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Travel Info - Canary Islands

Tenerife Canary Island sunset in the nountains
The island of the never ending spring
Best Travel Time
The camps are spread over 3 of the Canary Islands – Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. All of the islands have surf throughout the year and the climate is consistently warm, making the Canaries a surfer’s paradise all year round. The Biggest swell tends to roll through the Atlantic from October to March, so if you’re a little more advanced in the water, this is an ideal time to visit. Air and Water Temperature
The Canary Islands have a very mild climate, with winter temperatures never dropping below 15°C, and going up to around 28°C in the summer. From July to September the humidity goes up which can make it feel a little like the tropics. The water temperature is also very stable, it usually peaks at the end of November around 22°C and never really drops below 18°C. Wetsuit
A 3/2mm wetsuit will suffice any time of year you you decide to travel to the Canary Islands. In summer, you can get away with a spring suit or even just shorts and a bikini. If you’re planning on surfing the reef break available we recommend bringing some booties to keep your feet from getting cut on the volcanic rocks.

The Canaries

The Canaries are a real paradise: crystal clear blue ocean, white sand dunes, and only a few hours away. These islands sit Southwest of Europe in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Each island offers a totally different landscape, but all have epic surf and a mild climate throughout the year. The volcanic islands are known as the Hawaii of Europe due to the similar length of coastline, the amazing waves and that tropical paradise feeling. On your trip you’ll find every type of wave you are looking for, from mellow, easy beach breaks to catch your first waves, to, heavy and shallow reef breaks to push your surfing to the limit. The best thing is, the Pure Surf Camps are open 365 days a year so you can plan your next holiday anytime that you feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Learn to Surf in the Canaries

The selection of surf spots on the Canary Islands is massive. Regardless if you wanting to take a trip there to learn to surf, or catch the best waves of your life, our crew will find the best spots for you. The mixture of variable winds, deep surrounding ocean, lots of varied coastline, and plenty of energy in the Atlantic, mean that you can find hollow barrels, long walls and long rides. For beginners, you can head to more sheltered beach breaks where you’ll be greeted by mellow waves, warm water and sunshine. This is definitely the reason that the best surfers, as well as people starting out, travel to the outcrop of islands to find perfect waves and escape the harsh European winter. Regardless of your skill level, by the time you get on the plane back you’re surfing will be much better than when you arrived.
off the top Sunset surf Canary Islands
Surf fun waves in the European version of Hawaii

Surf Camps - The Canaries

Surf & Yoga surf camp Fuertevetura couple jumping in pool
Modern apartments with pool and garden

Surf and Yoga Fuerteventura

If you’re looking for a surf trip that has that tropical islands feel, great waves, plenty of sunshine with a scattering of palm trees, but don’t want to spend your whole budget on the flight, this is the spot for you. Surf and Yoga Apartments Fuerteventura has everything you are looking for in a surf trip. To Surf & Yoga Fuerte! You can choose between a private apartment, where you and your friends or family can enjoy a private getaway, or book a bed or room in the shared apartments. All of the accommodation is located directly at the beach so wherever you are you have an ocean view, including from the private pool. All of the apartments come with fully kitted out kitchens so you and your group can comfortably cook up whatever your heart desires. If you are feeling a little tired after all the surfing and sunshine and you just want to take it easy and go get something, you are also in luck, because just down the road are plenty of great restaurants where you will find amazing local cuisine, tapas as well as plenty of international spots. If you are booked into the shared apartment you will also be greeted every morning with an inclusive continental breakfast that includes tea and freshly brewed coffee, as well as snacks through the day to give you some energy after the time spent out in the ocean. The ocean is at the heart of trips to Fuerteventura. The surf is amazing and the team offer both a 3-day, and 5-day surf course that will get you up and riding your first waves in no time. There is also the option of checking out what’s under the surf by going snorkelling at the local reefs which are filled with life. If you want to spend afternoons on land the team also offer daily yoga classes to loosen up those muscles you worked out in the surf and get you toned and ready for the next session.
Surf Villa Fuerte Canary La Pared
Surf Villa Fuerte Canary La Pared Yoga
Surf Villa Fuerte Canary La Pared
wind-protected pool

Surf Villa Fuerte

Brand new villa with several apartments and studios near the beach! The top surf spot La Pared is just 500 meters away and the villa offers sea views, pool, jacuzzi, sauna, yoga terarsse and architectural gimmicks. Show me the Villa! For the surf lessons you will be picked up directly at the villa. If you haven't had enough after the course you can continue surfing by using the material and surf at your own out front. At the Surf Villa Fuerte you can expect a lot of comfort and beautiful panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean as the Canarian volcanic landscape.
Roof top Terrace Fuerteventura sun loungers ocean view
Dream terrace with ocean view

Surf Camp Fuerteventura

Explore the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean around Fuerteventura, find epic waves and enjoy endless sunshine and mild temperatures. To Surf Camp Fuerte! At Surf camp Fuerteventura you have the choice of spending your nights in an apartment, bungalows, a studio, or rooms in the Surf Hostel, all of which are located within easy walking distance to the beach. The apartment, bungalows and studio all have a private kitchen that includes a stove and fridge. If you are staying in one of the accommodation options that has its own kitchen you can still choose to join the people from the Surf Hostel for the communal breakfast. The breakfast consists of fresh fruit, muesli, baguette, a selection of cheeses, ham and salami. There’s also tea and a fresh pot of coffee to greet you when you wake up. There are also plenty of restaurants nearby to keep even the pickiest eaters satisfied. Directly next to the Surf Camp you’ll find the surf school where you have the choice between a beginners or an advanced surf course. Both include board and wetsuit rental as well as transfers to the most fitting waves for your skill level. The team of experienced and qualified coaches will split you down into small groups to get you paddling, standing and turning in a heartbeat, all while having a great time. If you’re already a confident surfer you can also choose the Surf Guiding option where the guides will find the best waves for your skill level and take you out, give you pointers about the break, and your surfing. If you want to do some other water activities the team can offer snorkelling, windsurfing, SUP, Jet ski rental, game fishing and plenty more. If you want to spend some of your holiday on land you can also do a yoga course, or class.
Morro Jable bay sunshine blue water Fuerteventura
View over the bay of Morro Jable from the terrace

Family Surf Camp Fuerteventura

Only a few steps away from the beach, Family Surf Camp Fuerteventura offers a family friendly vacation that has plenty to keep everybody happy. Located in the south of Fuerteventura you’ll be inundated in warm weather and sunshine. The team offer surf courses for the whole family starting from kids as young as 7 years old. To Family Surf Camp! There are 3 individual houses you can choose to stay in each with its own highlight. The first is Alta Vista Apartment which is 50 meters away from the beach. The second, TAO Apartment, it has its own rooftop pool, and the third, Juan Mar Holiday House has an unobstructed ocean view. This is the perfect place to take the family for an active holiday, regardless if its winter or summer, to learn to surf, enjoy the beach and all only 4 or 5 hours away from Europe.
Tenerife Surf camp balcony with plants
Escape the hustle & bustle of home

Surf Camp Tenerife

The best waves, breath taking views, perfect weather in a house owned by pro surfer Alex Zirke and his family. Here you can choose between comfortable single, double and dorm rooms. I wanna surf Tenerife! You can also choose to stay in a separate small apartment that has access to a pool as well as a view of the ocean. These apartments also have a fully stocked kitchen so you and your group can comfortably cook dinner while enjoying the ocean view. This is the perfect spot to unwind and let go of the stress of work and home life in general. If you stay at the Zirke House you’ll wake up to a daily continental breakfast buffet with freshly made coffee to wake you up, and get you ready for the surf ahead. Both the apartments and the Zirke House are situated near great restaurants so if you don’t want to cook in the afternoons or evenings you have plenty of choices, including some of the best Tapas on the island as well as the freshest seafood. Surf Camp Tenerife has two surf course options, either the basic consisting of 15 hours, or the intensive course where you surf as much as you can. The courses are mainly focued on spending time out in the water and learning through doing, but they do incorporate a small theory session on the beach. All the guides are locals to the area and will get you on the best waves to get your surfing to the next level in no time. When you’re not in the water you can skate the nearby park, or go hiking and explore the Macizo de Anaga mountain range which is close to the camp.
Surf Camp Gran Canaria lounge
Meet other guest in the spacious communal areas

Surf Camp Gran Canaria

You can surf perfect waves at the doorstep of Surf Camp Gran Canaria from sunrise to sunset all while enjoying blue sky, crystal clear water and warm temperatures. show me more of Gran Canaria! Gran Canaria will greet you with warm air and water temperatures throughout the year, great surf for anyone from the total rookie to the pro, an amazing team, great food, a pool, beach bar and a beach with surf spot within a few meters of your front door. The camp overlooks the ocean to make that after surf beer even more satisfying, and if you want to drink a few more beers, meet some locals and party until the sun comes up, Las Palmas is only a short walk away. At Surf Camp Gran Canaria you can choose to book a single room, a bed in a dorm, or an apartment all of which have an ocean view meaning you can check the surf from bed before you get up every morning. The surf camp has a kitchen you can use for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as do the apartments. There are also countless great restaurants nearby if you don’t feel like preparing anything, or maybe you want to toast to a successful day in the water with the rest of your surf buddies at one of the local bars. The team offers surf courses to suit every type of surfer. There are beginner and advanced courses available as well as surf guiding. Regardless of what course option you choose, the coaches are experienced, qualified locals. You get modern equipment which is included in the course price. There are a large variety of surf spots nearby and the transfers are included. If you still have energy to burn after your surf time you can hike through the stunning landscapes you can find on the island, go on mountain bike tours, windsurf, kitesurf, take a quad bike tour or one of many other options.