Surf Camp Bali Deluxe

Luxury accommodation, world-class waves & 5-star food

girl surfer barrelled bikini sunshine tropicalSurfcamp bali Seminyak DeluxeBali temple culture nature water lillySurfcamp bali Seminyak DeluxeSurfcamp bali Seminyak DeluxeSurfcamp bali Seminyak DeluxeSurfcamp bali Seminyak Deluxe

The highest quality surf trip to Bali

  • The Deluxe Surf Camp is in Seminyak, Bali
  • Includes 7-Days of Surf Guiding – catering to your surf level
  • Private van & driver, as well as butler service at the camp
  • Modern architecture, panorama views, rooftop terrace & Jacuzzi
  • Only a couple of minutes on foot to the sand & surf
  • Tropical climate so you can surf without a wetsuit all year

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Surf Camp


Surf Camp Bali Deluxe private swimming pool
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe Jacuzzi
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe pool
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe lounge wine
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe pictures
Enjoy your own private pool, at the luxurious accommodation

This camp provides a luxury surf trip option, located in the heart of the surfers’ paradise of Bali. Amazing apartments, stunning surroundings, the best surf & the highest level of comfort.

  • Luxurious apartments with panorama views from the private terrace with your own pool & Jacuzzi
  • Modern architecture, tropical gardens, and only minutes away from the beach
  • Surf Guiding is included and high-quality boards available to rent
  • The beautiful nature of Bali at your door
  • Explore rice fields, temples and the nearby city of Kuta
  • Delicious breakfast made up of local and international cuisine, as well as fresh fruit & smoothies included
  • Private van with driver & butler service

Surf Camp Bali Deluxe is part of PT Indonesia Surfaris, with whom Pure Surf Camp has established an excellent relationship. Guests who visit are blown away by the amazing architecture of the apartments, the luxurious amenities, great food and epic surf.

Every morning at Surf Camp Bali Deluxe you are greeted with a breakfast buffet, or you can choose to postpone breakfast and first go out and catch some waves. The camp in Seminyak provides private surf guiding to all the guests, 7-days a week. On arrival, the team will assess your skill level and chat with you about what type of surf you are looking for. Once this is established the crew will check the weather and find appropriate waves for you and your travel companions. To get to the best spots you use the private van with driver.

Once your daily surf sessions are finished it’s time to head back to your luxurious apartment. You can soak up the last rays of tropical sunshine while in the pool, on the terrace or in the garden. Once the sun sets you can enjoy amazing Balinese or international cuisine in your dining room or on the terrace. Then, once it starts to get dark you can enjoy cold drink in the Jacuzzi, relaxing under the stars on the rooftop terrace or heading to Kuta, which is only a few minutes away, to check out the bars & nightclubs.

When you take your trip to Surf Camp Bali Deluxe you will be bombarded with highlight after highlight from nutritious and delicious food, to the customised guided surf sessions, and of course, the spectacular accommodation.


Hindu temple Bali
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe Monkey Forest sunset
Impressive cultural & natural sights to explore

The nearby city of Seminyak
The camp is in Seminyak, only a couple of minutes’ walk to Gado-Gado beach. 5 minutes away you have a huge selection of bars & nightclubs, and 10 minutes on foot you are at Seminyak beach. In Seminyak itself you have a great selection of dining, partying & shopping possibilities.

There are also plenty of historical sights and nature reserves to visit in the surrounding area. You can find great restaurants in nearby Seminyak that serve delicious local Balinese cuisine, as well as plenty of restaurants that serve western classics. You also have countless bars and nightclubs where you can either have a relaxed drink after your afternoon surf, or you can find a nightclub and party until the sun comes up.

If you are wanting to do some sightseeing you can easily get to Ubud from the camp where you have the monkey forest, old Buddhist and Hindu temples, picturesque rice fields, tropical jungles and waterfalls. >The Surfing around the camp near Seminyak is also world class. The first surfers discovered Bali in the 30’s, but it wasn’t until the 70’s that it became a popular surf destination with breaks like Padang Padang, Dreamland & Impossibles become well known among the surfing community.

Local Tips

Tanah Lot Bali
Rice Fields Bali
The impressive coastal temple of Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot
Only 12 km away from Surf House Canguu you have Tanah Lot. This temple from the 16th century is dedicated to the Balinese god of the ocean, Dewa Baruna. Its sits on a small island close to shore. Best time to go is around sunset to get the best view of the temple. As the sun sets in the ocean behind the temple you get an amazing silhouette, accompanied with the last few surfers catching their last waves for the day.

Waterfalls, Coffee Plantations, Monkey Forest & Ubud
In Bali, you can explore the spectacular natural beauty of the country by taking the driver from the camp to various destinations around the island. One of the things we recommend is taking a trip to the Waterfall in Semkumpul that is almost impossible to find without a local guide and rarely visited by tourist. On this trip, you’ll be able to check out a coffee plantation on the way, a rice terrace, and a walk through the Monkey Forest by Ubud. The local guide can also recommend temples that are worth checking out on the trip as well as great places to stop and eat. This is the best way to get an amazing trip through the country with zero hassle.


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Bali VIP holiday surf
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe white leather couch
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe master bedroom
Surf Camp Bali deluxe
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe kitchen
Your own private pool next to the lounge

There is the possibility of booking individual bedrooms, or the entire Villa at Surf Camp Deluxe Seminyak.

There are 2 luxurious bedrooms in the Villa that either come with a king size bed, or 2 singles, and each room has its own private bathroom and air-conditioning. The Villa has a lounge area with satellite TV, a fantastic outdoor area, a private kitchen, and throughout the Villa you have free Wi-Fi.

Here are the Prices!

If you just book one of the rooms in the Villa you’ll be sharing the communal areas with the occupants of the other room, if you book both rooms the entire the Villa is yours.

The bedrooms are on the upper floor. The lounge, which has a TV, DVD, surround sound system & comfortable couches, a dining area with table & chairs, a fully equipped kitchen, swimming pool and kiddie pool are all on the ground floor. You also have an outdoor shower, sun terrace and tropical garden to enjoy. It is also possible to open the villa up so you can share the communal areas with the occupants of Apartment 1, for example if you want 3 private bedrooms, but would like to cook, eat and chill together.

Apartment 1

Surf Camp Bali Deluxe bedroom
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe bathroom
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe living room
Super comfortable queen bed to recharge after 2 surf sessions

Apartment 1 has a large bedroom, with queen size bed, a modern bathroom, and a private kitchenette that is connected to the living & dining room. You can relax on the couch and watch international TV or DVD’s, check your email with the free Wi-Fi, or cook a meal in the private kitchen. You can also enjoy the private terrace which has an outdoor sofa and Jacuzzi.

Here are the Prices!

The couch folds out to give you an extra bed, meaning you can accommodate 3-4 people in Apartment 1. You can also combine the Villa with Apartment 1 to accommodate bigger groups, where you can share the communal spaces while still enjoying the privacy of your own luxurious bedroom.

The entire Apartment 1 is located on the upper floor and is fully air-conditioned, it also has a huge glass front meaning you get an amazing view of the tropical garden.

Apartment 2

Outdoor shower red bikini Surf Camp Bali Deluxe
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe dining room kitchen
white leather couch Bali
Jaccuzzi & outdoor shower to make the most of the tropical weather

Apartment 2 has a king size bed, huge bathroom, a modern kitchen and lounge with designer couch & dining table, TV, stereo & DVD player. You also have an extra sleeping option on the rooftop terrace where you have an air-conditioned winter garden with a double bed, here you can sleep under the stars.

Here are the Prices!

Through the bedroom you have access to the terrace where you will find a Jacuzzi, the winter garden, tropical plants, bean bags, outdoor sound system and an amazing view.

Apartment 3

Double room Surf Camp Bali Deluxe
Surf Camp Bali Deluxe living room
Private Jacuzzi & garden Surf Camp Bali Deluxe
The perfect spot to retreat to after active days

Apartment 3 is the largest accommodation option with 3 bedrooms. The rooms have king size beds with private bathrooms. There is a large, comfortable lounge area as well as a modern, well equipped kitchen and huge dining area with enough space to cater for communal evening meals with friends.

Here are the Prices!

From the lounge and dining area you have a huge glass wall which opens up to access the private terrace where you also have plenty of space to chill, enjoy the sun, or jump into the Jacuzzi.





Key Facts

Surf Guiding Bali
Get shown the best spots for your skill level and learn about the wave before you get in the water

Surf Guiding is included in the cost. The team make 2 trips per day to the best spots around Bali. The crew know the coast extremely well and will consult with you to find out what kind of waves you are looking for, then find the appropriate break.

  • Surf Guiding included – 2 x per day, 7 days a week
  • Maximum of 3 people per group
  • Video Coaching available 2 times per week
  • Spot transfers, local info, and tips about your surfing
  • Experienced local surfers
  • Perfect for beginner, intermediate or advanced surfers


Surfing Bali fins-out hack
Improve your surfing, catch great waves & enjoy the tropical climate

While taking part in the Surf Guiding at Surf Camp Bali Deluxe the private and luxurious atmosphere continues with the small groups, experienced guides and great surf. The team make two trips a day, 7 days a week, either in the car, or sometimes even on the boat. This means you can take 14 guided surf trips every week to optimise your surfing and explore a huge selection of surf spots.

The team consults you about when you would like to go, what sort of conditions are ideal for you, and how long you’d like to surf for.

Then check the swell, tide and wind charts to find the perfect waves for you, and your skill level. Once you get to the spot, the team will give you pointers about the best take of spots, the currents, what waves to catch and the best channels to paddle out. The crew will paddle out with you and give you pointers on how to improve your surfing. They are also all certified beach lifeguards for an extra element of safety while you are in the water.

If you are the only guest who wants to surf bigger reef breaks or wants to go to mellow beach breaks, the team will take you to a spot individually that is perfect for you, meaning you are not forced to join surfers who are not at the same stage with their surfing as you. 2 times a week the crew also get out the video cameras and film you as you surf. The video can then be reviewed when you’re back at your accommodation and you can pick out things to improve on while watching yourself surf.


Black & white Surf photo

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Black & white Surf photo

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Learn to Surf Bali
Learn to surf in Bali, then take part in the Surf Guiding

The learn to surf package offered by Surf Camp Bali Deluxe is perfect preparation for the daily guided surf trips. The course takes place on Kuta Beach and runs over 3 days. It’s an intensive course that will get you ready to surf smaller, mellow waves during the Surf Guiding.

The experienced and local coaches will run through the basics on the beach, and then its straight out into the warm water to catch some fun small waves, work on paddling and getting up.

Price for the Learn-to-Surf Package is 79 € for 3 days.

The weekly plan is as follows:

Day 1 - Morning:
Beach Session, 2 Guests with 1 Guide.

Day 1 - Afternoon:
Pool Session

Day 2 - Morning:
Beach Session, 2 Guests with 1 Guide.

Day 2 - Afternoon:
Group Surf Guiding Session with other camp guests.

Day 3 - Morning:
Beach Session, 1 Guests with 1 Guide.

Day 3 - Afternoon:
Group Surf Guiding Session with other camp guests.

Learn to Surf Bali black sand beach rental boards
Get on the right board for your size, skill level & surf conditions

The team at Surf Camp Bali Deluxe have a huge quiver of surfboards to cater to every type of surfer, size, skill level and surf conditions. The team also have rash vests and leashes that are included in the rental price.

The quiver includes high performance Shortboards that range from 6,0ft to 7,0ft, Mini-Mals that start from 7,0ft, and fun shapes like retro fish & twin fins. You can purchase insurance for your rental board just in case you get a little close to the reef. The insurance covers everything from the small ding, to a snapped board. The only thing it doesn’t cover is if you lose your board, then you will have to replace it.

Of course, you can bring your favourite board from home. The team can also recommend plenty of surf shops in and around Seminyak where you can get leashes, wax, tail pads, booties and boardshorts. Or even if you want to get a custom board made during your stay.

The prices for Surfboard rental are 50 €/Week, or 10 €/Day. Surfboard insurance costs 5 €/Day, or 30 € for up to 3 weeks.




Deluxe breakfast after morning surf Bali
The perfect welcome home after your early morning surf session

The team provide daily breakfast, with the option of upgrading to a deluxe breakfast package.

Standard Breakfast
For the perfect start to the day the team at Surf Camp Bali Deluxe prepare a delicious breakfast that includes, eggs, bread, croissants & fresh fruit. Coffee and tea is available throughout the day. If you have any special requests let the team know either prior to arrival or once you are there for the following day.

Deluxe Breakfast
The Deluxe breakfast package is designed to cater to those of you who are wanting to go for an early morning surf session, then come back and have a feast waiting for you. The deluxe breakfast has more variety, and is available for a longer. You can get in a solid meal after your first surf, relax during the midday sun, then head out again in the afternoon for your second surf.


food at Surf Camp Bali Deluxe
The perfect mix of local & international cuisine

Half Board
A great way to make your trip uncomplicated in terms of evening meals is to choose the half board option. Every night after 17:30 you’ll be able to choose a 2-course meal from a varied menu that consists of both local in international food. The experienced chef has daily specials and sometime fires up the BBQ or prepares a big buffet dinner.

Indonesian Food
If you choose not to take the Half Board option you can find plenty of great restaurants surrounding the camp and even more the closer you get to Kuta. You can get a healthy and delicious local Nasi or Mie Goreng at a picturesque beachside café for as little as 2€.

Western Food
Once you start heading to the more touristy areas like Seminyak you’ll have a great selection of western restaurants. You’ll find everything from the typical American burger joints to Italian, Japanese and German restaurants that cater to tourists who want to experience the comforts of home.



Tanah Lot Temple Bali high tide
Temples, nature, amazing surf - the perfect holiday

So that you experience more of what Bali has to offer the team organises weekend day trips with a private driver who can fill you in on plenty of interesting facts, local tips and show you the best sights on the way. For example, if the trip is to Ubud, the driver might make a stop at a Temple, or waterfall on the way that is off the beaten tourist path.

If you want to explore Bali on your own accord you can rent the bus with driver from camp, as long as there is 3 or more of you. You can also use the bus if you just want to go the supermarket or cash machine.

Otherwise you also have the option of renting a scooter or mountain bike to explore. There’s nothing quite like strapping a board to the side of your scooter and exploring the coast, stopping at any spot you like for a quick surf, then continuing until sunset. If you want to rent a scooter, or the van, you need an international driver’s license.

Temples of Bali
Rice fields Bali
Discover the amazing, highly ornate temples of Bali

There are plenty of opportunities to experience Balinese culture. Whether you want to go to one of the many ancient Hindu or Buddhist temples to learn about the origins of the culture, visit the palaces to see how the royalty in Bali live, check out the rice fields or even take trips into the bigger cities to shop, eat & party. Each trip will highlight a different element of Balinese culture. From its origins in the temples, through its development, to what the culture has become today.

There are plenty of options and the team at Surf Camp Bali Deluxe can give you plenty of advice regarding any trips you want to undertake. Ubud comes highly recommended as it combines history, nature and a city trip in one, as does Tanah Lot, where you can watch a spectacular sunset while sat in an ancient palace overlooking the last surfers catching the final waves for the day.

White water rafting in Bali
White water rafting in Bali

For those who like an action-packed trip, Surf Camp Bali Deluxe has got you covered. On top of the 14 Surf Guiding sessions a week you have included in your stay, you can also go Diving at one of the outer reefs surrounding the island.

Kite Boarding or Stand Up Paddleboarding are also available. If you want to get out of the ocean you can also go White-Water-Rafting through one of the inland rapids. If you want to stay out of the water altogether you can go mountain biking, hiking, rock-climbing, zip-lining or even hike up a volcano to watch the sunrise.




Navigate via the tabs to find prices for the different accommodation options, as well as various optional extras. Here you will see an example:

1 Week incl. Surf Guiding & Breakfast from 645 €:

  • 7 night incl. Breakfast
  • Surf Guiding, 2x a day, 7 Days a Week
  • 2x Video Coaching
  • 1x Boat Transfer to outer reef surf spots for advanced surfers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Free Coffee & Tea till 18:00
  • Driver & Butler Service
  • Airport Transfer if you stay more than 5 nights

Detailed prices under: Accommodation


Price per Person, per Night

  • All prices shown are without discount
  • The rate per night is reduced by 1% every evening that you stay
  • Maximum discount is 50%, for 50 nights
  • Example: If you stay 14 nights, you get a 14% discount on accommodation
  • No discount on surcharges, surf courses & extras
  • Prices can very depending on availability


  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • Surf Guiding, 2x a day, 7 Days a Week 14 sessions total
  • 2x Video Coaching
  • 2 x Surf Theory
  • 1x Boat Transfer to outer reef surf spots for advanced surfers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Free Coffee & Tea till 18:00
  • Driver & Butler Service
  • Airport Transfer if you stay more than 5 nights
Villa Exclusive use (4 Guests) 45 €
Apartment 1, 2, 3 45 €


Optional Extras

Half-Board (2 Course Meal) 5 € per Day
Deluxe Breakfast 5 € per Day
Surfboard Rental 50 €/Week & 10 €/Day
Surfboard Insurance 10 €/Day & 70 € up to 3 Weeks
Beginners Surf Course (3 Days, 2 sessions a Day) 79 € per Person
Airport Transfers 15 € p.P. and trip (after 5 Nights free)


*Contact the camp manager once your flights are booked. Their details are on the Pure Surf Camp invoice.

Booking & Payment possible prior to, or upon arrival:
No discount possible

Booking & Payment possible prior to, or upon arrival:
No discount possible




Denpasar Airport (DPS)

We offer an extra service where we will find you the cheapest available flight, then contact you with the final offer. Flights to Denpasar are the best option when travelling to Surf Camp Bali Deluxe. When the flights are booked and finalised we can organise an airport transfer to come and meet you at the airport, and take you to the Surf House. 

For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself, we recommend Skyscanner, this will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from, and where they stop over. You can fly to Denpasar Airport (DPS) with Emirates, QatarEtihad and many more local & international airlines.

When you arrive in Denpasar you will be required to buy a 30-Day Visa, this will cost 25 USD, which you can pay in Euro, USD, IDR or Credit Card. Problems could arise if you have an Israeli Visa or stamp in your passport. Upon departure you need to pay a 150,000 IDR departure tax, which is a little under 10 €. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Airport Transfer

If you’re staying more than 5 days the crew will pick you up, and drop you off at the airport free of charge. If you’re not staying 5 nights then the trip is 15 € per person, per trip. Contact the camp manager once your flights are booked. Their details are on the Pure Surf Camp invoice.

Driver Service

For any day trips you want to undertake, or trips to the airport or harbour, you can book a Driver and car or van for the day. This is a great way to get some local info and explore the country in comfort. The team at Surf House Canguu will gladly organise a car a driver for you whenever you need.


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