Surf Camp Costa Rica

Located next to the surfer town of Santa Teresa

Surf Camp Costa Ricapuresurfcamps Costa Rica board over headSurf Camp Costa Ricapuresurfcamps Costa Rica Sunset 2Surf Camp Costa RicaSurf Camp Costa Rica JungleSurf Camp Costa Rica
  • Tropical Location, warm water & great waves
  • Close to the beach with transfers to the best waves
  • With pool and own restaurant
  • Year round 27°C water temperature
  • Half-Board Included 
  • Only separated from the beach by the tropical rainforest
  • Relaxed surf camp with 16 beds
  • White, palm-fringed beaches
  • Garden with tropical plants
  • National Parks, Water Falls, Tropical Wildlife & Empty Surf Spots

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Surf Camp


Santa Teresa beach surf trip Costa Rica
Surf Trip Santa Teresa
Surf Trip Costa Rica
Surf on Santa Teresa beach

Enjoy the white sand beaches, turquoise water, amazing surf and tropical island feeling while spending evenings in amongst the stunning rain forest of Costa Rica.

  • Surf Camp within easy walking distance to Playa Hermosa beach
  • Turquoise sea with Bath-like warm water
  • 4 person bungalows
  • Breakfast & Dinner included
  • Surf Courses for beginners, Surf Guiding for the experienced
  • Relax in a Hammock and soak up the Central American Sunshine
  • Lots of activities like horse riding, yoga or exploring the surrounding

The surf camp Costa Rica is located in the tropical rainforest just a few minutes' walk from the palm-lined sandy beach of Playa Hermosa. Perfect to relax in the garden and sip a few cool drinks in the restaurant at sunset. It is only a short walk through the rainforest to the sea. Apart from the palm-lined house beach, you will find many lonely and remote beaches in the area. The turquoise sea, the tropical nature and the bath-like warm water are just waiting to be discovered by you. Incidentally, in Costa Rica you have warm air and water temperatures all year round. The dry season lasts from November to April and the rainy season with clear mornings and showers in the evening starts in May and ends in October.


Costa Rica Surf Camp
Santa Teresa surf school
Sunset on the beach 100 meters away from your doorstep

Playa Hermosa:
Surf Camp Costa Rica is located near Santa Teresa, which is on the north-eastern peninsula of Nicoya. The town is quiet and peaceful and the area has plenty of pristine, empty beaches like Santa Teresa, Mal País and Playa Hermosa. In Santa Teresa you can find great local restaurants, but if you want to party, best bet is to take a taxi there, which costs around 5000 Colones. From the camp you can also take trips to check out the waterfall of Montezuma, which is only a short car trip away, or go to the National Parks of Curu and Cabo Blanco to explore the jungle and see amazing wildlife.

Local Tips

Montezuma waterfall Costa Rica
Gallo Pinto Costa Rica
Montezuma waterfall near Surf Camp Costa Rica

Montezuma Waterfall
A 40-minute car ride will take you from the camp to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica. When you get there, you can take a stroll through the jungle, relax and soak up the amazing scenery, or take a swim in the river.

Gallo Pinto
The Costa Rican national dish has to be tried at least once while you’re there. The meal is based on rice and red beans. Our tip is to try Gallo Pinto at one of the local restaurants in Manzanillo or Santa Teresa with a local crowd, while enjoying a cold drink.


Zopi Family Costa Rica

Zopi Family – Tricia, Venus & Simon
Simon, the founder, owner & manager of Surf Camp Costa Rica left the mountains of Austria behind to adventure his way around the globe. In 2005 he visited Costa Rica and never left. He opened the Surf Camp straight away and the following year met Tricia & her daughter Venus from Canada. Tricia started her own bikini label, SaltyBird, and also runs the local surf shop in Playa Hermosa.

Judith Surf Camp Costa Rica

Judith has been a part of the team for over 10 years. She takes care of all the bookings from her office in Austria, where she lives with her Costa Rican husband and their son. The plan is to move back to Costa Rica in the near future as the whole family misses the warm weather, ocean & great waves.

Dominik Surf Camp Costa Rica

Dominik visited the guest and soon became good friends with the entire team. He travels back and forth from Costa Rica to Java in Indonesia, where he runs a successful pizzeria & bar. The business allows him to chase surf around the world and he helps wherever help is needed at the camp.

Bianca at Surf Camp Costa Rica

Otherwise referred to as the Camp Mama, she is a recent addition to the team but is quickly becoming a vital piece to the camp puzzle. She is there to meet you for breakfast, help you out with any queries you have, and even join you to become the life of the party when you head out to the garden bar for a drink.




4 Person Bungalow Santa Teresa Costa Rica
4 Person Bungalow Santa Teresa Costa Rica Surf Camp
4 Person Bungalow Santa Teresa Costa Rica Surf Trip
4 Person Bungalow Santa Teresa Costa Rica surf trip
4 Person Bungalow Santa Teresa Costa Rica Surf Trip
The upstairs bed in the comfortable 4 Person Bungalow

The comfortable 4-person wooden Bungalows are free standing and located in the garden. These are the perfect place to get into the Costa Rican lifestyle.

Here are the Prices!

The Bungalows sleep 4, have plenty of space, a private veranda with a hammock, chairs & table, as well as a private bathroom. All of this with a stunning view of the surrounding tropical garden. You can book individual beds in the Bungalow, or with a group of 4.

Communal Areas

Surf Camp Santa Teresa Costa Rica
Santa Teresa Costa Rica Surf Trip
Surf Camp Costa Rica
A nice cool corner to enjoy a book

At the newly built Surf Camp Costa Rica you have a plenty of communal areas that provide an abundance of space to chill and spend time with other surfers, there is even a small library and where you can share books. The kitchen and dining area is also located in the central area where breakfast & Dinner are served either inside or out, however you like. Breakfast and dinner are both included in the price.

You also have the garden area where you can enjoy a drink together, swap some stories with the other guest, all while enjoying the tropical weather of Costa Rica.





Key Facts

Costa Rica learn to surf
Costa Rica learn to surf
Costa Rica learn to surf
Great beginners waves, warm water & tropical sunshine

Surf Camp Costa Rica gets you to the surf that is perfect for your skill level. Enjoy the tropically warm water, sunshine, and perfect surf. There are perfect conditions and spots for all surfing levels on site!

  • Located near the Costa Rican surf central of Santa Teresa
  • Take the surf shuttle to the surf spot
  • Empty line-ups
  • Endless white sand beaches
  • Beginner friendly beach breaks
  • Premium Surf Package includes 8 Hours of classes, over 4 days


Costa Rica learn to surf
Costa Rica learn to surf
Costa Rica learn to surf
Paddle onto your first waves in Costa Rica

The surf spot is 15 minutes away on foot, or you can jump in the shuttle and get driven to the surf class. If you book the Premium Package you will have 4, 2-hour sessions split over 4 days. Then once the course is over, and you are feeling confident you can take part in the Surf Guiding. The surf coaches are qualified and experienced, they also know every wave on the coast and each morning will read the weather charts to find the perfect spots for you & your skill level. The great waves and the amazing coaches will get you up and riding in no time at all.

You can book on individual class for 60€. Safety, fun and quick progression are paramount to the Surf Course at Surf Camp Costa Rica.


Gero surf coach Costa Rica

Gero runs the surf school and coordinates all the Surf Courses & Surf Guiding that are offered through the camp. He’s been surfing in Costa Rica since he was young and knows the coast like no other. Every evening he checks the forecasts for the following morning, then with his knowledge of all the hidden surf spots, decides on the best breaks for each group.

Esteban Surf Camp Costa Rica

Esteban is patience personified and takes care of the surf lessons at the camp. He has all the required qualifications & predominantly takes the beginners classes. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, his persistence & fortitude will get everyone up and riding their first waves in no time.

Key Facts

Surf guiding Costa Rica warm up
Surf guiding Costa Rica
Surf guiding Costa Rica
Surf guiding Costa Rica surfer girl
A little warm up before you get in the surf

Surf Guiding happens twice a day and is included in the price. The team will find the best waves Costa Rica has to offer, and you will get local information about the spot, and tips to improve your surfing.

  • Surf Guides are local & knowledgeable
  • Waves that will push you to improve your surfing
  • Small groups so plenty of access to the guides
  • Take the 4x4 to hard to reach spots along the coast
  • Empty line ups
  • 2 Guided surf trips per day


Surf guiding Toyota 4x4 Costa Rica
Surf Guiding Costa Rica
Surf Guiding Costa Rica sunrise jungle
Surf Guiding Costa Rica
Take the 4x4 to those harder to reach spots

Close to the camp you have the long beach of Playa Manzanillo, here you have the options of surfing the beach break as well as a reef break slightly of the beach. If the home break isn’t working, or you want to explore some other waves, the team can pack up the 4x4 and explore some of the harder to reach surf spots in the area. There are 2 trips a day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon, and before you hit the surf the crew will run through the ins and outs of each spot, giving you info about take of spots, channels to get out, things to be cautious of and the currents. Some of the well-known spots nearby are Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa und Mal País.


Gero surf coach Costa Rica

Gero runs the surf school and coordinates all the Surf Courses & Surf Guiding that are offered through the camp. He’s been surfing in Costa Rica since he was young and knows the coast like no other. Every evening he checks the forecasts for the following morning, then with his knowledge of all the hidden surf spots, decides on the best breaks for each group.

Esteban Surf Camp Costa Rica

Esteban is patience personified and takes care of the surf lessons at the camp. He has all the required qualifications & predominantly takes the beginners classes. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, his persistence & fortitude will get everyone up and riding their first waves in no time.

Surf Board rental Costa Rica couples surf
Surfboard rental Costa Rica
Surfboard rental Costa Rica
Go surfing on your own or part of Surf Guiding

There is definitely no need to bring, or rent, a wetsuit, with the water rarely dropping below 27°C. But if you don’t have, or don’t want to bring a surfboard, the team at Surf Camp Costa Rica has a board for you. The team has a large selection including Longboards, Mini-Mals & high performance Shortboards. The cost of renting a board is 80€ per week, but if you choose the Premium Package board rental is included.




Breakfast at Surf Camp Costa Rica
Start every day well with a locally sourced breakfast buffet

Daily Breakfast is included
The huge breakfast buffet at Surf Camp Costa Rica will await you every morning when you get up. The fresh tropical fruit, muesli, vegetables, bread, cheese and meats are the perfect start for an active day out in the water. The morning coffee & tea is also included in the price.


Fresh fish Surf Camp Costa Rica
With the Pacific Ocean at you door, seafood is obviously a big part of the diet

Daily Dinner is also included
Every night all the camp guests get together to share a communal meal. The chef creates a mix of international dishes that utilise the freshest local ingredients. Every day there are vegetarian & gluten free options available. If you have any special requirements in regards to your diet, or any allergies, just let the team know when you arrive.

Restaurant / Bar

The Costa Rica surf camp has its own restaurant that offers seasonal dishes during the day. So there you can strengthen yourself at any time, should you be hungry. In the evening, after a strenuous day of surfing, you can drink your well-earned "after surf" cocktail or a cold beer.

Das Restaurant im Surfcamp Costa Rica
Das Restaurant im Surfcamp Costa Rica


surf yoga Costa Rica
Practice yoga in the jungle with an ocean view

Yoga will stretch out the aches of hours of surfing as well as improving your balance and core strength. In the garden the team have built a yoga platform surrounded by the tropical garden. Yoga takes place early evening, or early morning yoga when the temperature is a little cooler. Classes suite both beginners and advanced yogis, and all are taken by professional teachers.

quad bike Costa Rica
A massive amount of fun regardless if you are riding through the jungle or along the beach

Who hasn’t wanted to blast through the serene countryside and along empty sand beaches on a rowdy quad bike. In Costa Rica you have the option to do so. The tour takes you through the stunning tropical rainforest, through small rivers, and then back along the coast. There are all, and half day tours and there is also the option of renting a quad bike.


Costa Rica national parks
Costa Rica national parks
See the wildlife in their natural habitat

Costa Rica has a large range of Flora & Fauna that is well worth checking out while you are in the country. On a walk along the coastline or through the jungle you will see plenty of animals and plants that can only be found in the tropical climate of Central America. A trip we recommend is to go check out Montezuma Waterfall, once you are there take on of the walkways around the waterfall and check out the Flora & Fauna of the tropical jungle. If you are lucky you might even see a monkey at camp, so you don’t need to go far to be reminded of your jungle surroundings.


Tropical paradise Costa Rica
Discover empty bays when you explore the area

The nearby National Parks of Curu & Cabo Blanco give you the full range of Costa Rica’s biodiversity. You can take guided tours of these parks where you will see a variety of monkey, birds and plenty of unbelievable tropical plants. The team at the camp is more than happy to help get your trip to the parks organised.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding Costa Rica
Explore the coastline on horseback

What better way to explore the Nicoya Peninsula than on horseback. Find empty spaces in the jungle and then gallop down the beach. On a horse tour you will experience the Costa Rican countryside in a completely different way.




Navigate via the tabs to find prices for the accommodation and various optional extras.

1 week incl. Guiding & half board from € 509:

  • 1 week in the bungalow
  • breakfast buffet
  • 6x dinner
  • Free wifi
  • unlimited drinking water

Detailed price overview: Accomodation

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Unsere Zahlungsmöglichkeiten

1 week including surf course, guiding & half board from 669 €:

  • 1 week in the bungalow
  • breakfast buffet
  • 6x dinner
  • 1x surf guiding per day
  • 8h surf course on 4 days
  • Free wifi
  • unlimited drinking water 

Detailed price overview: Accomodation


Prices per person: Accommodation in a 4-person bungalow

Arrival and departure is possible every day.

Included Services

  • 1 week in a bungalow
  • Including breakfast buffet
  • 6x dinner (kein Abendessen am Sonntag)
  • 1x surf guiding per day
  • Free wifi
  • unlimited drinking water
Bungalow 73 €


Optional Extras

Bookable on site:

Surf Course (2hrs.) 40 €
Surf Equipment Rental 10 €
Spanish lessons on request



Get your obligation free quote now!




We offer an extra service where we will find you the cheapest available flight, then contact you with the final offer. Flights to San José are the best option when travelling to Surf Hostel Costa Rica. When the flights are booked and finalised we can organise an airport transfer to come and meet you at the airport, and take you to the Surf House.

San José - (SJO)

If you would like to organise your own flights we recommend using Skyscanner to give you a good overview of the available flights. Iberia, British Airways and Lufthansa are some of the airlines that fly to San José directly, with many more making stops in the USA. If you choose to fly to San José we recommend booking an extra night on arrival as the trip to and from the camp takes around 6 hours.

Tambor - (TMU)

The faster, but more expensive option is to continue on after you’ve landed in San José and fly to Tambor. Nature Air, a local airline makes the trips regularly. From here you can take a taxi directly to the camp for around 50 USD.


The cheapest option to get from San José to Santa Teresa and the Surf Camp Costa Rica is by bus. The bus leaves twice a day, once at 06:00 & again at 14:00 from 7/10 Terminal in San José. When you get to the bus terminal go to the ‘Transporte Cobano’ teller and buy a ticket to Mal País/Santa Teresa for 16 USD. Once you get to Cobano you get out and catch a taxi to the camp in Mazanillo which will cost around 20 USD.

Make sure to double check the bus timetable before you depart, here.


We recommend spending a night in San José when you arrive, it makes getting to the bus terminal stress free. There could be delays with your flight, or traffic that will make it impossible to catch the bus and then you are stuck looking for accommodation. Plus you get to check out San José.

Rental Car

Renting a car in Costa Rica can be a great way to get around, they are very cheap and a great way to undertake your own early morning surf trips. The best priced rental cars are available at Sunny Cars. Getting a rental car will allow you to spontaneously explore the coastline on your own accord, just don't forget your roof racks.

We still recommend spending a night in San José before undertaking the 6 hour car trip to the Surf Camp. Making the trip during the day after a good nights sleep is much more fun that at night, after a long flight. Also, if it is within your budget, getting a 4x4 is a good idea, it will open up a lot more terrain to explore.



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