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Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec

Family fun right next to the Atlantic

Perfect Family camp for those of you looking for:

wave Waves/Surfing 95%

Camp-Icon Distance to Beach 95%

house Comfort 90%

Activities-Icon Activities 95%

family Family Friendly 100%

Beach-Icon Wave Variety 90%

Campfinder-Icon PURE Rating 90%

Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec Learn to Surf
Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec beach Yoga
Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec
Hanging 5 Longboarding France pro surfer Italy
Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec
Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec
Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec Kids learn to surf
Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec Learn to Surf

Beachside Surf Camp for your next Family Holiday

  • renovated Safari & Tipi Deluxe tents NEW 
  • Kindergartenservice a few times the week NEW
  • The camp is located right by Le Pin Sec Beach – mediated by Puresurfcamps
  • Quaint, family friendly campground
  • Kids below 12 years, just need to pay half of the meal price
  • 1 Yoga session included with certified yoga instructors
  • Surf Course for children as young as 8
  • Stress free family holiday with delicious meals available
  • Use of beach games & skateboards included for guests
  • Large communal chill out area
  • Plenty of excursions available for the whole family
  • Experienced & qualified surf courses who provide beginner & intermediate courses

Obligation free request

Surf Camp

Surf Camp


Surfing Le Pin Sec
Safari Tent on the sand, the perfect Family Surf Trip Le Pin Sec France
Family Surf Camp learn to surf France
Safari Tent on the sand, the perfect Family Surf Trip Le Pin Sec France
Surfing Yoga Family Surf Camp France Yoga in the pine trees
Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
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An Amazing beachside Surf Camp Atmosphere

The Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec is located 1 minute away from the golden sand bay of Plage du Pin Sec. This is the perfect destination if you and your family are looking for a rejuvenating surf trip that includes fun waves, good food, yoga, and most importantly, plenty of fun for the whole family.

  • Chilled camp atmosphere with plenty of communal spaces to make the most of
  • The possibility to learn to skate at the camp
  • Renovated Safari and Tipi deluxe tents
  • Various surf courses offered for all skill levels
  • Surf Spots right at your door
  • Use of the large yoga terrace
  • Experienced & motivated crew both at the camp, and in the water
  • Family vacation without the cooking – Breakfast & Dinner 5 days included
  • Plenty of family friendly activities nearby

We will have a few times per week a Kindergarden service. Your kids can play and learn with other kids while the parents take care on their surf lessons. We work together with well educated tutors.


French Atlantic Coast
Surf Trip Le Pin Sec France family holiday
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The endless golden sand beaches that surround Le Pin Sec

Le Pin Sec
The town of Le Pin Sec itself is a quiet and peaceful beachside town that is still to be discovered by the masses of tourists who flock to the French Atlantic Coast every summer. The campground where we are located sits right behind the dunes the border the beach so within one minute you can easily get to the beach of Plage du Pin Sec. The beach is long and has plenty of good, empty waves along it waiting to be surfed. There are plenty of areas where lifeguards are on duty and there are designated surfing & swimming zones.

Along the dunes you also have the possibility to check out the café where you can enjoy a delicious snack, refreshing drink or ice cream. Along the coastline you also have other restaurants at shops to explore with the family. As well as the shops and restaurants available to you and your family in Le Pin Sec itself, you also have plenty of other small towns and villages along the coast that are well worth taking a look at.

The Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec perfectly located to offer you and your family a memorable holiday that everyone will enjoy whether you are out surfing the fun waves or exploring the beautiful coastal landscape.

Local Tips

Wine France sunset
The beautiful Médoc wine region 

Médoc Wine Region
The Médoc wine region located along the banks of the Garonne River are easy to access from the camp and make for a perfect place to take an afternoon excursion. Upon arrival you will come across stunning castles & places that are great to explore, as well as countless vineyards where the parents can try some of the local vino and cheese at the wine tastings that every vineyard holds.

Some of the must-see vineyards in the area are Château Palmer, Château Margaux, Château Cos d’Estournel and Château Cantenac-Brown.

Sunset at Le Pin Sec
Another memorable highlight you will get to experience while surfing and staying at the Family Camp in Le Pin Sec are the sunsets. We recommend taking a blanket, a little picnic, maybe a glass of wine that you picked up while touring the vineyards, and getting comfortable on the sand dunes and watching the daily light show put on by mother nature.


team place holder

The Team Le Pin Sec
The onsite team as well as the surf crew are all experienced, motivated and love their job and surroundings. They will be up early to get breakfast ready for you, there to play beach games with the kids, teach you how to skate either on the Miniramp or on a longboard along the footpaths and then prepare amazing meals in the evening.


Safari Tent

Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
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Plenty of space, right on the sand, with your own terrace

Safari Tent
The massive Safari Tents at the Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec can sleep a total of 6 making them the ideal option for the whole family to stay together. There are two separated sleeping quarters, with one Double Bed, one set of Bunk Beds, and one Single. If a 6th person is joining the team will add an extra Single.  

Here are the Prices!

The tents have electricity, lighting & plenty of storage space, there are also new mattresses on all the beds. The only thing is you need to bring blankets, pillows, and bed covers, unless you want to rent the from the team, which costs 15 € per week. 

Tipi Deluxe


New: Our Tipi Deluxe Tents will be freshly renovated for the upcoming 2020 summer season. Every family gets 2 Tipi tents with beds, chairs and tables, to suit up the most comfortable living unit. The parents tents comes with beds and the kids Tipis will be set up with airbeds. Family are aloud to mix up the interior how they want to, to make the best out of the holiday.

Here are the Prices!

Make sure to bring a Sleeping Bag & Pillow. If you want to borrow linen & bedding, the price is 59,- for the whole family.

4 metres Tipi tent
stylish interior
the tents offers a lot of storage in an around them
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4 metres Tipi tent

Online Booking



Key Facts

Kids Surf School France Atlantic
Learn to Surf France fomie longboard France
Learn to surf surfer girl high 5
Learn to Surf France
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Surf School for the next generation of surfers, starting from 8 years old

The Family Surf Camp boasts an impressive surf school with an experienced and qualified crew who are all also qualified lifeguards. The team have a variety of courses that can get youngsters as young as 8 out in the water and learning to surf, as well as providing courses that cater to intermediate surfers looking to catch some green waves and work on things like turns and carves.

    • Ratio of no more than 8 students per coach
    • Starting from 8 years of age
    • Beginner & intermediate courses available
    • ISA (International Surfing Association) Certified coaches
    • All coaches also certified Lifeguards
    • New high-quality surfboards & wetsuits

    Surf Package L    (5 sessions): 150 €
    Surf Package XL  (7 sessions): 210 €


    Learn to Surf
    Learn to surf France Family Holiday
    Learn to Surf France Family surf trip.
    Learn to Surf France Family Surf trip
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    Catch your first waves with the help of an an experienced and professional crew

    If you are just starting your surfing career you have two options at the Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec. The team offer a 10 Hour XL Surf Course & a 15 Hour XXL Surf Course.

    The beginners’ courses are perfectly suited to those of you wanting to try surfing for the first time as they combine plenty of practical, learning by doing, out in the water with some basic theoretical knowledge about the ocean regarding currents, rips and general info about waves as well as the equipment and the rules out in the water. The aim of the course is to get people paddling onto their own waves then up and standing on the surfboard by the end of the week.

    For all the surf courses offered by the team the ratio is never more than 8 guests per surf couch, meaning you get plenty of feedback to improve your surfing quickly.


    If you have already started your surfing journey and have a week or so behind you, the intermediate course is the one for you. Again, there are two options as follows:

    The Intermediate surf course has a little less theory, and more learning by doing. The idea is at this point you have the take-off sorted, and are going to start catching green waves and instead of heading straight for the beach, starting to work your way along the open face of the wave. The surf coaches will be out in the line-up with you and giving you advice as you go about what waves to paddle for, when to jump up, which direction to turn, and any other important things that will take your surfing to the next level.

    The surf gear is yours for the week so if you want to head out after the course is over a snag a few more, you are more than welcome to do so.

    Family Surf Trip France
    Family Surf Camp France Atlantic Coast
    Learn to Surf France Atlantic 8 year old
    Learn to Surf France
    Learn to surf France Atlantic
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    Progress your surfing along the French Atlantic Coast

    Surf Team


    Surf Team Le Pin Sec
    All surf coaches not only have the required ISA qualifications, but are also trained and certified beach lifeguards. Thanks to their years of experience in the area, they also know all the best surf spots which means you will always be surfing the best waves, under the guidance of the best crew.

    Learn to surf France
    Surfboard & wetsuit rental so you can surf when and where you want

    If you can already surf and are ready to catch some waves by yourself, or with friends, you can rent wetsuits & surfboards from the team and explore the beautiful coast that surrounds the camp.

    The team won’t rent any gear to anyone who is not experienced enough, and if you are experienced enough, the team will give a little introduction on how to best take care of the surfboards and wetsuit, plus some rules to stick to when you’re out in the line-up.

    This introduction takes place Sunday mornings, then you can have the equipment for the remainder of the week.

    7-Day Surfboard & Wetsuit Rental Incl. Introduction: 35 €

    Learn to Surf Lacanau France
    Learn to surf France Atlantic
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    Surf Central along the French Atlantic - Lacanau

    The French Atlantic is a world-famous surf region with waves perfect for every ability and surfing style.

    Le Pin Sec
    The local spot for courses and the team from the camp in their free time is only a few meters away from the camp. It’s a beachbreak where you find various peaks that break both left and right. The waves change regularly due to the shifting sand banks and tides. Both of which the team from the camp keep a close eye on.

    A short way north you will come across a spot named Mellow-Monta by the locals. This beach is much longer than that of Le Pin Se and the waves here generally don’t break as well. When the swell is big, too big for beginners and intermediates, Mellow-Monta comes into its own and is a fun spot to catch more manageable waves.

    Lacanau is known as the Surf City of Bordeaux and is definitely worth a stop during your stay. Perfect to surf, shop and enjoy a nice meal out in the sunshine followed by another mellow surf session.



    Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec Dinner
    Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
    Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec Breakfast France
    Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec Breakfast
    Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec Dinner
    Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec wine
    Surf Camp Family Le Pin Sec
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    Freshly made local meals

    Optional Breakfast & Dinner
    A Family Holiday should be a relaxing experience for everybody, that’s why the team has taken the hassle out of it and given you the option of booking Breakfast & Dinner for 109 € per Person.

    • kids below 12 years, just paying half the price. NEW

    From 9 in the morning the team will have a varied and healthy breakfast buffet waiting for you that makes use of the freshest local ingredients and produce. The team even organise fresh local delicacies like croissants and local cheeses. As well as this you have fresh baguettes from the local baker with a huge assortment of spreads, muesli, fresh fruit and coffee & tea. The perfect way to start what is bound to be an active day out in the French sun.

    After those active days, you will build up quite the appetite. The team know the feeling, that’s why the kitchen crew prepares delicious meals 5 Nights a Week to satisfy that hunger. The menu is always changing to make use of seasonal vegetables and alongside the main course is always a fresh salad. If you are vegetarian, or have allergies, just let the crew know and they will make sure you are covered.




    Kids Family Holiday beach time sunshine
    Learn to Surf France
    Beach days with the Family France
    1 / 3
    Beach days in Lacanau

    Through the course of the week the team offer two trips. The first is to Lacanau, the second to Bordeaux, both of which are great fun for the whole family.

    Lacanau is a small beachside town with a long boulevard that is home to plenty of great cafés, small boutique shops, restaurants and bars. You also have the beach right in town meaning you can go for a swim, build a sand castle, or just enjoy some family time. The beach has also on-duty life guard.

    The trips only take place when a minimum number of participants is reached. 


    Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux Surf Camp France
    Family excursions to Bordeaux
    1 / 2
    Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux

    The second weekly excursions heads to the famous French town of Bordeaux.

    Bordeaux is an authentic, architecturally stunning, French city that is amazing to explore. You have quiet streets with endless possibilities to eat delicious French cuisine, shop, take tours and try the world famous, locally produced wine.

    On hot summers’ days, we recommend taking a stroll to the riverside squares of Place de la Bourse and Mirior d’Eau where you find huge fountains, perfect for cooling your feet off. Afterwards you can do as the locals do and work your way to the park named Jardin Public. This is the perfect spot to relax with a picnic in the shade.

    The trips only take place when a minimum number of participants is reached. 

    Learn to skate France
    Free longboards to borrow from the camp

    The camp also has a good selection of longboards that are perfect to check out the surrounding area of Le Pin Sec. The team can make some recommendations on the best routes to take to avoid, or find, the steepest hills. We highly recommend building up to the bigger hills slowly, surfing with road rash from the previous evening can be pretty uncomfortable.

    The longboards & skateboards are free to borrow and available from the bar.

    Arcachon Inlet France
    Dune de Pilat France
    1 / 2
    Beach fun in the safe and calm Arcachon Inlet

    The Family Surf Camp in Le Pin Sec is surrounded by plenty of spots to explore with the family including Arachon, Cap Ferret & Naujac-Sur-Mer.

    Near Arachon you have the largest sand dune in Europe called Dune du Pilat. Visiting the dune is an adventure for the whole family. The dunes are over 100 meters tall and offer stunning views from the top, they are also a popular spot for local paragliders to take-off from.

    TIP: We recommend taking a windbreaker & sunglasses as it gets quite windy at the top and the sand gets blown around a bit.

    Cap Ferret
    When the sun is out, and the waves are big, Cap Ferret is a beautiful long, sheltered beach with zones that are under the watchful eye of the local lifeguards. On the other side of the village, by Bassin d’Arcachon, you have two picturesque towns of Le Canon & L’Herbe. These two little villages border the inlet which are completely sheltered from any ocean swell, making them the perfect spot to take a swim. At high tide the beaches all but disappear, but it’s the best time to swim. Along the waters edge you will find amazing restaurants, that not only serve delicious food, but also overlook the beautiful inlet.

    11 km away from the camp you have the town of Naujac-Sur-Mer where you will find the Animalia Parc (Zoo). There are over 250 animals that call this park home. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with the kids. The park also offers things like pony rides or fishing for trout as well as offering pre-packed picnic baskets. The park is open daily from 10:00 – 18:00 and costs 11 € for adults & 9 € for children (3 – 12). Pony rides and fishing cost extra, as does the picnic basket.

    Beach volleyball Le Pin Sec
    Volleyball surf camp France
    1 / 2
    Beach volleyball with new friends and family at Le Pin Sec

    Every week the team at the Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec organise a Beach Volleyball round robin that the whole family can get involved in so you can practice your Bump, Set & Spike. The team even put some pretty cool prizes up for grabs, and even if you aren’t playing, it’s a lot of fun to go down and cheer on your favourite team.

    The teams are made up of between 5 – 6 players, it is free to enter, and you can always head down to the beach and play volleyball outside of the tournament times.

    Down dog at the beach girls yoga
    Family yoga in amongst nature
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    4 Yoga Sessions are included for all guests

    For all our guests we include 4 yoga sessions that you can take throughout the week. It’s a perfect way to balance out the time you spend surfing by stretching your arms, shoulders and back, taking control of your breathing and building a little muscle in your core. All of these things will make the next surf session that much easier and help your progression along.

    We include 4 yoga sessions for all our guests, but if you want we can offer you an extra 3 sessions for 25 €. There is no set time or place for the yoga sessions, sometimes sunset, sometime sunrise, sometimes on the beach, sometimes in the shade of the pine trees by the camp. The only thing that is certain is yoga always takes place, sometimes even more than once a day.

    Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec
    Stunning beachside sunsets in Le Pin Sec
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    The whole family will be having fun while at the Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec

    You, and more importantly the kids, will definitely not get bored during your stay at the Family Surf Camp Le Pin Sec. When you aren’t out surfing, enjoying delicious meals, taking day trips, skating, or playing volleyball, the team can also offer you a massive selection of beach games to take down to the sand free of charge.

    There is also a weekly karaoke evening which is always a laugh for everyone. Another weekly activity is the quiz night where your team up to answer a set of surf related questions for your chance at the prize.




    Navigate via the tabs to find the prices for accommodation prices as well as various optional extras. Here you will see an example:

    1 Week for the whole family from 694 €:

    • 7 Nights accommodation
    • 1 Yoga Sessions
    • Skateboard/Longboard Rental & Beach Games

    Detailed price overview through: Accommodation



    • 7 Nights accommodation in a 4-Person or Safari Tent
    • 1 Yoga Sessions
    • Skateboard/Longboard Rental & Beach Games
    • get together with other families

    Tipi deluxe tents

    timetable 2 Pers. 3 Pers. 4 Pers. 5 Pers.
    27.06. - 04.07. 589 € 694 € 799€ 904€
    04.07. - 11.07. 739 € 844 € 949 € 1054 €
    11.07. - 18.07. 739 € 844 € 949 € 1054 €
    18.07. - 25.07. 739 € 844 € 949 € 1054 €
    25.07. - 01.08. 739 € 844 € 949 € 1054 €
    01.08. - 08.08. 739 € 844 € 949 € 1054 €
    08.08. - 15.08. 739 € 844 € 949 € 1054 €
    15.08. - 22.08. 689 € 794 € 899 € 1004 €
    22.08. - 29.08. 589 € 694 € 799 € 904 € 

    prices for Safari tents

    TERMINE 2 Pers. 3 Pers. 4 Pers. 5 Pers. 6 Pers.
    27.06. - 04.07. 689 € 794 € 899 € 1004 € 1109 €
    04.07. - 11.07. 839 € 944 € 1049 € 1154 € 1259 €
    11.07. - 18.07. 839 € 944 € 1049 € 1154 € 1259 €
    18.07. - 25.07. 839 € 944 € 1049 € 1154 € 1259 €
    25.07. - 01.08. 839 € 944 € 1049 € 1154 € 1259 €
    01.08. - 08.08. 839 € 944 € 1049 € 1154 € 1259 €
    08.08. - 15.08. 839 € 944 € 1049 € 1154 € 1259 €
    15.08. - 22.08. 789 € 894 € 999 € 1104 € 1209 €
    22.08. - 29.08. 689 € 794 € 899 € 1004 €  1109 €

    Online Booking

    Optional Extras

    Pre-Booking & Onsite Booking Available:

    Price per Person

    Half-board (Breakfast & 5 x Dinner) 109 €
    Yoga (3 extra sessions) 29 €
    Bedding (Blanket, Pillow, linen for the whole family) 59 €
    L - Surf Package (5 Sessions - Beginner) 150 €
    L - Surf Package (5 Sessions- Intermediate) 150 €
    XL - Surf Package (7 Sessions - Beginner) 210 €
    XL - Surf Package (7 Sessions- Intermediate) 210 €
    Rental - (7 Days incl. Safety Briefing) 39 €

    Online Booking



    Bordeaux Airport
    Bordeaux Airport (BOD) is the closest airport and is 1 hour 15 minutes away from Le Pin Sec.

    We offer an extra service where we will find you a cheap, available flight. We’ll double-check the prices and availability and will contact you with the final offer. For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself we recommend Skyscanner which will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from.

    RyanAir and Easyjet provide cheap and easy ways to get to airports near Zarautz, from most airports in and around all major centres in the UK.

    With the bus from Bordeaux to Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec you first need to get on the bus to Lesparre-Médoc. and from there take a twenty minute taxi ride to the camp. Otherwise a taxi from the airport directly to the camp costs around 130 €.You can find more info here.

    Camp Address:
    60 Le Pin Sec-Nord, 33990 Naujac-sur-Mer, France.

    Public Transport

    With the bus from Bordeaux to Surf & Yoga Le Pin Sec you first need to get on the bus to Lesparre-Médoc. and from there take a twenty minute taxi ride to the camp. Otherwise a taxi from the airport directly to the camp. You can find more info here.

    Camp Address:
    60 Le Pin Sec-Nord, 33990 Naujac-sur-Mer, France.

    Your own, or Rental Car
    If you picked up a rental car, or are taking your own. The address is:

    60 Le Pin Sec-Nord
    33990 Naujac-sur-Mer

    Parking is available near the camp at a Public Carpark, best bet is to drive to the camp, then park after you have unpacked. For any further information you can contact the camp manager directly. We will pass on his email address & telephone number on the invoice. If you are driving, make sure to offer any spare seats through websites like BlaBlaCar. Just trying to help one another, and the environment a little bit.


    Get your obligation free quote now!


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