ideal island for any surfers who want to experience a real tropical paradise.

Local Tips

traditional Indonesien fishing boats
Traditional fishing boats, traditional culture, amazing islands

Pure Nature
Alongside the perfect waves you’ll have stunning natural surroundings to explore. There are pristine white sand beaches at your front door with the crystal clear, tropically warm, turquoise water only a few steps away. A short distance from the beach you start to come across the first reefs, which are full of life and colour. Behind the camp you have the lush tropical forest to discover.

The Original Indonesia
For those of you who want to experience Indonesian culture should visit Surf Resort Mentawai. You can go to one of the villages in the area with a local from the resort. You will meet extremely friendly locals who are happy to welcome you to see their life for yourself. It’s completely different to the Indonesian culture you find in bigger cities on Bali of Java.



Shared Bungalow

Surf Resort Mentawai
Ocean view at Surf Resort Mentawai
Surf Resort Mentawai leather couch
Indonesian Bungalows with western luxuries

The budget conscious option at Surf Resort Mentawai combines local design with western comfort standards. The bedroom has a ceiling fan, mosquito nets, a private, modern bathroom and beds to cater to 5 guests.

Here are the Prices!

From the room and the private balcony you have a perfect view of the beach and Lances’ Left. You also have a hammock to enjoy quiet afternoons.

Private Bungalow

Surf Resort Mentawai Bungalow
Surf check from bed
Living room Mentawai
Surf Resort Mentawai private terrace
Tropical beachside setting for your island adventure

When you wake up in the Private Bungalow you can check the line-up at Lances’ Left, then walk the 20 meters to the water and take your first swim for the day. The Bungalows’ perfectly combine Indonesian flair, with modern amenities and comfort.

Here are the Prices!

The bedroom and lounge area are air-conditioned and also have a ceiling fan. Each bungalow also has a private bathroom that meets the highest western standards, a private balcony with deck chairs & table as well as a hammock, and space to sleep 3 guests.



Lances' Left on Mentawai
The epic local break, Lances' Left, right out your front door

Lances' Left is the quintessential Indonesian wave. A perfectly formed left that’s fast, and probably the most consistent wave at Surf Resort Mentawai. The drop is relatively mellow and the ride is long and fun, making this one of the favourite spots for anyone visiting the Mentawais'. There are 2 sections when the swell gets bigger where you can tuck into solid barrels, but it's renowned more for the long ride with plenty of time to do big carves & hacks.

It’s the perfect wave to take your surfing to the next level because you get plenty of time standing on your board and the take-off. When you surf here you're confidence will build, and you’ll start paddling into bigger waves.

Fun waves, every day at Surf Resort Mentawai
Fun waves, every day at Surf Resort Mentawai

Otherwise known as Lances’ Right, HT’s is one of the best waves in the world if you are looking to get barrelled. You can catch the wave of your life here and it will make the whole trip worthwhile. The wave produces perfect, round barrels and relatively long rides to give you time to set a rail and spend some quality time in the green room.

HT’s works from 1 to 10+ ft. and is at its best with a slight offshore that you’ll usually find earlier in the morning.

Surfing Mentawai
Have fun improving your surfing in a tropical paradise

On the other side of the beach from Lances’ Left and HT’s you find Bintangs. It’s a picture-perfect right-hand reef break. The take-off can be quite mellow, and once you start racing down the line you’ll find some steep sections, with a few barrel sections to top it off.

Surfing Mentawai coconut trees
Surf with palm trees in the background

The idyllic white sand beach in front of the bungalows has various sand banks that can produce super fun waves. It’s the perfect place to catch a few fun waves in the midday heat or learn to surf.

There are plenty more surf spots in the area that are easily accessible via the speedboat and the local crew will check the conditions and take you to the waves that are perfect for you skill level.



Catering Breakfast Surf Resort Mentawai
Breakfast on Mentawai
Breakfast Surf Resort Mentawai
3 delicious meals a day plus water, snacks, coffee & tea

3 Meals a day are included
The restaurant is the heart of the Resort. From the veranda you get to enjoy breath-taking views and spectacular food. Breakfast, lunch & dinner are included, as is drinking water, tea & coffee. There is also a bar where you can get a cold Bintang or juice to enjoy while you swap surf stories with the other guests.

Next to the restaurant you also have a chillout are with a TV, DVD player & internet to make use of when you are not surfing, eating, chilling on the beach, or hanging out with new friends.



Surfing & Fishing Mentawai
Head out for some fishing after your morning surf session

The tropical waters off the coast offer amazing fishing opportunities. Regardless if you are a pro fisherman, or never touched a fishing rod before, you’ll have a great time out on the water catching your evening meal.

Whenever the surf boats aren’t being used for surf trips, the team is always keen to catch some fish. You can even bring your own fishing gear along if you’re a keen fisherman.

underwater world surrounding Surf Resort Mentawai
The amazing underwater world surrounding Surf Resort Mentawai

A short swim away from the beach you will find colourful tropical reefs full of life. There are an uncountable number of fish species to see, as well as sea turtles and hundreds of varying types of coral that come in every imaginable colour.

You can easily rent snorkelling gear to go explore the reefs when you are not out in the surf.

wood carving Mentawai
wood carving Mentawai
Create your own, personalised souvenirs

Under the direction of a master wood carver you can make souvenirs for yourself, as well as friends and family at home,while you are staying at Surf Resort Mentawai. You can choose your motive and carve, paint and accessorise your wood carving with traditional materials to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Surf trip to the Mentawais' Indonesia
Discover great surf & amazing surroundings

TV, DVD, speakers, and high-speed satellite internet are all available to you at Surf Resort Mentawai. The surf photographer will also have pictures of you out in the surf to check out, and work on.

You also have bikes at the camp you can use to explore the neighbouring villages and inland jungle.




1 Week incl. 3 meals a day  from 1197 €:

  • 1 week booked accommodation
  • 3 meals, snacks, tea & coffee per day
  • Speedboat to all local surf spots
  • Fishing trip with the Speedboat
  • Use of fishing & snorkelling gear as well as ikes
  • Transfer from Padang Airport to Padang Harbour

Detailed prices under: Shared Bungalow / Private Bungalow

Shared Bungalow

Price per Person, per Day
Accommodation in Shared Bungalow in either a single, or dorm rooms, that sleep 2 - 5 guests.


  • Air conditioning and fan
  • Bathroom with hot water
  • Padang Airport Transfers (From the Airport to the Harbour in Padang).
  • Speedboat to the local surf spots (HT’s, Bintangs, etc.).
  • 3 large meals per day 
  • Small sunset snacks
  • Drinking water, tea & coffee included
  • Fishing trips on the speedboat
  • Free use of the bikes, snorkel & fishing gear
  • 2.50 €/Day Tourist Tax
 2-4 $245 (220 €) $215 (193 €)
 5-7  $230 (207 €) $205 (184 €)
 8-10 $215 (193 €) $195 (175 €)
11 & over  $200 (180 €) $190 (171 €)

Special Discounts for groups and children available. We will gladly create a custom quote for your group.

CAUTION: All the prices are influenced by the exchange rate. If we make an offer for your trip, we will take into account the most current exchange rates to give you an up to date price.

Private Bungalow

Price per Person, per Day
Accommodation in Private Bungalow that sleeps 2 - 3 guests.


  • Air conditioning and fan
  • Bathroom with hot water
  • Padang Airport Transfers (From the Airport to the Harbour in Padang).
  • Speedboat to the local surf spots (HT’s, Bintangs, etc.).
  • 3 large meals per day 
  • Small sunset snacks
  • Drinking water, tea & coffee included
  • Fishing trips on the speedboat
  • Free use of the bikes, snorkel & fishing gear
  • 2.50 €/Day Tourist Tax
 2-4 / $270 (243 €) $230 (207 € )
 5-7 $390 (350 €) $260 (234 €) $225 (202 €)
 8-10 $365 (328 €) $245 (220 €) $210 (189 €)
11 & over  $340 (306 €) $230 (207 €) $195 (175 €)

Special Discounts for groups and children available. We will gladly create a custom quote for your group.

CAUTION: All the prices are influenced by the exchange rate. If we make an offer for your trip, we will take into account the most current exchange rates to give you an up to date price.

Optional Extras

Book & pay upon arrival

  • Wi-Fi (10 US$/Day)
  • Half or Whole Day trips to the outer reefs
  • Massages
  • Surf Photography
  • Wood Carving


  • Overnight Ferry: Padang – Resort – Padang (min. 2 Guests incl. Surfboards): $400 (359 €)
  • Charter Speedboat: Padang – Resort (Price per boat, one way, up to 10 guests): $2.000 (1.795 €)



Padang Airport – Minangkabou International Airport (PDG)

We offer an extra service where we will find you the cheapest available flight, then contact you with the final offer. Flights to harbour city of Padang are the only option when travelling to Surf Resort Mentawai. When the flights are booked and finalised we can organise an airport transfer to come and meet you at the airport, and take you to the Surf Resort Mentawai.

For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself, we recommend Skyscanner, this will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from, and where they stop over. You can fly to Padang Airport with Air Asia, Eva Airways, Malaysia Air, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Garuda Airlines and United Emirates with flights usually coming from either Jakarta, Indonesia or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

You need to purchase a 30-day visa upon arrival in Indonesia which will cost 25 USD. Its best to have the money ready as you land in either USD or IDR.

From Padang to the Mentawais'

The city of Padang on Sumatra is the nearest big city to Surf resort Mentawai. At the airport one of the crew will pick you up, and either take you to the hotel for the night or directly to the ferry depending on when you land. If you stay overnight in Padang they can recommend places to eat and things to check out, they’ll also spend the evening in Padang so if you like you can check out Padang together.

The Ferry
The cheapest option to get to Surf Resort Mentawai is to jump on the “Ambu Ambu” ferry. It takes one night to reach the next big island, and then you jump on a speedboat that takes you the rest of the way. For a minimum of 2 people the trip to the resort on the ferry costs 359€.

You can also catch a speedboat from Padang to Surf Resort Mentawai. The speed boat takes groups from 3 – 9 people and is the most consistent and fastest option. The boat can be booked to work perfectly with your arrival and departure times and costs a total of 1795€ per trip.


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