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Corona travel conditions


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+++ UPDATE 02.06. +++ Reopening in France, Spain and Portugal!

These news have come just in time - Your summer holiday in France, Spain and Portugal can take place!     

  • Opening Portugal: 01.06.2020
  • Opening France: 27.06.2020
  • Opening Spain: 04.07.2020

More detailed information about which accommodations we offer will follow shortly. We are currently waiting for detailed instructions from the respective governments so that we can meet all requirements and put your health first.

+++ UPDATE 25.05. +++ Reopening in June & safety and hygiene concept

Some borders are already open, others are about to open and the global travel warning will also be lifted in mid-June. Things slowly go back to normal and we couldn't be happier to be able to offer you our Portugal surf camps again! From June on we will reopen our doors for you - we have certified our houses in Portugal with the Clean and Safe seal, which shows you that we implement all of the safety measures required by the national health authority on site in the surf camps. Please take a look at our safety and hygiene concept here:

COVID19 - Safety & Hygiene Concept

We put your health first! Therefore, we've done a lot to be able to offer you a relaxed holiday at our surf camps!

Download Concept

Reopening: Which countries are opening up again?

Please always inform yourself about the current developments at the Federal Foreign Office.

Portugal - Reopening in June:

What is allowed? The Portuguese borders are already open again. Tourists are allowed to enter the country travelling by airplane. Surf schools are allowed to teach in smaller groups and restaurants and shops are open. Of course, you must wear a mask. There will be even more flights to Lisbon and the flight connections to Faro on the Algarve will be resumed with the June flight schedule by Lufthansa, Eurowings and Swiss Air.
What is still prohibited? Bars and clubs remain closed. Entering the country via car is not possible as the borders between Portugal and Spain are closed.
Clean and Safe: The Portuguese Tourism Board has created a Clean and Safe seal that is only given to companies taking the required safety measures regarding Corona. We have implemented all requirements and thus certified our surf camps in Portugal. This means that we have trained our employees, converted all rooms into double and twin rooms, we have reorganized the houses so that the minimum distance can always be maintained, we serve the meals, wear a mask, provide disinfectant dispensers, we will inform you on site about all measures taken and have an emergency plan for suspected Corona cases. You can view our complete safety and hygiene concept here.

France - A good chance for your summer vacation from July on!

As of June 15th, the global travel warning will be lifted and France has already signaled that they want to lift all restrictions on the German-French border by then. Some beaches have already been reopened, while others are still pending approval. Surfing as an individual sport can also be practiced. France will decide on the new travel options by the beginning of June, then we can provide you with definitive information - but we are hopeful that we can offer surf camps in France again in early July. You can find out about all current developments at the Federal Foreign Office.

+++ UPDATE 04.05. +++ Extension of the worldwide travel warning until 16.04. 2020

Due to the extension of the travel warning, customers who planned to start their journey by June 14th, 2020 can change their reservations for free. Our sales team will actively contact you by email - you do not have to do anything. You can change your booking planned for mid-June to another travel date free of charge. Alternatively, we will issue a voucher for the trip, which you can use at a later date for your originally planned trip.

+++UPDATE 21.04.+++ For Trips between today and 31.05.2020

Customers who planned to start their journey by May 31, 2020 can change their bookings for free. Our sales team actively contacts you by email - you do not have to do anything. You can change your trip planned for May free of charge to another travel date. Alternatively, we will give you a voucher which you can use at a later date for your originally planned trip.

+++UPDATE 24.03.+++ For Trips between today and 30.04.2020

*Change your booking for free or get a voucher! FAQ about Corona

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Puresurfcamps travel update

At Puresurfcamps we follow the Corona reports closely so we can best advice you for future bookings as well as existing ones! Since the current events cause uncertainty, we would like to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to book your surfing vacation with confidence. That is why we have changed our booking conditions from now on: free change of reservations or voucher with free date selection in the relevant travel period and destination in case of corona-related travel warnings. Depending on availability in the surfcamp.

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Dear friend,

The tourism industry is facing difficult times. Our top priority is the safety of our guests. We are observing all developments regarding the COVID-19 crisis and keep you up to date. If we have any news, we will inform you on our social media channels, in our newsletter or here on our blog.

We hope that the current measures taken by the federal government on the Corona crisis will soon have an effect, and that we will know before long when we can offer our trips again. We are confident that all actions will work and that we can soon get back to normal.

At the moment we believe that we can definitely offer surf trips within Europe in summer. You can change all. If a trip cannot take place, we offer a voucher to be redeemed till 31.07.2021 and valid for travels untill the end of the season of 2022! When you book with Pure, you can be sure that you won't lose any money!


Due to the current difficult situation and the worldwide travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office, we strongly recommend you not travel between today and April 30th, 2020 and offer you the option of a free change of your booking to a later date of your choice or a voucher !

Just get in touch with us and we will change your booking directly to another date or create a transferable voucher to be redeemed till 31.07.2021 and valid for travels untill the end of the season of 2022.

We are currently not aware of any restrictions for all trips from May / June on. From now on we will keep you up to date every week.


At the moment we assume that we can offer surf trips to our destinations in FRANCE, PORTUGAL AND SPAIN in the summer as usual. You can still book trips to the destination areas, and should there be any restrictions due to the corona virus, you can change your booking free of charge.

We recommend you to take out travel insurance in any case, so you are covered in the best possible way in the event of illness before and during the trip.

We are going through this crisis together and hope to see each other very soon on the beach with our feet in the sand and the sun on our faces! :-)

Please note that at the moment we're only able to process changed bookings chronologically after receipt of the emails and availability. It counts "first come, first serve". However, there are currently enough beds available in all destinations, and we will of course take care of adjusting our allotments accordingly.

All major airlines and tour operators currently offer a free change of reservations and travel vouchers, so you should be able to change your flights without any problems! If you do have problems or don't know how to proceed, our team will certainly be happy to advice you. We are always there for you: ask us, we will help you!


1. I have't yet booked my surf trip yet and I'm unsure whether I should do so.

Yes, you can make your booking with worrying. If a trip can't take place due to a travel warning, you can either change your reservation for free to another date or you'll receive a voucher to be redeemed till 31.07.2021 and valid for travels untill the end of the season of 2022. On request, we also offer you the option to book another destination within Europe.

2. When do the Pure surf camps start again?

As things stand today, we assume that all our surf camps will take place from May on. We currently have no travel warnings from the Federal Foreign Office that apply to trips after April 30, 2020.

3. Can I change my booking free of charge if a travel warning is issued for my country?

Yes, you can either change your booking for free or you will receive a voucher for the travel value to be redeemed till 31.07.2021 and valid for travels untill the end of the season of 2022. It offers you free choice of dates for your booked camp (if there are availabilities). On request, we also offer you the option to book another destination within Europe. The voucher can also be transferred to other people.

4. What is the advantage of a voucher?

If you book with Puresurfcamps, you won't not lose any money! Postponed ain't cancelled. You can redeem your voucher till 31.07.2021 and it is valid for travels untill the end of the season of 2022. Also it is transferable.

5. What happens to my trip if my exams are postponed due to Corona and then coincide with my travel period?

Then you can definately change your booking for free or get a voucher.

6. Can I get multiple vouchers? Saying split a booking into several vouchers?

We create the vouchers according to your booking. For example, if you have booked a surf trip for two on just one invoice, you will receive one voucher. But that's not a problem, as we still have your original booking in the system. This way we know that this voucher is valid for both of you.

7. I recently booked a trip but I haven't paid the down payment yet. What should I do now?

Your trip starts from May on? Then you can transfer the down payment. Alternatively, you can also cancel the trip and not make the down payment. If so, please make sure to contact our sales department.
Your trip takes place before May? Do not transfer the down payment, we will cancel your trip.

8. Should I transfer the balance of my trip?

Your trip should have started before May? No, don't transfer the balance. In this case you can get a voucher for your down payment.
Your trip starts from May on? Please transfer the balance at least 4 weeks before departure.

9. What do you need to create a voucher?

Nothing! We will find all necessary information in your booking. All you have to do is contact us and tell us whether you want a free voucher or to change your reservation directly to another date.

10. Is the voucher only valid for my booked surf camp?

Yes, you can choose a new date. The voucher is to be redeemed till 31.07.2021 and valid for travels untill the end of the season of 2022. On request you can book another European Pure surf camp.

11. Do I have to use the voucher for a specific date?

No, we want to make it easy for you here! You can use the voucher for any date as long as there are availabilities.

12. Does the voucher expire at some point?

Yes, your voucher is to be redeemed till 31.07.2021 and valid for travels untill the end of the season of 2022.

13. Is the voucher transferable?

Yes, if you can't go on the surf trip yourself, you can have the voucher transferred to another person for free.

+++ UPDATE 18.03.+++

* Worldwide travel warning for unnecessary tourist trips

The Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning for unnecessary tourist trips abroad, as severe and increasing drastic restrictions can be expected in international air and travel traffic, as well as worldwide entry restrictions, quarantine measures and restrictions on public life in many countries. The risk that you will miss your return journey due to the increasing restrictions is currently high in many destinations.

* Return campaign for Germans

The numerous intensifications of entry and exit regulations worldwide have led to a significant reduction or stopping of air traffic in many countries. The Federal Government wants to enable all Germans who have stranded abroad as a result to return to Germany. The Federal Government has provided up to 50 million euros for this. In the first place will be a number of particularly affected countries, first of all Morocco, the Dominican Republic, Egypt and the Philippines.

+++ UPDATE: 16.03.+++

* Since March 14th (until March 31st) Morocco has prohibited entering and leaving the country.

* There are severe restrictions in public life in Portugal.

Bars, restaurants, schools and kindergartens remain closed. Beaches are also closed and surf courses are no longer permitted. These measures are expected to apply until April 11th.